Meteor Garden Hidden Vivo Moments

Friday, August 31, 2018

When Shancai’s phone broke, what did they replace it with? yes it’s a Vivo

So you’ve been watching Meteor Garden all week through wicked VPN’s, Netflix or the tagalized version on ABSCBN and didn’t know that VIVO was there. Oh but yes they were! Here are a few scenes you should look out for if you want a glimpse of it. It’s that famous in China anyway so why not make them part of the Shanghai F4 episodes right?

When Shancai was angry, and so fed up with Dao Ming Su she laid on the bed with that phone too

That phone went to the water fast, but if you looked closely that’s a Vivo

When she was about to get hit by you know who, she kept it close by protecting her face LOL

scenes when they were taking videos of Shancai putting her hand on top of Hua Zi Lei’s head, it’s a Vivo

Onlookers who witnessed Dao Ming Su get a flying kick from Shancai, took photos of his black eye, they too used a Vivo

Shancai and her friend gossiping, laughing at the photos they took of the F4

Shancai’s school program of course needed phones to take photos, it was a Vivo too!

So now you see how unconsciously you’ve been seeing the phone and how good it’s performed with photos and videos there too? Exactly, now go get your own if you want to become as good as these stars.

That shooting star could be you! :)

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Vivo Teases Anew with Battery Monster

Vivo released a teaser, all about batteries!

The next Vivo phone may well be a battery monster, one that can provide even possibly more than 4,000 mAh capacity they had in previous models and maybe, a phone that can be charged in a few minites which would result in hours of talk time. Sounds crazy? Well it may well be. They have been known for innovation and the past two models they had like the Vivo X21 and the Vivo NEX which was released in other countries has proven they’re doing good in that department.

What’s quite intriguing are these talks of fast charging and even longer battery life without adding a few grams to the handset. Do you think it’s acheivable? Do you think it’s something they can do? That’s what we have to wait for this month because chances are, it will be coming to the Philippine market soon!

Now I wish I can get my hands on that before the model gets issued to stores. Ahhh, hello Vivo Philippines!

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SHOPEE’s 9.9 Super Shopping Day

They launched this yesterday and I got a taste of it last night when most of the products that went on sale was 99 pesos, which in this day and age is just unbelievable!

People who went to the launch are probably still doing the Shopee pee pee pee peepee pee pee jingle performed by Shopee’s very own celebrity ambassador Anne Curtis. It was a treat! Participating brands could give as much as 99 percent off on their merchandise and giving away freebies from now until September 9.

They also have shake promos ongoing so you could get Shopee coins and use them to deduct the peso equivalent even on the sale price.

If it’s your first time to buy, you can use my code and get a discount off your first purchase. Thank me later!

Free shipping, awesome deals, go download the app now on ios and Android. I’ve been so addicted to it plus it’s safe because I do all transactions through the app.

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Alden Richards for ADRENALINE RUSH

Thursday, August 30, 2018

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Honestly, I miss this guy a lot because the last interview I had with him was during MMFF with Maine Mendoza, so that was a long time ago. Good thing he’s staging a concert this September at the Kia Theater and fans have been waiting for this too I’m sure.

In the press conference, I asked Alden about the venue and he says “Why Kia? It’s because I have been able to do shows in Kia Theater before and now that we know the place, we will be maximizing the venue because we will do things not just on stage but on the audience side too. I’ll be doing several stunts which we haven’t done in previous shows and that’s what will happen on September. We haven’t announced who will be our guests because we want everyone will be surprise. You may expect the expected people to be there. About Victor Magtanggol, I am so happy to have turned most of the show’s detractors into fans of the show after they have watched it. They went into complaining first before they did watch the show. The album has originals, it will be different, we know we have different kinds of listeners now. Majority of what is in it will be original. In the concert it will be super difficult to do the song and dance numbers. It’s a dream for me to do a bigger venue next time but we will have to make the venues of these few concerts be sold good. GMA Records is so nice to believe in me and produce things for me, singing is a bonus and it’s something for the records, I will be still doing acting gigs all the time. I ask my friends to pray for me before every show I do. We will be doing things off stage so it will be different for me and I am excited. I want my family to be there and I am so happy to see them there also the last time. The show will not be a narrative but the sequences are planned, not structured. I was consulted since conceptualization, and I had collaborations in planning, choosing songs. There will be themes per segment, there will be personal stuff and parts dedicated to special people in my life.

He adds “When I get concerts I make sure to do my best so that the people who trust me won’t get disappointed. I mean with all the trust that they have put on me, it’s only right that I give something back.”

Alden would like to thank Magnolia, Cebuana Lhullier, McDonalds, Dailymotion and Barangay LS 97.1 for helping him with the show. This is produced by GMA Records. Tickets are available through TicketNet and the VIP tickets will include the album for FREE so if you’re a good fan, you know what to get!

Oh how I wish those surprise guests include you know how :) I know you would like that to happen too!

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Puregold and KAINdustriya Convention 2018

I remember the times I was able to shop in Puregold because I was able to only go there twice in my lifetime, no joke. I admit, I am so jealous of the people who frequent their warehouse because their members have lots of perks even if the prices of their products were already dirt cheap. I find the exclusivity appealing and they help businesses grow because they know if the SME’s grow, they will too.

Ivy Piedad of Puregold says “After weeks of challenging eliminations and shows, we’re here to witness the growth of Kaindustriya. We want to tap the food business category aside from Aling Puring which concentrates on Sarisari stores. Now we have 10 who have reached the final cookoff, best of luck and wish you learned in this Kaindustriya competition.

Members of Tindahan Ni Aling Puring have been invited to join The Kaintrepreneur 2018 and from a lot of contestants they chose 10 in this lot, from different places in Luzon, they did the eliminations to choose the best of the best and will pit them in an ultimate cook-off. Different branches were represented by Kaintrepreneur Finalists Jan Kian Mendoza, Jenny Rodriguez, Jirven Canar, Robert Reyes, Maria Teresa Guerero, Jefferson Cruz Mendoza, Joebel Rosal, Carmelita Parulan , Amelia Sunga and Jay Jay Brinoza. They were all mentored by Partners come from Nestle Philippines, CEO Foods Inc, San Miguel Foods Inc., Alaska, Century Pacific Foods, Del Monte Philippines, Monde Nissin, Unilever etc. and they chose their partners during the press conference this afternoon.

They are doing this to encourage a new breed of entrepreneurs and this year’s Kaindustriya Convention will also be holding KAIN U which is an inter school food business competition for college students. They will also do MIX MASTERS which is a flairtending and mixing competition. They will win their own booths and mobile bar if they win. Participants are invited to register until September 7 so they can battle it out on September 11 at Puregold QI Central grounds.

Ken Alfonso, Kahlil Demetrio, Euclid Cesar wil stand as the judges. They are looking for innovators, people who know how to level up tried and tested recipes and not just original ones. So if you are planning to join, make sure you arm yourself with knowledge before you start cooking.

Visit your nearest Puregold branches nationwide to know more about this tourney.

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Old Spice Giving Out A Dream Ducati

Had the chance to attend an event in Makati this evening (yesterday that is). I heard the brand Old Spice and immediately said yes to the invite. I’ve been using it since high school as my Dad always leaves it on the table and obviously it smells good, so I never felt so good those days. Now they’ve got a lot, and also giving away something huge this year. Boys, Gents, Men, our dream bike, a limited edition Old Spice Ducati.

If you buy an Old Spice product from July 15-October 31, 2018 and keep the receipt as proof of purchase. Go to and register the product you bought. After getting the email confirmation, keep all details and wait for the raffle draw. The more products you buy, the more chances of winning. So if you buy 50 pcs of deodorant, aftershave, shower gels or any of their products, that’s also the number of entries you can get.

On November 5, they will do the official draw. On November 17, they will be doing the public awarding of the Old Spice Ducati Bike. They will be telling you the venue as soon as they confirm it. They are also doing a bike roadshow, have individual brand ambassadors soon to tell you about the great news.

Cage Tiongson of Old Spice says “Old Spice is the manliest grooming product in the planet, it expresses individuality, we thought of bringing that message across and if we didn’t have a car to give out, we thought of DUCATI. Old Spice is red and this is red, it’s freedom, here’s the chance to get a bike of your own through SPICE UP YOU RIDE.

I want it for myself but it’s everyones game!

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Meet Acer Swift 5

My first event yesterday was so nice as we got to see live the launch of the new ACER Swift 5. It’s officially the lightest 15 inch notebook in the world, uses the latest 8th Gen Intel Core processor, Full HD, very narrow bezels, 15.6 inch display with an 87.6% screen to body ratio and a built in 4G LTE-A connection so you can do work even on the go.

Other display size options for these notebooks come in  13.3 inch and 14 inch varieties, come in Intel Core i7-8665U and Core i58265U processors, a long 10 hour battery life. It would have been impossible to have this in the past but as soon as design and engineering came in they now have a notebook that’s only 2.2 pounds but still have power and performance you want in a laptop computer that delivers fast and productivity.

They also introduced STARVR ONE that has natural of view, very near reality technology VR headset. They also have introduced the ACER OJO 500 which is the world’s first detachable headset so it would be hygienic, easy to clean and have amazing sound quality.

Aside from that, the Aspire z24 is an all in one machine. It’s borderless, edge to edge glass that is stunning and would be able yo accept voice commands and people can call them minimal in effort, maximum in convenience.

The Aspire 7 has an i7 processor, Radeon RXVEGAM Graphics, doesn’t need cooling, 1.5kg metal design and 4k narrow bezel display. ACER has also introduced the lightest in the past and they have found even better materials to make it lighter, thinner - but tougher. That’s the Swift 5. The secret? The materials. This has minimized the weight for over 35%, kept it at 15 inch in size. They also did the best thing to show that, lifting it up with one hand while on demo.

Gamer? Content creator? This might be the best notebook for you, check out leading computer shops and tech stores if you wish to have the latest from ACER!

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OMNI Marketing, CEITEX and GadFetcher

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Had lunch with the folks from OMNI Channel Marketing Consultancy Inc, a business that does trad and digital marketing, ICT, franchising, leasing and activation activities in the country. They’ve been doing this with people who have spent 25 years in the industry, so if you’re a brand who wants people who know the business inside out, they’re a good candidate.

They also are the organizers of CEITEX (Consumer Electronics and Information Technology Expo) which will be held at the SMX Convention Center this November 2-4, 2018. They’ve been doing this to also partner with franchise businesses so they could sell their franchise too. Aside from that, they do this through GadFetcher, a pop up mobile phone, repair and accessory shop that does three simple things, fetch, send and repair.

Their vision is to help clients and make growth inevitable, this as their top tier service. As OMNI’s Marketing Executives says “We want to give the best for their business, resolve issues fast, to make each transaction a long term and effective business relationship. We make use of our vast network and key experts in the field.”

Congratulations OMNI Channel Marketing and their partner brands! Cheers!

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HADSAP Brings Grassroots Nutrition Education

Sunday, August 26, 2018

We all know how important nutrition is in the Philippines. With the plight of even more Filipinos getting even more worse, poverty stricken areas would all be nests for lack of food, hunger and malnutrition in different levels. This has been the same for the middle class who has been heavily hit by the rising costs of food, inflation, and believe it or not, even taxes hits where it hurts the most, in your own home. When the Health and Dietary Supplements Association of the Philippines heard about this, they figured to take action where it is needed so even if they were all been doing this since 2007, they pointed all their efforts this year to the grassroots level which they call "Lodi Ang Healthy". 

They are doing this in cooperation with the Food and Nutrition Research Institute and the Rotary Club West. These are a line of seminars designed to benefit young mothers and kids so they would understand things about maternal health and reduce child mortality. 

After learning  a lot in these activities, women and children were also given supplements from member companies. I'd be worried if they didn't get the proper nutrition they would need to survive this worrisome economic climate because of the hardships of putting food on the table. Kudos to the participants and I wish them well after learning a lot in these seminars.

Stay healthy folks! 

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The Perla Fashion Show

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Taking special care of our clothes takes products that do not harm them. For years now, PMC, then Procter and Gamble and now SCPG Asia Pacific Inc has steadfastly advanced what PERLA stands for. It’s made from Coconut Oil, au naturelle, cleans and whitens clothes without the need for harmful ingredients. This year they held a grand fashion show at the SM North Edsa - The Block events area. This is to show how it makes every thread of our clothes stronger after every wash, how it cleans, how it whitens while making your skin still soft without that stinging sensation. Let’s see the show!

These women from  different walks of life, clad in their best white dresses, clothes looked so good and confident on stage, much of what every Perla user should do.

Clinically proven to be hypoallergenic, safer and gentler on skin, Perla will be in the Philippines for years to come. They have been doing this since 1949 and dermatologists actually suggest this because of so many reasons, built on decades of careful trust. A brand that has been here for almost 70 years isn’t a joke, they are serious about it. Why else would your Grandma and your Mom use it right?

Get Perla White, Perla Blue, Perla Papaya in your favourite stores. Be smitten by decades of Moms who have proven it’s worth. You wouldn't want to say otherwise to your Moms or else you'll get a spanking! Haha!

Know what is best for your clothes, and the best for your skin too. 

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