FitLine Showcases Products in Beauty and Trade Show

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Direct selling European giant PM International just showcased their FitLine products to the public via a trade show in Elements Centris Quezon City. 

They dubbed this as Rethro Fitness and it was fun seeing them utilize, take in FitLine Health, Wellness and Beauty Products so they can last all the activities they planned throughout the day. They were also joined by other merchants so there were things to shop for like shoes, bags, hair products from Herbatint, Omitosh Cassava Chips, Diabetamil diabetes nutrition, Skin Enhance products, Pru Life UK and their home grown native wares and accessories.

I guess they started off with something healthy, then they proceeded to a skin care health seminar and even a beauty session by a local make up artist. 

The FitLine products they showed us were called PowerCocktail and Restorate. The first of which, had few calories and sugar. It's a food supplement that's got B Vitamins, provitamin A, fiber, caffeine and trace element Selenium. Honestly it tastes like orange soda but it is flavored with Orange and Black Currant. It enhances your immunity so take once a day. 

The Restorate has calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, metal elements and Vitamin D. It promotes cellular regeneration and makes your bone strong, pretty good for athletes or active people. It's like a citrus drink, easy to take in. The Activize Oxyplus on the other hand has Vitamin C, B2, gives you more power and promotes concentration. It would make you look less tired from work and over fatigue. These are all imported from Germany and is being used by professional athletes to boost their performance the natural way.

Madame Conelen Cariño also shared her beauty regimen and recommended a couple of her ALC Vitamin C Serum (for anti aging), Vitamin A Night Cream, Pink Rose Hydrosol Toner and her Cell Roman Bio Luminant Peptide Mask. Thank you for the samples! :) I will try them today!

Meanwhile at the venue, they had a talk with Sophia Baino, Veronica Gualberto, Ivan De Guzman, Joyce Sola and Alyanna Kagandahan. They talked more about how to have a healthy lifestyle, how to invest in ourselves and keep it strong by being physically active, put more time and effort in our bodies so we can work, and survive.

Kapuso actresses Thia Thomalia and Kim Dominguez also graced the event and shared some of their lifestyle habits. They obviously work out, do yoga, and told us the value of sleep. They spend hours for work, even sleep on the set, they couldn't even make time for that but they do what they can in a day. They needed help so we asked the owner himself about it.

Owner David Lim explains FitLine products on stage

David shares "It's the whole day support that it gives that makes FitLine the perfect accompaniment so you have that energy you need for work. It's from Germany so there is high standards of quality, we also have third party accreditation, it's also very safe. The recent drivers in Thailand also took this and was glad they did. It is also affordable, it helped me personally to get sleep. 6 out of 10 pinoys experience that and the good benefits need to be shared. I think it will benefit a lot of people especially those who work very hard, experience the products for yourselves." 

Kim and Thia says "We like the Power Cocktail because it gives you a boost of energy which we can drink in the morning. If you don't have enough sleep, you have to take vitamins and water because you wouldn't be able to function or work properly. It is very important otherwise we would feel sick and tired easily. Please support us in The Gift, and all the show's of GMA".

If you want to know more about FitLine, contact a PM International dealer or call 09394463376.

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