Piolo Pascual Endorses POTATO GIANT

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The place was packed, smelled like potatoes settling in a deep fryer. This evening was about to become great as POTATO GIANT welcomes the Philippines most eligible bachelor Piolo Pascual. Albeit living healthy, he does indulge in few fried things and he loves what the company offers. The brand has been a staple in Universities and Colleges in Manila and they're raring to expand in different provinces as they're making it available all throughout the country. Choosing a guy that is fresh, yummy and differently flavored was just the apt thing to do because it is like their products too according to their executives. It wasn't hard to convince Piolo because he tried them all before joining the brand.

Jec Cantillon Potato Giant’s President and Co-Founder says “We have a reason why we got an endorser. Back in college, we used to order potato cuts and it was my favorite so we built one and named it Potato Giant. It was my sideline and what affected us was when the landlord passed and we had to vacate the place. We transferred to another place but it was full, the owners converted their previous office into a stall and accommodated us. Our business grew, after a few years I grew tired of trying to catch up with a masters degree so I could teach in college. People taught me to expand, people started to believe in the brand and the hard work we put in it. We opened in schools and universities, it was easier to do that since I had experience in teaching. The students came back, alumni's. My classmate opened in Bacolod, we joined the franchise expo and prepared for it. We always get best booth design awards, good mileage in social media, we even had more competitors. We started putting more awareness in our products and we really needed an endorser. Piolo was on top of our list, everyone knows him. Our potatoes are locally grown, we knew it could compete with the rest of the market. We want our mission to be a reality.

He adds “I hope we will get a lot of interaction from our customers now that Piolo is our brand ambassador. We will also give away prizes (weekly) plus a chance to win their very own franchise. Our basic cart is 250K and our mall kiosks cost 499K. Fixed fees of 5,000 every month. This year we might even open a branch under Piolo too.

Erica Mendoza the Potato Giant Finance Head says “Why Piolo? Piolo Pascual is fresh like our Potpots, we have different flavors, Potpots is yummy, Piolo is too (she kids). It’s not hard to get Piolo, he studied aboit it and  checked our company. They tried the products and everything went rolling. He is very down to earth and approachable.

For 2019 they want to open in other locations, in streets, in roads, train stations and every where in the country. Now that Piolo endorses them, he will be seen in collaterals like posters, life size standees, video commercials for web (and maybe TV) and just about every store wall available because they want Piolo to be everywhere where Potato Giant is. 

You should try their Potpots in White Cheddar, a personal favorite.

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