Ericsson Philippines Celebrates 30th with 5G

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

It’s Ericsson Philippines 30th Anniversary and what better way to showcase how they make life easy but with good new 5G Technology. The primary goal is how this can transmit 23 Gbps in their 5G trial technology, a thing that could get up to US$ 1.8 Billion revenue potential in the Philippines come 2026.

Nunzio Mirtillo Ericsson’s Head of Market Area for East Asia, Oceania and India says “You have to invest in technology in order to take the lead. Data traffic is increasing dramatically, going faster than expected and it is true in Southeast Asia. 5G in North America has about 50% of the subscriptions, we need 5G in the long run. We have new trials around the world and 5G must be learned, we will also go commercial quickly. Mobile broadband is basic, it will help operators make revenue around it. Traffic in the Philippines will grow 8x and we need to see technology go up while getting costs down. The massive IOT can change business models, it is obviously good to have it. We have to work with operators and start testing technology. The spectrum also should be available so free trials, inter operability tests, we also need to have competent people on the ground. The government should also be well prepared and have 5G available for the country. We celebrate this all, as we have been doing good for 30 years.”

Joachim Horn of Smart, John Terrenal of ABSCBN, Edward Chou of Intel and Martin Wiktorin of Ericsson Philippines

This is just the start of opportunities, it’s not just faster speeds, but the communication between points, 5G will be the first standard that will have enterprise lines. If we do not seize it, we’ll get left by the train. We will be doing this ahead of the others together with Japan and South Korea.

Driveless cars, remote surgeries, AR and VR applications, the possibilities are endless. Having this ecosystem needs to be done in the next few years. They need to renovate networks and hopefully they would be able to do this come 2020.

Mr. Mirtillo also adds “Thank you to our partners, our customers, the government who made things easy for us to do business here in the Philippines.”

Congratulations Ericsson!

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