GMA Offers DRAGON LADY on Afternoon Prime

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

It looks like GMA is banking on a new fantasy series in the afternoon. They treat all their timeslots equal and if this is morning or night, it will all be like primetime, every time.

Tom Rodriguez says “I hope I could live up to her expectations. Janine makes it easy to jump into the scene, I am lucky to have experienced that with other actresses but the work we have done before felt like I was a little spoiled and if that was indicative of what is about to happen then I am afraid how we will have fun in this show. I am not nervous because the people we work with are very collaborative. We always try to get to the same page, we spent an entire afternoon as a group plus a familiarity workshop with each other. Even when I was starting I didn’t really stick to one partner and I get to experience working with other actors and actresses so there is a bit of a lucky thing to so that. I sometimes get too scared to share things but I did that when we talked so now we’re more of a team and that’s a good thing.”

Janine Gutierrez says “I can’t really show what the Dragon Lady looks like but it takes me three hours to do makeup and prosthetics. In the beginning she really was born with it, but not to spoil anything, it wouldn’t be told in the story yet. I have seen the heavy prosthetics and it was a little effort to do it, it made me nervous. When I saw the final product, it was something different. In real life, I am a little strict, some people may tell me I am like a dragon lady in real life. What is good about Celestina is that she is fighting for something, to standup for her family, to standup for herself. As an artist, if it’s a good story, we are game for that. This will break things that may imply I am just a sweet girl, it’s on a whole other level, it will literally be something that I haven’t done in any role. This literally will have me breathing fire, figuratively too.”

Watch out for the story of Michael Chan and Celestina as they introduce you to the Dragon Lady as their love story unfolds on GMA Afternoon Primetime.


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