Celebrate Music with Tunog Transcom

Friday, September 20, 2019

I worked in the BPO industry for a little under 11 years and it has been one of the most high pressured industries I have ever been in. It's not a joke, I've seen people who have had mentally unstable conditions after days of undergoing what's supposed to be usual work, it changed my mind about operations in call centers and project management.

How do you keep your workforce healthy? Easy, by bringing them entertainment that not only they'd enjoy, but also enriches their soul and spirit. Music has that power to change moods, it gives you encouragement to engage in the arts and feel good with the company of like minded friends and co-workers. That's what I witnessed a few days ago in Tunog Transcom.

Over 2000 employees of Transcom Worldwide Philippines went to the Ortigas tent to witness their colleagues perform together with top bands in the country like artist Ebe Cancel, OPM band Mayonnaise, Chiquerella, Sponge Cola, Where's Ramona, This Band, Ben & Ben and everyone's favorite iconic band when it's raining, Aegis!

Mark Lyndsell their CEO says "We have been transforming our business and continuously creating a positive culture so they can express themselves in this annual music fest. Tunog Transcom Tayo will continue together with out other CSR activities including HIV and AIDS Awareness campaigns we do together with The Red Whistle. They put their heart into this which is why we have held this Viral Voice Competition so they could showcase their talent with these talented bands too."

They will be having another installment of Tunog Transcom at the Iloilo Convention Center on September 21 and Bacolod City on the 22nd. They are working together with Seda Hotel, Caronia, Jergens and Liese in this project so for those who work with Transcom, you guys are so lucky!


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