Alden Richards for The Gift

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

This will show on September 16, a few of you have it already tweeted I’m sure.

Alden says “This is the first time I am portraying a blind character. Jo Berry will play my Mom and the fear here is not doing other characters you could explore with. My grandparents are my inspiration especially in my life. This story affected me so much because the story is hopeful, regardless of circumstances.”

We saw the first few episodes, much like a long trailer. They took time establishing the characters back story, why he ended up with his Mom and the whole tragedy that happened with his life. Add to that the fun things he’ll do with his love life, oh yeah he’s going to have that happen a few days. Until something abrupt happens. It will change his life... and destiny.

The cast includes Jo Berry, Elizabeth Oropesa, Jean Garcia, TJ Trinidad, Mikee Quintos, Mikoy Morales, Martin Del Rosario, Christian Vasquez, Betong Sumaya, Rochelle Pangilinan, Tetay, Luz Valdez, Victor Anastacio, Isabelle Ortega, and Thia Thomalia.

Check out our coverage here from the September reveal last night!

Make sure you stay tuned on GMA this September 16, you wouldn’t want to miss Alden of course!


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