Oprah's Big Secret!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A family secret hidden for 25 years suddenly shocked the Queen of all media Oprah Winfrey on the January 24, 2011 episode of her show. Only her mother knew what it was and on a short confrontation 10 minutes on the show before that, she told Oprah the news... that she had another half Sister named Patricia. Her jaw dropped and said WHAT?!!!! Of course the episode above was their first meeting.

What made it all so touching was the younger sister knew about it for 2 years. Oprah just knew about it last Turkey Season and she never said anything about it to the media. What a nice person, if that happened to several people I know they probably would be in Jerry Springer tomorrow! LOL!

Anyway, her ratings seem to have picked up in the couple of weeks her OWN network was put up. Let's just wish her well on this discovery... and yes I watch her show so what?! LOL

Let's watch American Idol too. =)


Having a Home

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I just had a nice time last Saturday with friends from elementary school. It has been 20 years since we last met each other but it was an evening of reconnection. I love catching up with each others lives; and so glad to see where we all ended up. A friend of mine told me about how lucky some of us were because we had a place to live. They have been living on rented homes for a long time and it was troublesome going from one place to another. It would have been an easier life for him if they were able to maintain a house. Stories like that and more were a common sight to see. Nothing would have prepared us for life later on but if we had institutions like HMS Home Warranty to take care of us when we are in dire need then life would have been better.

That statement just made sense to me. I have a home and if we all had one when we started studying and still have it now we might have more reasons to concentrate on work rather than worrying about it everyday. The pay check would not be going to mere rent and food. Education would be a priority and the security of having a home would be prevalent. It would be nice to have a little help to have a home of our own. It wouldn't be a temporary one and we'll be happy to have our dreams come true.


The Big Bad Blogger

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Everyone in Philippine Blog universe is talking about the Big Bad Blogger. Everyone's wondering who he is (assuming he's a guy) or who she is (maybe she's a lady?!). Some of them came up with names already but the point is... this just maybe another rumor. It's so easy to mar someones reputation these days that it could just point to anyone in the blogosphere and put his/her name in the NOT TO READ BECAUSE HE/SHE's NOT REPUTABLE list. Let's face it, reputation is all it is on this dimension.

Food Blogging looked so weird last night because it was all about them as indicated in the article. (I strongly suggest you read THIS ARTICLE before going on to the rest of this post). It tells about what this Big Bad Blogger did in cohorts with the PR Firm mentioned in the story to extort money for their services. Some folks are evil. I guess the thing about the PR Firm and the restaurant is true because that information is first hand but if that Big Bad Blogger negative review is true then that would be another story.

Who is it? Why did he do this? Why would he do this after all those years of blogging? Well your guess is as good as mine but then again this is a business for him/her. If you want to know, you guys should follow @jiritajackson, @divasoria and @harold_geronimo. Read the most popular food blogs too and you'll get an idea who they are talking about. But if this is true or not is up to you... either that or wait for Margaux Salcedo to blurt it out on Inquirer and Manila Bulletin. Straight from the horses mouth! =)


When You Need Cash...

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's so hard to live in a country where the economic bubble is about to burst. Banks have been so strict in loans these days that people get denied even on small ones. Those who need immediate funding would not be able to borrow because of their bad credit scores and the opportunity to get back in business is literally fading away. Chances are you are bound to never see anyone to help you out when you are already down. There are new on line cash advance lenders that can do otherwise. Even if you have a bad credit rating they would be able to approve payday loans fast and efficient. Institutions like ILOAN90 were not available before but it is quite easy to get them now. You do not have to be worried because all transactions are secure too.

People like me sometimes are at the end of the rope and only can extend huge payments from paycheck to paycheck. If there are places that I can borrow money from and pay back immediately with minimal interest rates then that would be perfect. I seldom get personal loans and only do it on emergency situations so if banks couldn't do the deed then these on line institutions would be the perfect solution. I hope in some way people would see it like I do because no matter what others say; it does help a lot of people in difficult financial situations.

Have you ever been in a tight situation?! Where would you go? What would you do?!


Daily Moo's 01162011

I've been watching this Korean show called "You're Beautiful!" and got hooked. It's that show where the girl entered a boy band and pretended to be a boy... later on everyone found out. Then his identical twin brother came back and saved a lot of mess. There's a love story in between, you should watch it too. It's kinda nice. Go to Mysoju it's there! and a lot of other things...

I've got a ton of things to finish. The event this weekend drained me bigtime but I guess that comes with the title so I couldn't do anything with that. I did a little research about them too so I'm probably going to flash some of them here. I've seen some of my Dad's office mates and some of them still remember the kid who came in the office running around the desks holding a stapler sticking all the papers to the side tables haha! I wonder who!

I'm fixing the Red Tribe site and trying to look for some of its features. I need time to do that but obviously I'm kinda busy these days. I have to prioritize work of course! That puts food on the table and buys the tickets for the weekend trips! I need more if I want to go out of the country. Yeah maybe... just maybe...

Tomorrow is another Dentist's appointment. How amusing, seems like they are pulling all my teeth out... haha but I hope this will be the last. It just hurts like hell even after the procedure last week so I'll have to get this checked again. Ouch!

Paul Lee left the Red Warriors. He's gunning for the professional league. I'm not sad because he is PBA caliber. The only thing I'm worried about is how will the UE Red Warriors fare among the import driven UAAP next season... I hope we do okay. Jerry Codinera will be the new coach too, I hope he does wonders for our team! I'm sure this will be a good one because being a former warrior I'm sure he'll do the job!

For whatever it may do to the standings of the basketball team, I wish them all the luck they need to get that coveted crown! Bomba UE Igma Kadima! =)


Reliable Server Hosting

Sunday, January 16, 2011

As a Computer Engineer and IT Professional for the last 8 years, I've been dealing with technologies that are not on the comprehension of most of my friends and family. I'm not surprised though because even if I have been doing this for a long time nobody would ever thought that I'd be able to manage 4 web sites and 7 forums in the same period. I have been very busy obviously but I am somewhat not worried. I know the benefits of dedicated server hosting and advantages of having one. In this day and age it is pretty much a necessity because the last thing you would want to have in running businesses that have resources on line is downtime. Some hosting companies outsmart users by making it look they can handle the traffic but you later find out that they only do shared servers. The idea of having dedicated servers is like heaven for web administrators like us because we can largely manage what we do while the provider maintains and hosts it. You kind of get an idea how large the return of investments are for large companies that do this for a living because the manpower is less and the maintenance costs are very low.

Network games, MMORPG or setting up another site would not be a problem with a managed server. If we harness this kind of technology it would be advantageous for those who are both starting out and who are venturing into bigger avenues for opportunities. Institutions in this field like Server Club might interest you. They have the best value for money and servers that can run 24/7 so you can forget about it while making progress on those businesses that need your great attention. You get what you pay for and more; isn't that a great deal?!

If you need one I'll check them out if I were you!


Daily Moo's 01142011

Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm going to have an event this evening courtesy of my Dad and it looks like this is going to be big. I like how everything falls into place. I was worried I didn't have anything to do this weekend but God has been good. I hope this continues.

Garcia has been out of jail, richer by 150 million and backed up supposedly by Angelo Reyes. Now that it's out, will there be consequences for the general? I wonder if they will all end up in jail just like those who made the same offense but poor. Money still is the root of all evil but thinking about it, it looks like you can get away with anything as long as you have it in this part of the world. How sad... I thought things would change once President Noynoy comes into power. Apparently nothing has changed.

My photographer friends just invited me for a night shoot later. I'm excited for that. Even though I haven't been shooting still ones for a long time I'm sure I can handle it. Maybe we'll plan something big next month. It will definitely work I'm sure but we got to do this together.

I ate with officemates at Pasig, a humongous burger with Angus Beef. It was so awesome I'm gonna go back to Charlies!

Off I go to the event! Wish me luck and lots of moolah will come my way! =)


Seeing the Light

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Electricity rates have gone up again and to tell you honestly I don't know why our country has one of the most expensive kilo watts per hour price in the world. Maybe we might be running out of our natural resources but I think it is ample enough to survive a few years. I am worried about the future of our family though and the children after us because people have been so lax in taking care of nature. If we do not start now by doing simple things like achat ampoule that are economical and energy efficient we might need to start and think about how we live in this world.

The technical advances in lighting technology should already solve part of the problems we face today. I've seen LED and fluorescent bulbs spend so little energy while still mimicking natural light so if we swap whatever we have at home a couple of hundred kilo watt hours would be saved. It could be any electrical appliance and we just need to make smarter choices this time. It starts with an ampoule but you can use a lot of energy saving devices like those large items at your own home. Going green has never been easy but if you integrate it to your lifestyle it would be a lot better in the long run. We'll live longer and have our family enjoy a lot of the things that we still have now. Remember, it starts with ampoule led but you can save a whole civilization if you start today. Great things come from small beginnings right?!


Daily Moo's 01112011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's 1-11-2011 and people have been so superstitious about it. There's no harm in doing that but as they say in SYZYGY let's go back to Julius and Tintin. If it was really lucky in the first place we wouldn't have rebels returning to public office and too much motorcycles on the road. Mom and Dad were about to go home last night when they saw a guy fly off his bike and landed on the pavement literally bashed his head while stuff came out of it (ye know what I mean?!) which really made my Mom lose sleep that night. Arggghh... if I see some parents putting their kids in those bikes I cringe at the sight of seeing them not wear helmets too. What in the world were they thinking?!

My tooth hurts like hell. Some fills went out I guess while I was flossing. Nerve endings make the pain start from the tooth to my head. What a day... I still have work and had to beg my dentist for an appointment. Stressful because I had to call him midnight. He just suggested I take the same medicine I was taking for the pain. Today I'll have to go to his clinic and see what happened to me. I don't know what happened really but its so painful I'm already crying. Ergo, I have to carry around a water bottle because the cold thing comforts me.


I can't even think what to type now... ouch...


Hosting Solutions for Us!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I just formed a new forum for my friends from college and we need this for our activities this coming UAAP season. It has been a while since our former one dissipated because of the hosting problems we had. I know it would be hard to start over but we don't really have a choice. I'm looking for a better one and it looks like inmotion hosting would be perfect. Judging from the rating it currently has from other users it looks quite promising. I want to have uninterrupted connection because the "Red Tribe" as we are commonly called need updates every day. I did put in a chat box too so we can talk in real time. I'm quite worried about the bandwidth requirement because our previous host and the site usually crash when there are a lot of users on line. This is an easy job for institutions like INMOTION as the feedback is astounding!

We have plans to get the domain as well so if the time comes I know where to host it. I would probably go for the dot ORG so it would be appropriately named. I'll ask them who's going to pay for it annually too when the time comes. For now, I'm going to concentrate on how to make the site and portal a little cleaner so when Alumni, Students and Fans of the University of the East Red Warriors would come they'd never hesitate joining this community! I have a hunch that this will be big but for now I'm contented that some of my closest friends are here. Once the games start we will be there to support our Alma Mater weather we win or lose! I'll be a warrior until the end!


Daily Moo's 01102011

This day is neat! I've been listening to DZMM these past few days and my mornings have never been better. You must be askin (or not!) why in the world am I awake at this hour?! Well I've been adjusting my shift a little because of work and coming from the graveyard shift, it ain't easy! My body clock is not cooperating. I need to be slightly optimistic that I can do this otherwise that part where I wake up at 2am wouldn't be healthy. I almost went to the office that early because I couldn't sleep but I decided to lounge around our home and get a little workout in between so when I get tired that'll probably get me dizzy and make me fall asleep. The adrenaline rush is a different story.

Got a headache now that I'm in the office. I didn't eat breakfast. I forgot. Nobody even noticed that I didn't eat. Now I'm taking the bitter pill... of regretting going to the office too early ha-ha! See? Even my brand of humor is affected. I'm not funny anymore.... I wasn't funny in the first place!

For you dreamers out there, here's a video that I was tagged on this morning. I don't know why but I don't like it. Somehow the age is showing in the song choices. I hate it apparently.

See what I mean? Now back to regular programming.


Smart Business Solutions

Monday, January 10, 2011

This has been a real busy day. I just got back from the office and I forgot to do a lot of things. Although we are in the same area, we are located in different buildings so the time to really think about what I had to do (urgent stuff) was a little tight. I forgot to give the papers for the company checks I got last week. The accounting department would really bug me tomorrow about not submitting the receipts on time since we already spent that budget for our quarterly team building activity. It's not much but it does go a long way if we add up what we also can contribute. It goes to small parties, souvenirs and some other things we can buy for our office. I am a little worried they would deduct some amount on my paycheck next week because I didn't send everything for signature and processing. Are these signs of aging?! LOL!

Campaigns like these need some reminders through electronic mail. I have to see if it would be feasible to get the department involved to initiate contact if the time to do these things is up! Maybe if we organize and get tools for a systematic approach in office processes; this world (and office!) would be a happier place! We already have one for procurement so maybe this wouldn't be too far behind. I can easily ask for office supplies anytime so I never run out of Tape, Paper Clips and Fasteners whenever I need them. It's time to get fully automated and this is inevitable! I need smart business solutions!


On a Drizzly Sunday Afternoon...

Sunday, January 09, 2011

It's been a long time since I posted something meaningful on my site so here goes a lame attempt LOL! I've been nostalgic to say the least so I'm trying to remember the things I've been listening to in the past. It's raining outside and I'm staring at the water droplets on my window. This was the song that popped into my mind while I felt the wind coming from the fan... yeah it is a little hot here in the office but I'm managing just fine. Listen and try to understand the song, this one is great! =)

The next one is my favorite Janet Jackson song. Because she's coming over on February for her tour, this is just timely! You kinda hope someone still remembers the last thing you did together... LOL I think I'm saying too much... and you know that feeling of being optimistic that you will end up loving someone again?! Yeah, this generally says you won't but hey you kinda fall inlove with Janet when she says things like "I wanna be inlove with you again"... it's something you want to say to a former love... I think I did this a couple of times admittedly. I want a different one now though... dated someone last night so this is kinda nice to listen to. Come on click it!

After that, return to your refuge and get some sleep. I on the other hand am going to get busy this weekend. Lots of events to cover in so little time!


"I've been X'd!"

Sunday, January 02, 2011

It's been quite a while since I posted some of my photos on this site. I haven't been able to update in ages too so I'm doing this now, it's time to show you some of the things that kept be busy last year. This hasn't been shown yet in Facebook... well I guess it hasn't been shown; but if I did I might have shown it only to a few people. So you are lucky I'm doing this now.

For those who don't know yet I'm a Fashion Photographer and part of the milestone that happened last year was the chance to be on my idol's workshop. Some only dream of this but I had the chance to be taught by my sensei Xander Angeles. He's the guy that puts those babes in front of those glossy magazines like FHM, MEGA, etc. I love his work and what great news that I also got to be with his apprentice at that time Niko Villegas. Both masters at this craft I was sure to learn a thing or two about the genre that I was passionate about.

Here are some of my shots! Enjoy!






This set is called "I've been X'd!" to pay homage to the one who was teaching me how to do these shots last August. Xander Angeles was really on a class of his own. Thank you so much for everything Jedi Master heheh this budding fashion photographer really learned a lot and I want to thank you for everything!

Model Luane Pasinatto
Stylist: Patricia Reyes

MUA: Faye Esteban, Princess Nimfa Malapad, Chrisitne Joyce Viray