KORINA Does 3 This 2023!

Saturday, December 31, 2022

There's a lot to look forward to this 2023, but our favorite veteran broadcast journalist, wife to Mar and Mom to kids Pepe and Pilar, the gorgeous Ms. Korina Sanchez-Roxas isn't ending the year slow. She's got 3 different shows in 3 different networks which she quips as "crazy!" because the last time she was able to do this was around 2 decades ago when she did TV Patrol, Korina Today on ANC and Morning Girls with Kris and Korina.

This time, she's dishing out the best episodes of Rated Korina which talked about people, local travel, things that made you say wow, or cry, or laugh, worthy to watch again on TV5 and affiliate channels. Aside from that, a really good new year's celebration with Kakai Bautista, G3 Sand Diego, PatP Daza and Alex Calleja. They will be discussing more about their new year's resolutions which will be on her other show TikTalks and surely, it'll be laughter from beginning to end. 

For more one on one talk, Korina Interviews will be doing a yearender special picking out the best conversations she's had in the past 12 episodes of Season 1. It'll be interesting to watch especially the people she personally chose to talk to in the past year. Three different shows in three different networks? That's a treat this 2023, and why not, it'll be entertaining and educational, so expect more fun in the upcoming episodes as Korina will take you there!

Remember, her show Rated Korina will be on A2Z and Kapamilya Channel every Saturday at 9PM. Whilst on Sundays at 9PM it will be on OnePH, iWant TFC and its affiliate networks.


Gift Giving Imee on YouTube This Week

f you're secretly trying to find out what Senator Imee Marcos is doing these days, she's prepped gift giving activities during the last quarter of 2022.

It's already up on her official YouTube channel and as of this writing, it's got over 378K subscribers and she's been posting regularly since January of this year. The tone of the uploads have already maintained quite light and heartwarming, a bit different from the stern looking, hard hitting persona she has on Senate sessions.

On recent episodes, she mustered enough strength answer all those frequently asked questions on her social channels including out of this world ones that are both crazy and entertaining. She gamely answered them as best as she can including topics like relationships, and life.

Your Senator Imee will also be sharing her experiences of gift giving at the Philippine Heart Center and the Correctional Institute for Women in Mandaluyong City. Much of the recipients would be those undergoing heart issues, detainment of which she also inspected facilities and work out laws to increase budgets for them if needed.Start by subscribing to her YouTube channel by searching ImeeMarcosOfficial on the platform.


Villars Share Christmas Treats to Kids at Crosswinds

Friday, December 23, 2022

It's Christmas time and looks like the Villar Family are not resting yet as they held gift giving activities at Britanny-Crosswinds in Tagaytay. This is where they annually put up a Christmas Village, sort of a tradition which families there and elsewhere enjoy the season. The event was arranged by Villar's Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance (SIPAG).

They brought kids (about 150 of them) from communities like Irusin in Tagaytay, some from Baseco in Tondo, Manila last Sunday as a treat so they too get to see the lovely property and enjoy activities prepared for them. It's quite nippy and pine scented, it's a different ambiance, and the kids really enjoyed the time they spent at the Swiss inspired land throughout Crosswinds. The kids and their companions also enjoyed food and drinks, the vast playground which was also built in the property of where kids and adults both had fun at.

Much of them took lots of pictures touring around the place and were also given gifts before they went home to their respective communities. This was given to them by the Villar Family who were all there too to grace the occasion. This was an annual thing for Former Senate President Manny Villar, his wife Senator Cynthia Villar, their son Senator Mark Villar and her wife Atty. Emmilene Villar, and Vista Landholdings CEO Paolo Villar + Deputy Speaker. Camille Villar who represents Las Pinas. They were also with their families, kids Emma, Tristan, all of whom hosted the attendees and the event. Senator Cynthia says "Our goal is to hopefully have them experience a few hours of fun at Crosswinds, and to also make memories with their family, friends during their stay here."

If you want to know more about the organization, visit their site villarsipag.org. If you want to see the property, you can find more information about it via brittany.com.ph or their social channels where available.


PH Ice Queen Sofia Frank Gets GOLD at 2022 Asian Open Figure Skating Tourney

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

There's no stopping Filipino Figure Skating champ Sofia Frank as she recently won the 2022 Asian Open Figure Skating Competition. The event was held at the Oasis Center in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is as of date the highest ranked ISU femme athlete in the country and has been a Junior World Figure Skating competitor twice.

Her feat was also recognized via Senate Resolution 360 which marks her impressive performance at the annual competition. This was filed by Senator Bong Revilla cognizant of her outstanding win amongst 8 other world class athletes and scored 50.19 in the short program and 93.78 during the Free Skate. This resulted in 143.97 points to top the Senior Women Category. She could possibly be our next GOLD hopeful in future Winter Olympics.

She was also lauded by Senate Majority Leader Joel Villanueva and marked her performance at the Colorado Spring Invitationals, the famed US International Figure Skating Classic and several other shows in the US and EU.

Sofia also started training at the age of 3 under Natasha Adler De Guzman and Quida Robins. During her teens, she was under Olympic coach Tammy Gambill. She had been doing Junior-Senior level of competitions in the US Figure Skating and International Selection pool which has made her gain more experience in the sport. Currently, she is training for the upcoming 2024 Winter Olympics which will be held in Paris, France in hopes to represent the Philippines in Figure Skating. She's in the Philippines this month to do "Carols On Ice" which is a fundraising gala for the Philippine Skating Union (PHSU) who manages both Figure Skating and Speed Skating sports in the country. This is being done in cooperation with SM Skating and they're doing "Journey to a Dream" as their theme this year. 

The show will be hosted by Bb. Pilipinas 1985 Ms. Joyce Burton-Titular. Guests include GMA artists Ashley Ortega, Skye Chua, Olympian Michael Martinez, Edrian Celestino, Isabella Gamez and Alexander Korovin, Skye Patenia, Sofia Guidote, Hayden Balucating, Felicity Eco, Veronica Eid, Sophie Hernandez, Kate Orrock, Krystle Siy and more skaters from the PH National Developmental Pool, Speed Skating and Hockey Teams. 

Sofia Frank will be performing with other Filipino skating athletes using music (mostly OPM) celebrating Christmas time in the Philippines. So make sure you be there for the event on December 21st, at the Mall of Asia Ice Skating Rink and remember, show starts 7PM!

Support the cause and our team in the dream of becoming Ice Skating champs this coming Olympics! Tickets are sold at https://ticket2me.net/e/36073 and it'll surely be a fun time with family if you watch it.

Best of luck Sofia!


Congressman Arjo Atayde Gets Nod at RPMD "Boses Ng Bayan" Survey

Monday, December 19, 2022

uezon City First District Representative Congressman Arjo Atayde has been working hard in the past few months and this has been cemented by him topping the recent survey done by RP-Mission and Development Foundation Inc. which is a leading provider of opinion data in the country.

After winning in a landslide victory during the elections, he has already filed over 50 bills and acted on several projects for his district that includes flood control, medical assistance, livelihood projects, feeding programs, disaster preparedness, and work for women and LGBTQIA+ sector in his district and other communities in Quezon City.

With an 80 percent approval rating, his work involving representation, legislation, and service has been the main driver for his rank. This was told by RPDM's Executive Director Dr. Paul Martinez.

Arjo is extremely thankful about the support he's getting from his constituents in Quezon City's District 1 and says he's just giving back to all the love and support he is getting from the community. This was done with over 10K respondents during November 27 to December 2.


Shaina Magdayao’s Organized Chicas Does More COLORS!

Friday, December 16, 2022

During the pandemic, Shaina Magdayao launched lifestyle brand Organized Chicas who's products mostly was white canvas Totes, Bags and organizers. It did really good and she was so happy how her clients, and fans were able to enjoy the wide range of products that they have despite the threats of the pandemic.

Summer will soon be here and people are clamoring for more variety, so what better way to do it buy by launching a new collection called Colore (that's got more ruffles, ribbons and bows).  

Shaina says "I didn't know how long I was in the industry, but 25 years is really a long time. It's so nice to celebrate it with people you love in the industry. It's a different kind of fulfillment especially this year, and it's like a birthday wish come true. Going back in ASAP also was just perfect timing, it was an extension of my celebration, it's been 25 years that people are supporting me and I wouldn't be here without Star Magic. I am thankful for the people who really took care of us. I feel it was just perfect to go back in ASAP, they saw me lost weight, I needed to do something about my hypothyroidism and focused on being an actress. I didn't feel the loss, I feel what I lost when I got on stage and danced again. I was wondering if I could do things again, I asked myself a couple of times. I'm aging, when I was younger I could juggle things, but I'm 33, being fit enough was something I worry about. It was a leap of faith. I sometimes doubt myself but I get a lot of support from people around me. I didn't train in dance, but experience was my teacher. I've been trying to run away from it in the past, but this is my life."
She now has accessories, jewelry (Perola Collection) and slip ons



She adds "Yes I'm wearing our accessories, it's been a goal to support local businesses. The people I work with are mostly women, I put this up with my childhood friend, who's now pro makeup artist. I asked her if she wanted to look for a gig, so we started with bags made in Bulacan. I didn't expect how it grew overnight. Now people are asking for more, so we made clothes from Pampanga, also Footwear made in Marikina. Those little things we do have grown because I believe we have good intentions. Here we are, we've got a brand that not just weathered the pandemic, but a brand that is good commercially now. We do quality control, durability tests, doesn't have to be expensive. My partner is also OC, so she does a lot in quality control. We are helping a lot of people and made this a business too. I don't know if our clientele wants it personalized, but I think it gives more value to it."

They also now have a more feminine looking bag styles with their Frill Collection. This was done to match the different personalities of their clientele. She thinks about naming the products, the design, and her business partner is someone she trusts, who knows her and takes care of quality control. They really align business wise. She has work, she has acting jobs, and this business has really grown over the years.

The business is also helping communities from Marikina, Pampanga, Bulacan so if you are buying from them, you are also helping women from these provinces and cities. If you want to get one, visit their official IG account @organizedchicas, their Facebook page facebook.com/organizedchicas. You can also purchase them on Shopee at https://shopee.ph/theorganizedchicas.

Prices range from 350 to 1250, so very affordable! Go get them now!


QC District 1 Congressman Arjo Atayde Moves for More Safeguards on Maharlika Investment Fund

Things have been very busy in Congress this week as the Maharlika Investment fund takes centerstage on the plenary. They passed it hours ago with 279 saying YES and only 6 against it. It officially holds House Bill No. 6608 and Quezon City District 1 Congressman Arjo Atayde is moving to have additional safeguards in the bill particularly to make sure protection from corruption is in place.

Arjo says "I would support the movement to include safeguards in the Maharlika Investment Fund to make sure the fund really benefits the country. There are amendments already adopted by the lower house. This involves the non inclusion of GSIS and SSS which was announced earlier. We need to scrutinize the source of funds to protect it from irregularities and questionable investments for the fund. I assure that we will continue to safeguard the fund and put the Filipino citizen's interest first. There will be penal provisions meant to punish directors, trustees, officers of those managing the fund. On section 44, fines can be from 50,000 to 2 Million pesos and jail time of 1 to 5 years."

Hopefully this would augment the national budget, create more savings for government offices and increase economic development not just in cities, but the countryside. There are over 50 countries doing Sovereign Wealth funds like Singapore, HK, our neighbors Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and new nation East Timor. Hopefully this would generate funds in the future to benefit more Filipinos and not fall in the hands of corrupt politicians.


OFW Success Stories at Puregold's TNAP

The pandemic was surely something that OFW's around the world found difficult. Not only were they restrained and confined in the comforts of their homes, but some also lost their jobs because businesses were not open. That means, a lot of OFW's weren't able to also provide for themselves or their families and returning to the Philippines was also the last resort.

Back home, one OFW who got stuck in the Philippines was Teodorico Ranili Jr. He was awfully scared for his family on where to find food or shelter, as he had no income or ask for alms from his relatives/family. He knew he had to make a way to earn a living, he sold bleach and home made peanut butter online just so they could eat and live decently. With the money he earned with the small business, he started buying more products for a Sari-Sari store that sells food and beverages in the community, and he wished it would become a mini mart some day. At Puregold (where he bought much of his wares), he saw how the Tindahan ni Aling Puring program has helped countless SME's reach their goals. With the perks of becoming a member, he was able to conveniently get the products he need to make his small business flourish even more during the most difficult days in the country. Now, Teodorico owns Ranili's One Stop Shop, a convenience store in Meycauayan Bulacan. He made lots of savings as those items that were on SALE at Puregold stores became more accessible, getting information about it ahead of time free of charge also helped so he could get proper supply every time. 

He's just one of thousands of TNAP members who made their small business a successful one. If you want the same thing to happen to you, go ask how to become a member when you visit the Puregold branch near you.


Basketball "ENDING" Game Now Online

Thursday, December 15, 2022

If you're a big fan of basketball (especially in the Philippines) you've probably had the chance to bet on the well loved Filipino "Ending" game in your respective neighborhood right? These days, it's going to be doubly hard to do that with the pandemic still lingering. If you're in the mood to play, there's a new online version of it ran by GameX Sports under the auspices of Las Casas Gaming, Inc.

Your favorite PBA, NBA and NBL games are turned into a game of chance every quarter and would get you the opportunity to win cash by registering through https://gamexsports.com.ph.

This is strictly for adults 21yo and above, and is only encouraged to be done responsibly as they are duly recognized by PAGCOR (The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation).

Several celebrities, PBA Players and influencers were also there to support them:

Parts of their earnings will go to several organizations including those involved in restoring homes that tells a tale, of Filipino design and architecture.  The site also accepts GCash and Maya payments and cash-ins so it's easy to manage if you decide to play. You can also pay for as low as 10 pesos,  and do it from the comforts of your own home.


Time To Get Those OISHI Gift Bags!

If you're like me who take so much time to figure out what to give for kids, their families for Christmas, this is a life saver. Our friends from OISHI are once again releasing new Cuckoo and Weeshee Bags that's filled to the brim with your favorite snacks (old and new) this holiday season!

What's also good is that they only cost Php 87 per bag and are available at your nearest groceries, stores and supermarkets nationwide. If you're not in the mood to go out and do a quick market run, it's also available on online stores like Shopee and Lazada where you can get an extra perk of getting Php 160 OFF if you purchase 8 Cuckoo bags or Php 105 OFF if you purchase 8 Weeshee Bags. So head on to their official OISHI Shopee and Lazada stores as this offer will only last til the end of the year.

You can get more details via the OISHI.ph Facebook page about this, so see you there if you plan to buy more for yourself or those who want those memories from childhood re-lived again!



Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Star Magic Virtual Workshops has started during the pandemic and has been very successful. It has come to cross borders and now at AMP Studios in Toronto Canada. Direk Rahyan Carlos has been teaching the Chubbuck technique and has been certified to do so, but now they're doing it both virtually and face to face in the northern american country.

Right now, they're doing acting, voice and dance workshops and this year, they've managed to do one last August which will have a culminating activity this December 16th.

Direk Rahyan says "We are so excited to be here. We've been doing this for 2 years and now, we're doing this in the AMP Studios Canada to teach the technique here too. My students here have been family, thank you also to Liza and Ice Seguerra for being here with me. They are very close to my heart. The one we're giving in Canada is what we are giving our artists in Star Magic. What we do with our own actors will be the same, the same premier Chubbuck technique we are giving them, so our actors use pain as fuel for acting. I met them in 2019 and did it online instead of F2F, now we are opening it in Canada. We are also doing this in other countries, and the training involves how to express themselves, to help them become the person they want to be. It's just a bonus if they become artists in the Philippines. In the past 2 years, I have already trusted them about the process, I give my students pointers on ethics for actors. It follows on becoming a better actor, it is important that it starts from there. You are just as good as your last work. We always train wherever we are, talent will be chaos without discipline, and that's what started this all in AMP Studios Canada."

Liza Dino Seguerra says "I look forward to watch your acting showcase, this experience is probably life changing for you as much as it is for me. Thank you for supporting Star Magic to globalize, expanding our industry. We have so much talent in the country, if it weren't for Star Magic I wouldn't have learned the Ivana Chubbuck technique. I am so honored to be part of the showcase, thank you for inviting me here. Thank you so much for your hospitality, it doesn't even feel like work."

Ice Seguerra says "Like what Liza said, training is important. I wouldn't be a singer if I didn't do that, I will be part of your recital, I really can't wait to be on stage with you guys."


AMP Studios Canada and Star Magic Workshops can be joined via website (https://amp-ed.com/), Faceboook and IG account. Just fill up the form and do the orientation. It's the same as in the Philippines and do it by batch. It ends in a recital so it'll be a while if you get in. They are also doing it in EST, more convenient for those in North America or closer locations. The pre requisite is the heart and time to do it. You don't have to have experience in acting, it turns passionate people into actors with the Chubbuck technique. If you have all those, this is perfect for you.

You can get in touch with them via facebook.com/Starmagicworkshops or their Instagram account @abscbnstarmagicworkshops, You can also directly inquire via facebook.com/Ampstudioscanada or at @ampstudios_canada IG account if you want to join the class.


Upcoming Horror Flick: PINOY GHOST TALES

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

I feel there's a certain resurgence happening in the film industry, and with lots of room for growth, more players come in to get themselves associated with genres like drama, comedy, action, and sometimes horror. It provides exhilarating entertainment for folks of all ages, and so LGM Grand Entertainment and LMK Productions took the liberty of doing a film called PINOY GHOST TALES.

Writer Lawrence Nicodemus likens this to the series Shake, Rattle and Roll (which has sorely been missed in recent years on Metro Manila Film Festival) which he says has inspired him to write these three stories (a trilogy).


First is "The Imaginary Friend", while the second one is "The Manager", and third is called "The Actress". As the name suggests, "The Imaginary Friend" is about an entity that a kid talks to, unbeknownst to her family who wanted to keep her away from it but ends up getting the brunt of its different forms. It stars actress Shermaine Santiago, BL superstar Arkin Del Rosario, talented child star Elia Ilano (who by the way answered press questions quite nicely) and seasoned character actor Richard Quan.

The story of "The Manager" on the other hand talkes about two professionals who ended up fighting for a management post, but one of them was rumored missing (hence the scary part as she kept appearing when the protagonist was put on the same post). Hence one asks, is she a friend? or a foe? Much of the work involved was reprised by Aubrey Caraan. Also in the episode is vixen Katrice Keirulf, Ms. Veronica Reyes (who was also there during the press preview) and notable character actor Ping Medina. 

Jeric Raval

For a mix of situational fun and horror, the last one called "The Actress" was actually enjoyable. It's like I was watching a Wen V. Deramas+ film all over again because Jeric Raval, Rob Sy, DJ Durano brought so much fun in the last episode. This is also a film where Jeric is appearing in this project with his son JK and daughter AJ Raval. The story revolves around the mysterious accident that happened going to the set of this film. AJ wasn't with Viva yet when they filmed this (much during pandemic). To give more context about the film, here's the press conference on video: 

Currently, they are finding ways to put this out in either theaters or streaming platforms. This film was also made by three different Directors Afi Africa, Jojo Nadela and John Isaac Natividad. Surprising how Jeric also did a few funny situational skits in their episode so that's something you should watch out for. 

This will be shown soon, so make sure you stay tuned for updates.


You'll Need Towels for Tears: FAMILY MATTERS this MMFF 2022

Friday, December 09, 2022

If you've been seeing trailers left and right for Metro Manila Film Festival 2022 happening this month, you probably remember this one by Cineko Productions (under Mayor Enrico Roque). It was able to touch the hearts of so many Filipinos in the trailer alone as it delved into the story of a FAMILY. 

Francisco and Eleanor are in the geriatric age, and got sick, requiring much care and attention from their family, but the eldest had to go find love elsewhere. This forced the other siblings to step up the plate, but the couple chose to do things their way, butting heads as the patriarch still wants to be taken cared of by his wife Eleanor which she thankfully obliges to do so later on the film. It's played by Noel Trinidad and Ms. Liza Lorena, plus an ensemble cast which includes Nonie Buencamino, Agot Isidro, Mylene Dizon, James Blanco, Nikki Valdez, JC Santos, Ina Feleo, Ketchup Eusebio and a throng of other actors that put their trust on this MMFF 2022 entry.

Here's what happened during the press conference on video, please, enjoy!

I asked a few unconventional questions during the press conference specifically on some parents making an investment out of their children. Also, I tried to see what they think of how Filipinos make it an obligation for family to take care of them in their older years. I was impressed how Mylene Dizon answered it after stating the differences, saying the care Filipinos do come from a place of LOVE rather than it being embedded in culture overall.

It is no surprise that those who have seen the trailer already shed a tear or two as this film comes from the same people behind "Miracle at Cell #7" that won awards and box office success in previous MMFF years. Will this prove to be a sure fire formula to success this coming December 25th? You're going to see a lot of actors vying for the Best Actress role and might need to compete with Ms. Liza Lorena. The ensemble cast is also a tough act to follow since they formed a real family doing this movie.

It's going to be a very interesting awards night and you might be looking at another successful entry when you watch "Family Matters" during the MMFF 2022 days. This is Directed by Nuel Naval and written by the prolific Mel Mendoza-del Rosario. They warned us and said this time, tissues won't be enough for your tears, bring towels!


Gabbi Garcia Encourages Time for Taiwan!

Thursday, December 08, 2022

The lovely global endorser and multi media star Gabbi Garcia will at the Market! Market! Activity Center thsi coming December 10 for the "Panahon sa Taiwan" event as the nation steps up its tourism efforts this month, the perfect time to consider travel destinations after the pandemic.

Gabbi will be sharing her experiences the last time she went there plus tell you about the stories of how she's loved the culture, the country and its people. You will also be seeing much of her travel photos on her personal social media channels showcasing the sights of the beautiful Taiwan. 

There will be FREE Milk Tea from Team Melody as part of their efforts, so if you're looking for updates about the event, follow Taiwan Tourism Bureau on FB @tbrock1 or their main website eng.taiwan.net.tw. The event will start at 11am and will last up to 8PM and another one on February 11th at Glorietta Palm 2 Drive activity center from 11am to 7PM. Gabbi will also be at the Taipei NU Zone Concert Space for the same event on March 19, so make sure to be there when it happens. 

I'll be there on Saturday so see you!


Philippine Cycling Festival's Second Salvo at Clark, Pampanga

I've been on a bike since I was 4, so in a sense it's second nature to me. It's a relatively good hobby, as you get good exercise, but never got competitive. 
Folks who would want to take it to another level though could start at the Philippine Cycling Festival which will happen on March 11 to 12 at Clark in Pampanga. This is a 2 day cycling event aimed to strengthen and immerse YOU into cycling culture. This is hosted by Neo Zigma Corporation in cooperation with Interval Gear Events Management and Metro Ad-vantage Media Marketing. This is their second time to do it and there are about 3000+ cycling enthusiasts that are expected to be there come plus their family and friends, ultimately to enjoy several races, retail shops, merch and bike shows too.

There will also be talks by some of the most influential bikers and bike product manufacturers in the country. For a little entertainment, there will also be live performances during this 2 day event, so make sure you get comfy on your seats while you are there.

Aside from that, there will be events at Clark Speedway on March 11th, a Mountain Bike XC race on March 12th via the Clark Paradise trail at Midori Hotel outdoor grounds and a night ride at The Villages (11th), plus Clark and the Gravel Race on March 12 too. The event will be supported by AXN, Fitbar, Pru Life UK, NLEX, TCG, Filinvest and a lot of others who believe in the cause. 
Last year's event was able to raise funds for PEACE CAMP at Brgy. Sapang-Uwak. They were given over 60 bikes and was done through Metro Pacific Investment Foundation, their CSR partner. If you want to know more about the cause and charities they help, please visit their official website www.philippinecyclingfestival.com today. So if you're serious about this, it's time to prepare for that grand event!