Gabbi Garcia, Khalil Ramos, Ben & Ben for LSS

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Sat down with the stars of LSS, one of the entries this year for the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos are reel and real life partners, this comes in the prime of their careers and is at the perfect time to experience that dreamers do succeed. This is what they want you to feel.

Ben and Ben says "This is the first time that we’re having a blogcon and we didn’t know what it is. It almost never happened and more than that, we are so thankful to everyone we worked with because we are new at this. When the film rolls, we knew the value of pre prod, scoring, it is such a unique experience. We appreciated it more when we saw how dedicated Gabbi and Khalil. When we said yes, we got into an acting workshop, it wasn’t easy even if we were playing ourselves in the film. We overthink simple scenes and they do the heavy dramatic scenes, we saw them doing it again and we don’t know how they did it. We started here as a budding band, the timeline is aligned with our story and progressed until today. We related to their story instead of ours, we cried in one scene and you will love that.

Khalil says “We were offered this last year, early 2018 so it’s almost a year. We didn’t know this would push through, when everything was in place and pitched to us, we didn’t know it was coming true, we are from different networks, but when the whole project and ben&ben and the producers came in, we felt really right. We fell in love with the characters right away. We did a workshop and we felt open about the challenges on cam, we prepared a lot before we shot it. Zach is on his way to profess love with his best friend but he was really a hopeless romantic, so he struggled. Their path crossed when Zach was singing a Ben&Ben song, that wad their LSS hence the story.”

Gabbi says “I thought it was all a rumor. The movie felt awkward in the beginning, I felt it was an advantage because we were not a loveteam, we were friends first and we used that part for the project, we felt we did a good job. I felt I had to fight for it and GMA was very considerate about what I wanted to do as an artist, it was a long process but all worth it! I play Sarah, an aspiring musician and is willing to do everything but she had priorities. For a time she didn’t believe in her dreams until Zach came.

Jade Castro says “We met the band November last year and got them in the organic process of doing the film. We laid out the possible stories, they had a semblance of the story and casting them was a dream. There are very few options, but it was a great actor Khalil and Gabbi, even if we castes them separately. We wanted this to be his first music film. He did not have a music based film. Our dream was also doing this as one film industry, no networks, just them working together. We didn’t know Gabbi was okay but we did send our intentions."

The film will feature the songs Ride Home, Branches, Leaves, Kathang Isip, Bibingka, Fall, Maybe the Night, Mitsa, Araw Araw and Sunrise. Produced by Globe Studios, Dokimos Media Studios Inc and Ben&Ben.

Gabbi Garcia, Khalil Ramos and introducing Ben & Ben directed by Jade Castro. It will be shown this September 13-19 during the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. Watch the other entries too.

You have to watch it!


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