Joshua Garcia Cries Over Hotdogs

Monday, January 28, 2019

When Joshua Garcia arrived at his house, he saw his friends from a distance, laughing, enjoying their time together, holding in their hands one thing. It’s the Classic Cheesy Jolly Hotdog. It’s made of beef, enveloped in a soft bun then smothered with their special dressing, grated cheese and ketchup. Yes he feels betrayed because they started eating first, but for sure his friends made an effort to make it up to him by serving him the same Classic Jolly Hotdog, who wouldn’t be happy about that!

Ria Castillo the brand manager of Jolly Hotdog says “In behalf of Jollibee, welcome. For such a todo performance, only Jolly Hotdog can compare. What more can you ask for? It’s doesn’t only taste good, it’s delivered through a one of a kind campaign. We are happy to see Joshua Garcia be part of our Jolly Hotdog campaign, todo toppings, todo sarap!”

Joshua says “I’m really happy that Jollibee trusted me with this, I remember I always had a dream or having a Jollibee birthday party. Back then, it was considered not a complete childhood if you didn’t do it here. How I wish I had my own party in this place and have my friends over. It’s todo sarap, todo toppings! I wonder where my Jolly Hotdog is? (Then they served it to us).”

You will be seeing this new video with him and the rest of the gang through Jollibee’s official social media channels, Jollibee Studios on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. The Classic Jollibee Hotdog only costs 50 pesos in all Jollibee stores, if you want one, you don’t have to cry.


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