Vivo Teases with all-new screen design Smartphone

Saturday, August 25, 2018

It’s been really awesome to see how Vivo has continued to innovate with their new phones. Known for their technology advancements, here they go again teasing us in their social media channels with what seems to be a new model following the successful X series and still very consumer-centric smartphone designs. This includes a video showing the moon and curved lines which we think will be the shape of their next flagship phone utilizing a hashtag implicating #GoBeyond.

If you’ve been following their runs, they did the Vivo 7+ last 2017, then the V9 in 2018, then their recent Vivo X21 (which I liked), then the Vivo NEX in selected markets. All of these models outdoing each other and its competitors with better body to screen ratio, resolution, fit for gaming and entertainment purposes.

Now what do you think will they be breaking records with? New technology is what we expect, are you ready?

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