Kyline Alcantara for BLACK LIPSTICK Shows October 9

Friday, September 20, 2019

I have been hearing about Black Lipstick for a couple of months now. Apparently, this gem of a sequel from Seiko Film’s Blusang Itim where Snooky Serna got the title role from - and is going a bit modern. Consider this as a millennial take on it. I initially thought it was a series but apparently Obra Cinema is gambling on this for the silver-screen with Kyline Alcantara at the helm.

Kyline did a lot of shows in GMA which includes Kambal Karibal and Inagaw na Bituin. She’s still young but it looks like this well awarded actress (from PMPC and ACAA) is taking this all in as her biggest break. It was a hit back then, if you’ve watched it in the 80’s or on YouTube today, you’ll understand why it was adored back then. Snooky was a woman who had an ugly face but turned beautiful when she wore a black garb, this time however they’re using a black lipstick, are they going to change her life from an illness? Judging from the early trailers, it looks like she’s got vitiligo. It shows as white patches on skin and is a bit showy especially on darker skin.

Note: A supermodel Winnie Harlow had this during ANTM Cycle 21 (although she’s getting flak right now about her recent statements against the show) so I am a bit familiar with the condition. I guess to overcome this as a regular person is definitely a challenge, hopefully people will get to know the person and maybe, learn a thing or two about being human.

Snooky says “For me it has come full circle because I got to witness the new version of Blusang Itim which was a very memorable project for me in the 80’s and I just hope the public would love the 2.5 version of it. Kyline is different from me, I was a bit anti social, she is outgoing, in 50 years here, I still get nervous. She is very young when she started, we are both pretty too. She is very professional, very passionate and grateful about their job, that is so beautiful.”

Kyline says “She doesn’t accept who she is, she got bullied, she doesn’t love herself because of her vitiligo. I am a little tense, but Direk was so cool, even Migo and Manolo. I have worked with Ms. Snooky before but this is just an exciting add on. Black Lipstick will show on October 9, and I hope you get to appreciate the persona of Ikay. I am the type of person who thinks ahead so I am pressured. I wouldn’t want to spoil it, both of them I really enjoyed playing, especially Ikay. I hope you love her as much as I do.”

Here's 40 minutes of the blogcon, enjoy!

Director Julius Alfonso says “I love working with intelligent actors and I have seen that in Kyline. They do inputs on the role, I encourage that so it would look natural on screen. She’s very good, I have worked in teleseryes, but she is something I could work on and is refreshing for the role of Ikay and Jessie. I like to work with young actors because they are not boxed, very spontaneous, which hopefully they will enjoy.” Kate Valdez who plays the mean character here says “I get a bit affected about comments with my character. I will be quite mean when it’s about a loved one, maybe that becomes a source of conflict. You should watch out for that!”

So now you’ve got something to watch out for this October. Will KylIne become the next big star? Some have already considered her one, will you be doing that too? Remember, it comes out on theaters this October 9! Black Lipstick is under Obra Cinema.


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