Aiai Endorses BULALO WORLD

Saturday, August 04, 2018

BULALO WORLD at Ayala Malls Feliz

You haven’t experienced the Philippines if you haven’t had BULALO. It’s a dish made primarily of Beef Shanks, boiled for hours with onion, salt, pepper, local pechay which creates that incomparable broth we all wish for in a cold stormy afternoon.

Ms. Aiai Delas Alas is a known Mom, cook and this is one of her personal favorites. She says “I am so happy being the face of Bulalo World, this is the only one who got me back to eating meat. It’s clean tasting, plus the Tawilis is unbelievably good. God is good and we hope to be together in the coming years. I hope to grow with you and your branches after this one.

This branch in Ayala Malls Feliz can accomodate about 120-150 people, cozy because of their bunk chairs, clean and very family friendly. King Sisig and Lechon Factory is also associated with the brand, they have tons of branches across the country. BULALO WORLD has 25 branches all in all, so if you're raring to have some Filipino food this is the place to go. The owner Mr. Gil Nemeño says “You don’t have to go to Batangas to enjoy good Bulalo, it’s all here in Bulalo World. We chose Aiai because she started small like us, people can relate to her and just like her, we hope to be a huge success. We will work harder.

I personally like my bowl with corn, so the broth is a little sweet :)

The layout is simple, they cook everything right in front of you. Now imagine having that bowl of BULALO from BULALO WORLD with a heaping cup of white rice, no arguments, just good stuff!

The hot bulalo meal only costs 169, you can also pair it with deep fried Tawilis which is oh so crunchy!
If you fancy other Filipino viands, they have Kare Kare, Sinigang and even Sizzling treats!

They also have light meals like Bulalo Mami, desserts too! Oh and don’t forget the Crispy Chicken Skin! Yummmmm!

In fairness with their Bulalo, it’s actually very clean tasting and not murky. I like their version of it.

Plus the Tawilis is so crunchy and freshly cooked, so good!

BULALO WORLD Ayala Malls Feliz is located at the 3rd floor, right side end of the mall. If you are in the mood for piping hot beef broth and bone marrow, visit them today with your family and friends!

Congratulations too Ms. Aiai Delas Alas! Another blessing is coming!

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