Meteor Garden Hidden Vivo Moments

Friday, August 31, 2018

When Shancai’s phone broke, what did they replace it with? yes it’s a Vivo

So you’ve been watching Meteor Garden all week through wicked VPN’s, Netflix or the tagalized version on ABSCBN and didn’t know that VIVO was there. Oh but yes they were! Here are a few scenes you should look out for if you want a glimpse of it. It’s that famous in China anyway so why not make them part of the Shanghai F4 episodes right?

When Shancai was angry, and so fed up with Dao Ming Su she laid on the bed with that phone too

That phone went to the water fast, but if you looked closely that’s a Vivo

When she was about to get hit by you know who, she kept it close by protecting her face LOL

scenes when they were taking videos of Shancai putting her hand on top of Hua Zi Lei’s head, it’s a Vivo

Onlookers who witnessed Dao Ming Su get a flying kick from Shancai, took photos of his black eye, they too used a Vivo

Shancai and her friend gossiping, laughing at the photos they took of the F4

Shancai’s school program of course needed phones to take photos, it was a Vivo too!

So now you see how unconsciously you’ve been seeing the phone and how good it’s performed with photos and videos there too? Exactly, now go get your own if you want to become as good as these stars.

That shooting star could be you! :)

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