PPOP Generation Starts Shows on Teatrino Promenade

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

When I saw these 45 teens sing and dance on stage, I wondered about who their target audience was gonna be and I worried about how their management would be able to give sure exposure, the stardom that they want from being a part of one of the largest girl groups in the country. So I went and saw their debut show last night, it was surprisingly good.

Ask viral dance expert Ella Cruz who also enjoyed the show!
For going above and beyond their dreams, for practicing almost a year and forming the girls for two years, their dance numbers were on point. Albeit (maybe doing plus ones) on some song numbers, it was understandable because they have a very upbeat and fun routine. They will however give back more of the experience by enjoining the audience on parts of the performance on stage, a fun activity that evening. 

I understood they're not just doing this for the local scene, I would be surprised if they didn't show this to foreigners, perhaps tour operators could connect them. Or maybe it would be wise to take this show elsewhere in the world because they are good, have super nice clothes and can give artists here a run for their crowns. They also have spontaneous talk in between so it's not stiff, now go and get tickets through the Music Museum website because it might be a few days before they run out of them! 

They can bring it, it's quite entertaining and I wouldn't be surprised if they go abroad soon!

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