Jose Manalo as BOY TOKWA

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Jose Manalo in his first lead role as Boy Tokwa

You've been hearing about it all over social media, Eat Bulaga and just about every show they are in right after the holidays. This is the first salvo of VST Productions owned by Tito Sotto and they are putting their bets on one guy alone, Jose Manalo. The comedian was hand picked to play the role of Rodrigo Morales also known as Boy Tokwa, a street smart, real life Robinhood who hailed from Olongapo City in Pampanga.

Jose Manalo says "When you hear him talk, he is a genius, but he is a swindler, not to Filipinos but foreigners. His earnings actually go to Amerasians, elderly, we used artists from Olongapo too so I had to adjust doing this role. I am trying this out, I never imagined I will be the lead but if it is going to be a hit, then we will have more. You know Tito Sen plans ahead and I think we have done this to the best of our abilities. I am so glad too that Direk Tony is here, and he doesn't send out films that are not of quality. This is true to life but I didn't read scripts, they gave me freedom to tell the story but attack the funny stuff with my own humor."

He adds "The real Boy Tokwa acts like Chiquito, so in a way I had some person to base it from. I had to put old timer moves because it is a period film. All I did was how he would feel, how hurtful things would be and I didn't think of it that much. I do not do drama on a normal day but his story will just be hurtful, you will relate to him. I do lenten presentations and do drama there with a lot of artists, but here, I am alone and I had to do stuff that I don't normally do. I didn't choose leading ladies, Direk Tony chose, I just saw her picture and asked when the shooting will start. If you are given trust to carry a film on your shoulders, you will have pressure. I always put value on the trust they give me and I relate on how he tries to live getting by on non formal work, and people should watch this just on the basis of how he puts importance on his kid."

Director Tony Reyes says "Jose and I have worked already in the past but I know how he feels when he's thinking if he can do this or not. But seeing the bloggers who have seen the screening earlier, they were crying and felt for the character. I think that already speaks about how much he has performed in doing this film."

Here is a short video we made during the media conference earlier.

Now make sure you head on to theaters this January 8 as Boy Tokwa Lodi ng Gapo shows on theaters nationwide!

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