Vivo Teases Anew with Battery Monster

Friday, August 31, 2018

Vivo released a teaser, all about batteries!

The next Vivo phone may well be a battery monster, one that can provide even possibly more than 4,000 mAh capacity they had in previous models and maybe, a phone that can be charged in a few minites which would result in hours of talk time. Sounds crazy? Well it may well be. They have been known for innovation and the past two models they had like the Vivo X21 and the Vivo NEX which was released in other countries has proven they’re doing good in that department.

What’s quite intriguing are these talks of fast charging and even longer battery life without adding a few grams to the handset. Do you think it’s acheivable? Do you think it’s something they can do? That’s what we have to wait for this month because chances are, it will be coming to the Philippine market soon!

Now I wish I can get my hands on that before the model gets issued to stores. Ahhh, hello Vivo Philippines!

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