Ken Chan and Rita Daniela for One of the Baes

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We watched the opening sequence for the new show One of the Baes which will air this Monday replacing The Better Woman on its time slot. The cast includes EA Guzman, Rodjun Cruz, Renz Lagria (viral igorot guy), Kenneth Medrano, Gelai Andres (who did a huge dance number), James Teng (so good looking), Maureen Larazabal and Buboy Villar. Of course it’s a project with RitKen, Ken Chan and Rita Daniela proved effective in their past project My Special Tatay and maybe, this will be with different dynamics since they’re doing characters as Marines. This also has Roderick Paulate, Melanie Marquez, Tonton Gutierrez, Jestoni Alarcon and Amy Austria. The director got nervous because they have very seasoned actors but they knew they had to prepare a lot because they too are ready once they get to the set.

Honestly, it was fun, especially with the semi fantasy scenes because their dreams kinda come to real life. You miss Roderick Paulate’s antics, oh boy, you’re in for a treat. There will also be some bad baes, some good baes, but their main thrust right now is for you to see how to deal with love or career.

Here’s part of the blogcon so you can get an idea who they are on the show:

Make sure to watch it during GMA Primetime. You’ll fall in love with them very soon!


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