Second Act Mirrors Workforce Issues

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Who says life is fair? It really isn’t.

Now how far would you go to really fix your life!? Would you be okay living simply or would you rather go ahead of the pack and live a life of lies?

These are the questions that will be asked in the movie Second Act which stars Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens. Yes, this movie felt it was much like the second coming of Maid in Manhattan but it was more of women empowerment, less the drama and stress because everyone was so accepting. The film also discusses the reality of teen pregnancy, adoption, being homeless and how opportunities only usually go to booksmarts and not street smarts. Jennifer Lopez is always endearing, you will always root for her and the reason I mentioned it is not stressful is because it falls into place and it makes her life susceptible to misfortunes, but she gets to still fix it with second chances. Vanessa Hudgens on the other hand was brought up well, aggressive but not to the point of hating, not to the point of being a b!tch, she really isn’t.

If you do love Maid in Manhattan on some level, this will surely be something you would love too. This is also distributed by Viva Entertainment in the Philippines. Go watch it on January 30!

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