Boy Abunda Endorses AMA OEd Master's and PhD Programs

Friday, November 29, 2019

AMA was a dream school since the 90's. Everyone who wanted to be in the IT school if they wanted to work in the industry. They have long been the institution that only provides that, because these days they've already grown to be a full blown University offering different courses to Filipinos here and abroad. As you may have known, they have been offering AMA University Online Education for years now via In a recent study, around 38% of college graduates earn more than non college grads in the country. Being equipped with a diploma gives a better chance for an individual to land a good paying job and yes, they have been able to produce graduates here and around the globe by providing courses apt for OFW's and ordinary joes, so really there is no reason not to get proper education these days.

AMA University Online Education also offers Senior High for new enrollees, ALS passers and trasferees too. It gave a lot of people access to education even in the comforts of their own home. Today at a press conference in Greenhills, they just announced the availability of AMA OEd Master's and PhD programs with their new spokesperson Dr. Eugenio "Boy" Abunda. Oh, and before I forget, he's going to be part of the academe. The affair was also witnessed by AMA Department heads and executives, members of the media and tons of TV stations.

AMAOED CEO Christopher Satulan adds "Welcome to everyone. We are happy he accepted to be our endorser, when we started 5 years ago we didn't know how this would be accepted. Today we understand how Filipinos have the hunger of finishing their education and also further it. We are so glad Dr. Abunda is going to be part of it."

Tito Boy Abunda as most friends and colleagues call him, has a Bachelors degree in Communication Arts from PWU, and earned a Masters of Arts degree and also conferred a Doctorate Degree for Philosophy in Social Development.

Tito Boy says "When I started hosting I didn't finish my studies, I forgot that I had no diploma because I was busy working. I promised this to my mom and dad, I graduated a few years after and I went for my masters after a few years. I was supposed to interview in Cebu when I had to defend my thesis. My adviser and I met in a bar because it was the only thing open that time. During that time I had the luxury of having an adviser. I was questioned a lot about it and I agreed with their observation back then, and I wanted to do the corrections that same instant. They agreed and I continued, they gave me my grades and I passed. For my Doctors degree, it was super difficult because it was consultative. Defending that, had so much of a burden. In AMA you can defend it online. In my experience it was scary and sacred, it had to be new and included maternal love as a tool. It got me broken, I almost backed out, but I realized I had to finish it as a last step. I didn't even need to because I had a good job, I just came prepared and the experience was embedded in my system. I continue to bear that until now. When they spoke to me after that defense, Dr. Manalili told me I was going back to my core. To be aware about the presence of my parents in my life. He was happy I defended it, but he wanted the spirit of my work to show because it was maternal love. I encourage everyone to go for it, even if I talk about showbusiness or social issues, education can broaden your perspective about everything. You start from not knowing, and that journey is education. This can give it to you at your pace, and at the end of it you will carry it til the end. Thank you for the opportunity."

Ms. Mikah Colingo the Sales and Marketing Head for AMAOED "We have a series of programs in IT, Computer Education, BA and Public Administration. Doctorate degrees for IT as well..The usual TOR, Diploma, is needed... it is affordable. It could cost around 4k per subject. It depends on the units."

No matter how young you are, wherever you are in the world, as long as you have access to the internet, you can learn at your own pace, get that AMA OEd Masters and PhD programs from AMA University. If you have inquiries about the courses and fees, just go to and chat with their representatives. They also have email and social channels, all you have to do is ask. Is it time for you to further your career? Finish that degree and get a masters/PhD? The time is now!


Macao Imperial Tea Opens 100th Store!

We're spending our morning at Macao Imperial Tea's celebration of their 100th store in the Philippines and what better way to do it but by occupying the whole Entertainment are of Robinsons Manila. They call it Macao Imperial Tea: 100th Store Bash. As you may know, this brand is under Fredley Group of Companies which is the same brand that handles NABE Japanese Izakaya, Mitasu Yakiniku and 107 Co-Working Place. They have long gone from their humble beginnings at their first branch in Banawe.

Today they also have offered the public the Fredley Elite Card which can give you reward points, twice your load, free original milktea and a 3% cashback after purchase. The event was witnessed by Vice Mayor Lacuna and Faraday Go VP of the Robinsons Land Corporation. Alvin Ong of Fredley Group of Companies says "This is our way of thanking the public for their strong support. We are now looking forward to new heights, more stores in the country soon! Thank you for celebrating with us today! Our story comes from the passion over great food and drinks. We want to be a place where family and friends converge, this is our 100th store in the country. Our brand is the leading the milktea market in the Philippines. We listen, relate and connect, we continue to do various CSR initiatives and this event is our huge thank you to everyone who made us successful. There will be more things to come, we are excited to have 200 stores in 2020. Thank you and good morning!"

They have also guest Vloggers Mimiyuuuh and Benedict Cua, tons of other influencers and Up Dharma Down performing on stage this afternoon. There are also tons of games which you can join so you can win bear cups, tons of other things from Macao Imperial Tea. I got my goal of having a photo with the gigantic Macao Bear :) that made me smile!

Now head on to Robinson's Place Manila for this three day fair. Make your Macao Imperial Tea dreams come true!


Prince and Jenzel Endorses "The Perfect Beauty"

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Just left the event this afternoon at The Perfect Beauty Clinic in Pasig City. It's an aesthetic and derma centre that is owned and managed by doctors. They also do the procedures so you get to see and feel how professionals do it. They are located at the Mission Medical Plaza, Room 404, 4th Floor, Km.17 Ortigas Ave, Pasig, 1609 Metro Manila. Today we witnessed the clinic's first salvo of endorsers which consequently includes hunky kapuso star Prince Clemente and the beautiful Jenzel Angeles. The two are currently doing the Philippine adaptation of Descendants of the Sun and have in fact posted on their social media channels some excerpts of the series. Prince is part of the Alpha Team while Jenzel is at the medics. Their skin and body all look good, but this time, they'll get a little help with this new clinic.

Dr. Erwin Macaraeg says "The Perfect Beauty was conceptualized last year and it was hard to pass DTI standards just to think of a name. What beautiful is for one might not be for others, but what we want is for them to come to the clinic and ask them what beauty is for them, that is the goal. We also give them the facts medically. So it won't be dangerous. We currently have packages available this holiday season which includes fractional laser (as that includes several sessions). We hope the public would be able to try our services as we are priced very reasonable despite the same procedures they're offering in their center.

Jenzel Angeles says "I don't know what perfect is but I agree with the doctor. If I am enough and contented, satisfied with the way I look, I guess that is what you call The Perfect Beauty. If ever I had the chance to enhance something I plan to do something about my cheeks and my eyes because I look a little sad even if I'm angry in scenes. Maybe I'll try that. I like my nose already so we're not going to touch that.

Prince Clemente says "What is perfect for your personal standards, if you feel beautiful after the procedures, then that is the Perfect Beauty. I like my lips a lot, and if ever I would in the future do something about my body, it would be my jawline, I want a refined one, or maybe make it bigger."

Dr. Melanie Macaraeg says "We have our base here and we hope we reach the community and be well known for the beauty clinic. We hope to open several more in the coming years, and perhaps my patients would be able to visit us here too."

They also have Facials, Korean Glass Skin procedures, Electrocautery, Thread lifts, and more which you can get. However, they have several packages for hair removal, RF Slimming, Fractional Laser, Glutathione Drip (and more!) which are more affordable than if you get them on single purchase. All you need to do is go to the doctors for consultation and ask them for the procedures; as they are concerned for your safety. Go visit them at the address mentioned above!


Sephy Francisco Launches First Single "Galing Ng Pinoy'

I have been watching her journey as a singer including her stint in I Can See Your Voice here in the Philippines and on the world stage at the Korean ICSYV version. She has undoubtedly impressed everyone with her voice, singing hits by Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Regine Velasquez too. She has long gone from her BPO Call Center profession and now is a full time singer. She's Sephy Francisco and she's set to release her first single called "Galing ng Pinoy".

She also went to XFactor UK and stunned judges including Simon Cowell, that's a big deal. She has performed in different countries like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia and soon Hong Kong and Singapore. She comes well applauded and is happy she is going to acheive her dreams!

Ang Galing Ng Pinoy is composed by Junn Sta. Maria and the rap part is by Reck Cardinales. This is produced by Leah Cortez Morada. It talks about how Filipinos should be proud about their work, their acheivements and how they should instill nationalism. It will be available in all streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes and her music video on YouTube.

Sephy says "I have been bullied in school just like other trans people. I had to work to make ends meet because I am a the bread winner. It wasn't planned but because I was only available this week, I got to do this, it just was the SEA Games is happening too. We have other singers doing this, but I'm different, I do both voices and perhaps because it is international. I got into XFactor UK and auditioned online. I thought they were going to pay for everything but they didn't. I got help from Leah Morada. She arranged for a concert and got me stay in her sister's house. Simon advised me to really save money because it is going viral. I am just blessed."

When I asked how she would feel if she didn't get her goal, she says "I will never stop singing because this is my dream. This is everything I wished for. I just want to thank everyone who made this possible. I hope people could listen to it and be proud of who they are. Thank you Leah Morada who made Sephy who she is today!"

Now you're going to start to listen to her, I am quite sure of it.


Be Scared with The Heiress

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Just watched The Heiress this evening at SM Megamall. This is their premiere night so we did expect the stars to arrive. This stars Janella Salvador, McCoy De Leon and the diamond star Ms. Maricel Soriano.

Ms. Maricel says "It was a joy to do this because we were laughing non stop while shooting scary scenes. Our knees hurt, Direk and I made sure you will still get scared with this movie."

True enough, it went discussing Fillipino folklore. They are the different kind of witches who specialize in making bugs, creatures to come out of your body. This will take your hallucinations into the next level, and show you how creepy it is to battle (or live with) a real deal mambabarang. Now don't go upsetting them in their own home, you might get the bitter end of the tale and get the curse if they do it to you, or maybe someone else will.

Maricel Soriano in this film is intense, she always is anyway so we expect nothing less from the diamond star (oooh and yes watch out for the very iconic lines!). You'll also be fond of Janella and McCoy's love story because they do have good chemistry (as Guia and Renz). I guess those loveteam things are gone, and it's cool to see them being paired with other actors. Though I hope not because I like Elisse and him together (sorry off topic). The movie creeps on you, just like the critters in the movie. I'd be scared for you if you didn't watch it!

Anyway, here's some scenes from the red carpet!

This will show on theaters on November 27, go see it for the fright! This is under Regal Films!


Ms. Aiko Melendez Endorses THEOBROMA

F2N Marketing is putting their bet on drama actress Ms. Aiko Melendez. The marketing company just recently unveiled their special cocoa food drink called THEOBROMA which Ms. Aiko actually used before she became an ambassador. She was just curious and asked a friend what it was, he suggested right there and there to take it and see for herself.

Ms. Aiko says "Theobroma has cacao and I feel my health has improved tremendously. It took me three days to see the difference. It pays when you live a good life, this has cleansed me, helped me lose weight and felt it was one of the things that got me to maintain my weight. I even got to buy one for my boyfriend because that is how much I believe in the product. I feel my energy is different, I don't stress as much, I jist shake it and take it. You can see my aura, it just gives me a positive aura."

Theobroma Superfoods is available in their office in Quezon Avenue (2nd Floor Kayumanggi Press Bldg., #940 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines) or all their dealers/partners nationwide. They are working hard to also bring this outside the country. You just have to mix it with room temperature water and drink it. One jigger for healthy ones, more if you feel a little sick. They are preparing for systemized deliveries in the local market and other countries are signifying interest in it. From Guam, Australia, Middle East, and it doesn't have no therapeutic claim required on the bottle.

It also tastes good, I had a shot of it this afternoon. So maybe tweens could take this too.


ABIGAIL : On Theaters November 27

Just got off the cinemas after watching Abigail.

Abigail felt a little mysterious on trailers, this evening we got a glimpse of it. It's very foreign to us, it's Russian in origin so you feel much of it is like Anna Karenina, a bit in the neutral English side. It talks about a young girl who wants to find her Dad. It talks about family amidst a very bio chemical warfare setting. They have talks of getting infected with virus, used it to control people, prevent them from going out of a walled city.

Truth is, the same people disappearing are involved, inching and finding out those who resist and killing them one by one if they don't tell em about where their headquarters are. Abigail though is special, she discovers how she could do magic and used it to her advantage. They get inside their world, and find out the real truth of who's behind these atrocities.

But the battles are hard, really hard with both sides equipped with magic. Her only wish is to save and see her father. Then there are traitors, killings, revenge, and healing, the movie is also such a nice mix of steampunk, and magic. Though I would suggest this be for 10-13 year olds, some adults may find this nice too.

Abigail will show on theaters starting November 27. Go watch it for fancy stuff, a long story, and if you want to teach your kids about hope too. This is under KD Studios and 20th Century Fox.


Hannah Precillas Vies for Dangdut Competition in Indonesia

Monday, November 25, 2019

Kath Castillo, Hannah Precillas, Kai Atienza

The last time I saw her was during a press conference with GMA Records and JU Entertainment. Hannah Precillas (photo in the middle) is currently in Indonesia competing as one of the country's representatives in the singing competition called “Dangdut Academy Asia 5.”

She’s actually doing so good and is right now part of the top 16 finalists. The comments alone in YouTube signify she deserves a top spot in the competition. Even if she’s singing in a language she’s not quite familiar with, the Indonesian viewers felt how much she’s just enjoying the competition while displaying her pipes. She’s not asking much but your support in witnessing her journey in this singing competition. She’s already done a lot, go rush to the comments section of her YouTube videos and cheer for her will you?!

Congratulations Hannah! You’re doing the country proud, now go get that championship for the Philippines!


Taiwan Bubble Tea Craze Hits Davao

With the advent of the bubble tea craze, Davao is definitely following suit. Countless business owners are setting up shop and need quality raw materials. Good thing there are highly responsive after-sales support from the best manufacturers and suppliers in Taiwan.

Recently, they opened the Taiwan Bubble Tea Pavilion at the Taiwan Expo 2019 last November 8-9, 2019 at the SMX Convention Center Davao. It was orchestrated by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). During the event, they featured member companies of the Taiwan Bubble Tea Alliance, an organization established in 2017 to unify and boost the collective strength of over 125 bubble milk tea vendors and industrial firms in the country. From the way things are going, they see potential of growth in the Philippines and Davao is no exception.

They called it "Taiwan Bubble Tea, Bubble Up Your Life!". Boba and Bubble tea fans, business franchisees and startup entrepreneurs in Davao got to see and taste the latest products from Taiwan. Hundreds of them went to the event and sampled the best products from the beautiful island. Patrons got to taste and feel the difference of their bubble tea products and compared them to existing ones in the country, of course it had to be done!

They also showcased where to get raw materials, packaging, equipment, total solution and store chains. It was participated by members Good Young Co. Ltd., Mr. Sun International Tea Chain Co. Ltd. (Red Sun) and Great Eastern Food Co. Ltd. They all shared their expertise.

After the event, at least 35 Davao business owners have expressed interest in partnering with the Taiwan Bubble Tea Alliance for future endeavors. There were also numerous inquiries from other visitors about franchising popular bubble tea brands. They also are eager to establish new concepts to make Taiwan bubble tea products more appealing and enjoyable for the Filipino taste.

The Taiwan Bubble Tea Alliance and TAITRA are hopeful that this event could start more partnerships with Filipino entrepreneurs. The exhibition also served as an excellent opportunity for business owners to connect with Taiwan suppliers. If you want to know more you may contact the Taiwan Trade Center Manila hotline at (02) 551-7281/551-7349/551-7339. You can also check out or the TAITRA Manila Facebook page for updates about their events.


Alex Gonzaga Launches Bag Line with Secosana

It's an early event today as we rushed to Privato Hotel in Shaw. Secosana finally launched their collab with Vlog maven Alex Gonzaga. The well loved sister of Toni Gonzaga and daughter of Mommy Pinti had been working for months to design and conceptualize her collection. She has her own aesthetic, own identity and what better way to show that but by making her own set of bags.

Alex says "It's been 6 months since we started all these. I am so happy they turned into reality. I wanted bags but didn't know their brands, so in this collab I wanted it vintage and stylish, they gave me design freedom so I got to do this with them. For Mommy Pinti she could use a paper bag, but I would recommend she use our biggest one since she likes to carry a lot of stuff."

She adds "I am classic all the way, I love the colors which don't go out of trend. You can pair it with anything. I like the light ones, neutral colors, it can still be for all ages. When they presented it to me, I already liked it because of their craftsmanship and time spent making these bags. I didn't vlog about this because it was all in the bag, I guess there are trade secrets, and people generally don't cara about it (she kids) we only showed the final look. If you wanna see the journey, you can see it on Secosana's Facebook page.My personal favorite is the mint green bag."

The bags will be put up on sale for one whole week at Then it will be sold in their stores nationwide. Honestly, they look pretty good. I'd be getting one for my Mom.