DMARK Beauty Corporation Launches Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum

Monday, September 30, 2019

I take good care of my skin and honestly, I fool a lot of people about my age especially in the blogging industry where every nook and cranny of what you put out there (including your life) is scrutinized. Every year, it becomes a struggle how to keep it smooth, with no visible lines and appear pore less, it’s almost an impossible feat. 

Skin trumps a lot of things when it comes to appearance. It doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl, everyone needs to look pleasing in the eyes of others. It also connotes hygiene, and self respect. It's also priceless to feel good about yourself, that's a fact.

DMARK Beauty Corporation has been in the industry for 20 years. They have been working hard to put the aesthetic and beauty needs of Filipinos in the forefront, taking lead in ways of anti aging, skin rejuvenation, placing their products in different premiere beauty centres, skin clinics and e-commerce sites which has been of their CEO Ms. Nikki Tang.

We sat down with her after an event and she says "We believe in longterm efforts, celebrities can be there, but if you recommend things that are not apt for your skin. It should be preventive and not reactive. We have to constantly create relationships and not just rely on frontline. We also select people we deal with. Currently, we have neostrata’s hotline and our Facebook page who carry it. We have normal, oily or ageing skin which we can take care of." which to me sounds so reassuring.

One of DMARK Beauty Corp's best sellers is the line from NeoStrata. It has been able to take lead in the anti aging skin care innovations. It literally means new layers and they've been doing it for 40 years, part of which implore their philosophy of renewed skin, effective techniques using patented formulations and get results fast. This is why DMARK Beauty Corporation has continued to be NeoStrata's official distributor all these years, and continue to do so in the future.

Aside from the current products they have on shelves of their partner establishments, they also launched the Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum which I have been using for a few days now. Although not totally gone, I have seen visible improvements in the fine lines in the few days that I have been trying it. Perhaps in the event that I've already finished the whole bottle, it would be more visible. It just takes a few drops before I sleep, you also have to lay flat on the bed (and make it a habit) because gravity pulls and makes those creases in your face if you are doing it on a fetal pose. (A personal preference).

There is certainly a very bright future for DMARK Beauty Corporation and NeoStrata in the country, you should start trying them out especially the anti aging line because the last thing you would want to happen is be sorry if it's too late!

Take good care of your skin!


Toby’s Sports Win Big in Franchise Excellence Awards

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Whenever I need to suit up to something sporty, or engage in my different hobbies, one store that I frequent to is Toby’s Sports. I have had the pleasure of purchasing weights from their store years ago and it still is being utilized by me if and when I need it. The shoes I got from them are still in boxes because I prepare crazy for some special event. Took a look at news today and apparently, Toby’s Sports has just won the Outstanding Filipino Franchise Award for Retail (Large Scale Category). Coming from the Philippine Franchise Association, they just affirmed the brands leadership among sports retailers in the country.

That’s no easy feat, as the Franchise Excellence Awards only chooses from some of the country’s best franchise companies. It also needs to meet stringent quality standards in order to qualify for the FEA. It’s an award given with the cooperation of PFA, DTI, Philippine Retailers Association and PCCI. Dr. Alan Escalona the PFA Chairman says “This award is given to franchisees that have become a benchmarks in the national market. They must met excellence in operations, and Toby’s Sports has exemplified these qualities. We hope this inspires them to continue pursuing excellence. They are after all, the largest Sports retailer in the country.”

Head of Store Operations William Llaguno adds “Our franchise business plays an important role in maintaining our number 1 status in the industry. We continue to advocate for promoting different sports and active lifestyle for more Filipinos nationwide!” Cheers to the men and women who have made his brand as successful as it is today, I am sure they’ll continue to improve their business and benefit millions of athletes and sports enthusiasts in the Philippines.

May your tribe increase!


Topps Sarap Toppstar Kids Season 2

Friday, September 27, 2019

Kids will be kids, but they can be better.

Showing their talent and knack for dance, singing and acting since the first season are these cute kids who’s now gonna be on their second one for TOPPS sarap! Toppstar TV Season 2.

It’s commercial success is not to be taken lightly as they all have individual careers, get to be on the show and become the shining stars they wanted to be. A lot of artists start their careers as kid stars and on set, they have always regarded it as a SUPER FUN experience working with the people behind the camera and their co-stars on the show. They have been able to discover more from the ground show they held last year and this year, the plan is to have 11 more today. It may be a challenge to do that but it is something they welcome as they want to discover more talented kids as future kapuso stars.

Cast includes Roshan, Sofia, Ken, Lexter, Chichi, Khail, Elaine, Lovely, Carren, Xylia, Patrick, Porscha, Shane, Jazmine, Viana, Stanley, Jazmine, Alliah, Angelo, Ghelo, Suejin and Saijin, and a whole lot more! Get to know them as they make your mornings a little fun than usual every 9:15am every Saturday. They will be playing games, interacting with other kids and perform for you. What’s not to like?!

And of course, get some snacks for the kids and yourself. Topps Sarap is actually good stuff.

Ms Lulu of Toppstar “Education is the key to your future and I hope you don’t forget that it is important. Make sure kids that you also make them a part of your Saturday mornings in Toppstar TV Season 2!”

I am sure the parents of these kids are super proud of them and perhaps, the new batch will add flavor, more fun to the show because just like in parties, the more people there are, the merrier! Make sure you watch the show every weekend (Saturdays) especially the kids so they too can be inspired with these talented kids who are all triple threats, ready for awesome and playful fun every week!


Kobe, Andre and Benjie Paras for Sun Soft

Direct Selling giant MSE (Marikina Shoe Exchange) got us up and early in Capitol Commons for the launch of their new products under Sun Soft Home Products (their detergent line), and boy did we like what we saw!

The Paras Family Benjie, Andre and Kobe serves as the face of Sunsoft and together, they had us take a glimpse of what they offer. They call it the “Idol Sa Linis”, and these guys attest how easy it is to clean their dishes, their clothes and make it smell better with the All New Improved Sun Soft Concentrated Laundry Detergent, Sun Soft Heavenly Fabric Conditioner (for the fragrance all day) and All New Improved Sun Soft Zesty Lemon Dishwashing Liquid, which of course they all use at home.

Benjie says “I have always made it a point to teach my kids how to wash clothes, wash dishes, simple things before they became independent. I may have taught them things, but one thing I learned from them as their father is to listen intently. I have never dictated who or what they wanted to be when they grow up, I didn’t force them to play basketball, they learned on their own with friends in the place we lived in. I only got emails when someone sought for a player in the US, made arrangements and allowed him to play there. He decided to come back here and played for UP, that’s my parenting style. I made sure they are just equipped with skills that would assure them they’d do good with whatever they want to do. I support them whenever I can.”

Kobe says “I went to the states and was able to do chores on my own, I also worked on a budget. I had a washing machine which I regularly use, before I went to the states I already knew how to do that here.”

Andre adds “Yes you get your fair share of nasty comments from people, they say and treat you like you’re less than who you are. You learn to overcome these from knowing the truth with people you trust, your family. For those who don’t know I have been able to live independently, separately and so I do my own clothes and wash the dishes. We learned it all before we got out of our home.”

You can purchase Sun Soft and get a Buy 1 Take 1 deal with MSE Distributors nationwide. Make sure you do get them from direct sellers, or maybe be a member on your own at or their official Facebook page because it’s easy as 1-2-3.


Ken Chan and Rita Daniela for One of the Baes

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We watched the opening sequence for the new show One of the Baes which will air this Monday replacing The Better Woman on its time slot. The cast includes EA Guzman, Rodjun Cruz, Renz Lagria (viral igorot guy), Kenneth Medrano, Gelai Andres (who did a huge dance number), James Teng (so good looking), Maureen Larazabal and Buboy Villar. Of course it’s a project with RitKen, Ken Chan and Rita Daniela proved effective in their past project My Special Tatay and maybe, this will be with different dynamics since they’re doing characters as Marines. This also has Roderick Paulate, Melanie Marquez, Tonton Gutierrez, Jestoni Alarcon and Amy Austria. The director got nervous because they have very seasoned actors but they knew they had to prepare a lot because they too are ready once they get to the set.

Honestly, it was fun, especially with the semi fantasy scenes because their dreams kinda come to real life. You miss Roderick Paulate’s antics, oh boy, you’re in for a treat. There will also be some bad baes, some good baes, but their main thrust right now is for you to see how to deal with love or career.

Here’s part of the blogcon so you can get an idea who they are on the show:

Make sure to watch it during GMA Primetime. You’ll fall in love with them very soon!


Scenes From The Kiko En Lala Premiere

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

This evening, we were able to watch Kiko en Lala. It’s a movie starred by Super Tekla directed by Adolf Alix Jr. and produced by Backyard Productions. Yes it is comedy, but it has shades of romance, slapstick, situational and skilled comedy. The story is cute and very funny, a bit slow on some instances but the crowd loves it. The kid beside me was barking, no joke, and her mom had to restrain her a couple of times because she was copying Super Tekla’s lines. Honestly, the crowd was cheering for the Derrick Monasterio - Tekla love team, but they had a twin situation, so you’ve got to see how their relationships would turn out. There is also a slight horror bit, but fun overall, you probably could take your family along if you want to laugh, I guess it is exactly what they want you to do. We also covered the red carpet. The cast and their celebrity friends supported the premiere night.

Watch it on theaters tomorrow!


ICONIC: The Sharon Cuneta and Regine Velasquez Concert

Monday, September 23, 2019

I really don’t think there would be words that could personify the one and only Megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta and Asia’s Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez, but this is happening this October 18 and 19, it’s called ICONIC, a fitting title to some of the country’s artists. What’s going to happen during that evening? 

Ms. Sharon Cuneta says “I am emotionally and mentally drained (talking about retiring) and since I was in my teens, I have always said I will not allow entertainment to ear my soul. The landscape has changed and it has been a very good business, it’s just time to relax and focus on children. Actually I was shocked, we were not supposed to be together and then, he asked if he could talk to me, I said okay and we talked, we’re okay. PLDT, Martin and Pops were joking, people were warm. I told people in social media about my sadness, I had a lot of debt, like half a billion and had to work non stop, it was just focusing on God that I had to do. I was becoming like the people despise, I just surrendered everything to God and it was becoming lighter.” 

About Ms. Regine, she says “I get kilig when she calls me ate. I believe in Regine and her sincerity, God is so good. Just like Bukas Luluhod ang mga Tala, the song Pangarap na Bituin happened to her. I don’t buy friendships, as many of you know I only do it quietly, sometimes I just have to scream about people who you are so proud of. It was a ring I bought in Sex and the City. It took a few months and got it made, it was really special and I wanted her to keep it for the rest of her life, they have been there for me since I was a kid but I want more love for the person I am and she has a very good heart. Ogie is my friends since the 80’s, they have been there for me since then.” 

She was asked about the Sharon Gabby reunion last night and if he appeared in the concert, Ms. Sharon laments “I hope it won’t be a surprise like last night because this is a music event, I don’t think it’s the right time, last night wasn’t planned and it was for the teachers. My teachers in St. Paul they always see me in concerts in the US, I picked up a lot of my sweetness from them. It was so overwhelming because it has the chemistry, you cannot fake it, we have our families and it’s been years. It was so unplanned and the reaction of people was unbelievable, I put it all to God because we can always do plans, but it was God’s way to put it that WE ARE OKAY. It would be nice to work again.” 

Ms. Regine told us about guests in her concert and says “In my side I would have Zeph in our concert, in Sharon’s side it will be Jeremy and I am happy for them. Might as well, we are doing other concerts but hopefully we could do this on a tour for Europe or Japan, I really want Japan! On stage we will have different food, with their support I am thankful to them because in the layout seeing two of the companies supporting us, it was really nice of them to support their artists. We will have lots of songs, LOTS of it. I was wanting to do a concert with her but it was hard because we were in different stations. It was hard to even talk, until serious stuff happened last year. The name Iconic was hard to come out with because it will look like we’re putting it lightly but I would use it for people who have put in the work. I have worked with a lot of singers and the concert that i do is a lot of times not about me, it’s about our collaboration. It’s a story and not a showdown, not a concert, there is a lot of heart in it. Us working together is our love and respect for each other, we have different preferences but we know we are loved, it’s a journey and it is heart not just made for the concert. I hope you all see us at the Araneta Coliseum. Don’t ask me about how I love her, I already put it out there and this is it! I have been the Chona all these years, after the concert, we might not be able to talk but I know I will be always here.” 

Here is our video to tell you about the press conference:

Now all you’ve got to do is show up and buy tickets (Platinum is all sold out), you can get them at Ticketnet or the Araneta Ticket Booths. This is directed by Rowell Santiago, Musical Direction by Louie Ocampo and Raul Mitra. This is presented by Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion and PLDT Home. 


Regal Films' The Generation Who Gave Up On Love

The film features Millenials, one who grew up with internet, social media, for them to understand more how they became who they are. It’s not a singular message, but a throng among these different personalities. It also talks about intimacy, about numbers, self worth, not to justify but an understanding about what the picture is. This is under Regal Films and Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana. It stars Myrtle Sarroza, Jane Oineza , Albie Casiño, Jerome Ponce, Tony Labrusca. 

The film also discusses how they go through their problems, it’s why they made the characters totally different from each other so you get to have your own perception of love, how it begins and ends. They hope this gets watched by different generations, why Millennials get to walk and talk that way so you could understand this generation and perhaps get a glimpse how they get through life, and the high competition of society. 

That was deep, really deep. It shows on theaters this October 2, 2019. Maybe you should watch it so you could understand the generation which you already generalized and don’t understand. 

Maybe that is.


Pay Bills with Paymaya, Get Cash Back and More!

Had so much in my plate literally and figuratively so I didn't get to pay for my bills this month. I have always been relying through online banking but if you count the number of instances that it's offline, you would get depressed I'm sure.

What I love about Paymaya is that they give you options, plus the fact that they give CASHBACKS and feel like everyday is Christmas! Imagine if you pay your PLDT, Meralco, Smart, Pagibig Fund or other merchants (on Fridays and Saturdays of September) until September 30, you instantly get Php 100 cash back on your first three bills (if you pay in full and on time). On top of this, you also get the chance to win in their promo worth all your bills next month (100 promo winners!), isn't that just AMAZING? (You just got to pay three unique bills worth 5K)

I did this on my phone last week, it was easy, not complicated and it's just a few clicks with Paymaya. Just choose Pay Bills, choose your biller, enter your account and payment, confirm your transaction and voila! It's that easy.

If I were you, I'd download Paymaya now because you don't really get cash backs in your bank's mobile app anyway. If you were to choose between the two, I'd rather pay where I'm getting something back right?