Shaina Magdayao’s Organized Chicas Does More COLORS!

Friday, December 16, 2022

During the pandemic, Shaina Magdayao launched lifestyle brand Organized Chicas who's products mostly was white canvas Totes, Bags and organizers. It did really good and she was so happy how her clients, and fans were able to enjoy the wide range of products that they have despite the threats of the pandemic.

Summer will soon be here and people are clamoring for more variety, so what better way to do it buy by launching a new collection called Colore (that's got more ruffles, ribbons and bows).  

Shaina says "I didn't know how long I was in the industry, but 25 years is really a long time. It's so nice to celebrate it with people you love in the industry. It's a different kind of fulfillment especially this year, and it's like a birthday wish come true. Going back in ASAP also was just perfect timing, it was an extension of my celebration, it's been 25 years that people are supporting me and I wouldn't be here without Star Magic. I am thankful for the people who really took care of us. I feel it was just perfect to go back in ASAP, they saw me lost weight, I needed to do something about my hypothyroidism and focused on being an actress. I didn't feel the loss, I feel what I lost when I got on stage and danced again. I was wondering if I could do things again, I asked myself a couple of times. I'm aging, when I was younger I could juggle things, but I'm 33, being fit enough was something I worry about. It was a leap of faith. I sometimes doubt myself but I get a lot of support from people around me. I didn't train in dance, but experience was my teacher. I've been trying to run away from it in the past, but this is my life."
She now has accessories, jewelry (Perola Collection) and slip ons



She adds "Yes I'm wearing our accessories, it's been a goal to support local businesses. The people I work with are mostly women, I put this up with my childhood friend, who's now pro makeup artist. I asked her if she wanted to look for a gig, so we started with bags made in Bulacan. I didn't expect how it grew overnight. Now people are asking for more, so we made clothes from Pampanga, also Footwear made in Marikina. Those little things we do have grown because I believe we have good intentions. Here we are, we've got a brand that not just weathered the pandemic, but a brand that is good commercially now. We do quality control, durability tests, doesn't have to be expensive. My partner is also OC, so she does a lot in quality control. We are helping a lot of people and made this a business too. I don't know if our clientele wants it personalized, but I think it gives more value to it."

They also now have a more feminine looking bag styles with their Frill Collection. This was done to match the different personalities of their clientele. She thinks about naming the products, the design, and her business partner is someone she trusts, who knows her and takes care of quality control. They really align business wise. She has work, she has acting jobs, and this business has really grown over the years.

The business is also helping communities from Marikina, Pampanga, Bulacan so if you are buying from them, you are also helping women from these provinces and cities. If you want to get one, visit their official IG account @organizedchicas, their Facebook page You can also purchase them on Shopee at

Prices range from 350 to 1250, so very affordable! Go get them now!


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