Industry Friends Host Bong Revilla Comeback

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

He was in jail for 4 and a half years, he feels 6 years of losing his life in all the mess that is, of the cases and accusations filed against him. Today I went the press conference hosted by his industry friends, a luncheon hosted by Mother Lily Monteverde the matriarch of Regal Films. 

Manay Ichu Maceda “I want to welcome Bong and I want him to know that the real friends are still in showbiz. His father used to work in Sampaguita, when Gina was born it was him who went to the hospital. His dad was a charmer, but Bong did good on making tax exemptions in the industry and I hope he continues that in the Senate.”

Mother Lily Monteverde says “People will always say what they want to say and especially nowadays people have always something to say. Everything we do has some shade of color, I feel we have lost the joys of being spontaneous, lost the right to make choices without people having opinions about them. But this afternoon, I don’t care what people think or what motives they think I have for this gathering. As far as I’m concerned and from my heart I am simply welcoming home a dear friend whom I have missed. Bong Revilla is a dear friend and we are happy you are back! There is no greater treasure than appreciating the blessing of friendship that has been given to us. Good afternoon!”

Senator Bong Revilla and Bacoor Mayor Lani Mercado Revilla

Bong Revilla says “I want to thank Mother Lily for hosting this welcome. Manay Ichu too. To everyone in TV and movies, entertainment people, the people whom I started in this industry, thank you. For almost 6 years that I lost, I am now 52 years old, but this will make me a better person, a better leader and a better husband to my wife. I have seen who my real friends are, those who care, I missed you all. Lots of tears, it hurts, it’s like I’m alive but almost feel dead with the suffering my family has endured over the years. My Dad still advised, I should forgive them. When I heard that, it’s like I heard God, I instantly forgave people who did this to me. I cannot convince everybody, I want to move forward, I went through the process and I faced these all because I believe I didn’t do anything wrong. The truth came out, and I am so thankful for the people who didn’t let go of the hope. I promise to even do more for the industry.”

He has been going to different places already “I have gone to provinces and I get a little sentimental about how warm the people have been. I am happy about the surveys even if I haven’t gone out, I guess it hasn’t sunk in yet the whole acquittal. It felt like divine providence, I have been doing good in surveys and seen how people have held on and loved me still. It’s one of the reasons I filed for candidacy, I decided after my birthday and all this I have prayed for. I was only asking for my freedom but I want the Lord to use me for his purpose. I believe in God. If we based it on equal judgement, I wouldn’t be worried but it has always been political, at the very last minute some papers also came out with preposterous stories. My life is an open book, showbiz has been good to me, I only want to give back to serve people. I have been working hard with hospitals, our industry, the poor, the bullied, I felt all that. I spent Christmas out but still in the hospital because Dad needed to be attended to. During New Year I got to do gift giving which my Mom started a long time ago. Lessons? I still have trauma with politics, but the good thing was I felt the love of my wife, she’s outstanding, I saw how she has been good to my kids. Getting jailed is like a nightmare you wouldn’t want others to feel. My life is colorful, like a film, it’s a lot for a book or a movie. This was the most horrible experience but I hope in some way it would be something people would learn from. I still know how many corners my cell had, how much cockroach flew to me or how much webs there were in each corner. I still have trauma when I see cops, I hope it gets out of my psyche. I wanted the truth to come out, to clear my name, my family, it was all I asked for. When I was being hit all throughout the years, I felt so much self pity, I felt I didn’t deserve it. What kept me hopeful was my wife, my family, what kept me busy there was worship, working out. I’ve been a Senator for terms, I chair public services, public works, mass media and others, I had 200+ laws passed and I want to focus on things that affect the lives of Filipinos. I was surprised about traffic, inflation, hunger, work and TRAIN law (must be revisited). That is what I want to do this time.” 

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