Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Fruits are in season, and so am I LoL - there is no better way to enjoy it than having it in a juice drink - especially those good ones that you often feel you couldn't live without. I often go with the tangy - more natural tasting ones which are out in the market - and I've always wanted to taste the new ones because I find it challenging, so I could discover more varities of it from other parts of the country, or the world!

Good thing I don't have to travel and spend thousands of dollars to do that. You see, I've just discovered GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion Juice at the supermarket and tried it today for size. The neat colorful animal label lead me to believe that each one of these cans have their own personality. It's got 5 flavors to be exact, like the owl represents the GOJU Lemonade Juice Drink, healthy, fresh, tangy and has got Vitamin C. The bear represents GOJU Mango and Orange Juice Drink, it combines the lovely fruity notes of Oranges, Mangoes and Passion Fruit, perfect for a sunny day. The horse represents the GOJU Raspberry Lemonade which tastes much like crushed Raspberries and fresh lemonade mixed together. It feels light and fresh, it'll clean you up too and promote better blood circulation they say, that's just awesome! The turtle on the other hand is for the GOJU Peach Passion Fruit Juice Drink. It's a mix of white peach, passion fruit, pineapple, lemon and a dose of Vitamin C, your healthy active life still needs a boost and this gives that!

GOJU Raspberry Lemonade for those who want it a little fancy.

The lion is on the GOJU Orange Juice Drink, it'll remind you of that fresh orange juice you love after a game or special occasion. It helps hydrate, like what I did right after I have done so many things earlier while covering events in Manila. It's sweet and lovely, you'll hunt for this flavor too - I won't mind if you hoard too! Just make sure you give this to your friends and family though, they'll love this I'm sure.

So happy they had the GOJU White Peach Passion Fruit, they will prolly make people talk about it, this is so good.

For each one in the family, there is one flavor variant of GOJU that you can drink. If I were you I'd try it out soon as it's currently available in Landmark and Anson's in Manila, then CSI Supermarket in the towns and cities in the north. You may visit GOJU Drinks on Facebook, @gojudrinks on Twitter and IG.

Now doesn't that all make you want to grab a glass with ice, pour this all in and enjoy it while watching the golden hour? Exactly! If I liked it all, you will too!

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