Enchong Dee and Ria Atayde on KIX’s Extreme Ends

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Enchong Dee on a tight rope, looking like he’s enjoying this!

Everybody loves Enchong Dee and what fun it is to learn that he’s going to join this Hong Kong based reality show called Extreme Ends which features 4 different celebrities from across the Asian region plus their friends to experience the opposite ends of Hong Kong. In the show, he chose close friend, ally and actress Ria Atayde who he dubs as the one who pushes him to try different things the most.

In the show they will get to battle it out in extreme challenges while they get to choose their own adventures whether Quick or Slow, High or Low and they would only get to accomplish these tasks with the help of their friends. Enchong quirps “I don’t really know what they have planned in this trip but I am so ready to push my boundaries. I can’t wait to see the unexplored sides of Hong Kong and do this with my friend Ria who always keeps me on my toes.”

Extreme Ends is produced by Celestial Tiger Entertainment which is Kix’s mother company. It is also supported by the kind people of the Hong Kong Tourism Board and Harbour City. You will all get to see this show on October so make sure you have KIX on your cable subscription lineup. It’s on Channel 63 on SkyCable and Channel 264 on Cignal. Go make sure you have popcorn ready during that month.

Can’t wait to see Chong on the cable channel!

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