Toby’s Sports Win Big in Franchise Excellence Awards

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Whenever I need to suit up to something sporty, or engage in my different hobbies, one store that I frequent to is Toby’s Sports. I have had the pleasure of purchasing weights from their store years ago and it still is being utilized by me if and when I need it. The shoes I got from them are still in boxes because I prepare crazy for some special event. Took a look at news today and apparently, Toby’s Sports has just won the Outstanding Filipino Franchise Award for Retail (Large Scale Category). Coming from the Philippine Franchise Association, they just affirmed the brands leadership among sports retailers in the country.

That’s no easy feat, as the Franchise Excellence Awards only chooses from some of the country’s best franchise companies. It also needs to meet stringent quality standards in order to qualify for the FEA. It’s an award given with the cooperation of PFA, DTI, Philippine Retailers Association and PCCI. Dr. Alan Escalona the PFA Chairman says “This award is given to franchisees that have become a benchmarks in the national market. They must met excellence in operations, and Toby’s Sports has exemplified these qualities. We hope this inspires them to continue pursuing excellence. They are after all, the largest Sports retailer in the country.”

Head of Store Operations William Llaguno adds “Our franchise business plays an important role in maintaining our number 1 status in the industry. We continue to advocate for promoting different sports and active lifestyle for more Filipinos nationwide!” Cheers to the men and women who have made his brand as successful as it is today, I am sure they’ll continue to improve their business and benefit millions of athletes and sports enthusiasts in the Philippines.

May your tribe increase!


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