Enchong Dee and Janine Gutierrez for Regal Films’ ELISE

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Enchong Dee and Janine Gutierrez pairs up this 2019 as Regal Films makes them their official valentine offering this year. Knowing they are from different networks, we all sit and wonder how this pair up would work, but a good story based on real life events as they give life to the characters of Bert and Elise. This is directed by Joel Ferrer.

This is a dramedy of childhood sweethearts, who met when they were slightly older and figured to fall in love with each other. Here, they started to feel LOVE is no childs play, there are tons of struggles in life, problems with the people around them who do not approve of it. Elise is not all about love and romance, it also talks of beating all odds how to be together, of friendships, on moving on, finding your dreams and is the perfect material for these two. Janine says “It’s nice to actually wish for two people, first loves, if they will end up together. It's a fresh kind of romcom, it is about getting to know yourself and it is different from the usual. Direk asked us to watch a Chinese movie  which this has a lot of similarity in treatment so I can follow, but concept and content  is different.” Enchong adds “I hope people see how this happened in real life, it is a biopic so if they do realize it does happen to other people, maybe they can relate to that. We gave Victor a lot of the exposure, he will be stripping down a lot and you'll see most of it in the movie.”

The film also stars Miko Raval, Victor Anastacio, Miel Espinosa and Laura Lehman. This will show on February 6 so follow Regal Films on their social media channels if it’s not much to ask. 

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