Boy Abunda Endorses AMA OEd Master's and PhD Programs

Friday, November 29, 2019

AMA was a dream school since the 90's. Everyone who wanted to be in the IT school if they wanted to work in the industry. They have long been the institution that only provides that, because these days they've already grown to be a full blown University offering different courses to Filipinos here and abroad. As you may have known, they have been offering AMA University Online Education for years now via In a recent study, around 38% of college graduates earn more than non college grads in the country. Being equipped with a diploma gives a better chance for an individual to land a good paying job and yes, they have been able to produce graduates here and around the globe by providing courses apt for OFW's and ordinary joes, so really there is no reason not to get proper education these days.

AMA University Online Education also offers Senior High for new enrollees, ALS passers and trasferees too. It gave a lot of people access to education even in the comforts of their own home. Today at a press conference in Greenhills, they just announced the availability of AMA OEd Master's and PhD programs with their new spokesperson Dr. Eugenio "Boy" Abunda. Oh, and before I forget, he's going to be part of the academe. The affair was also witnessed by AMA Department heads and executives, members of the media and tons of TV stations.

AMAOED CEO Christopher Satulan adds "Welcome to everyone. We are happy he accepted to be our endorser, when we started 5 years ago we didn't know how this would be accepted. Today we understand how Filipinos have the hunger of finishing their education and also further it. We are so glad Dr. Abunda is going to be part of it."

Tito Boy Abunda as most friends and colleagues call him, has a Bachelors degree in Communication Arts from PWU, and earned a Masters of Arts degree and also conferred a Doctorate Degree for Philosophy in Social Development.

Tito Boy says "When I started hosting I didn't finish my studies, I forgot that I had no diploma because I was busy working. I promised this to my mom and dad, I graduated a few years after and I went for my masters after a few years. I was supposed to interview in Cebu when I had to defend my thesis. My adviser and I met in a bar because it was the only thing open that time. During that time I had the luxury of having an adviser. I was questioned a lot about it and I agreed with their observation back then, and I wanted to do the corrections that same instant. They agreed and I continued, they gave me my grades and I passed. For my Doctors degree, it was super difficult because it was consultative. Defending that, had so much of a burden. In AMA you can defend it online. In my experience it was scary and sacred, it had to be new and included maternal love as a tool. It got me broken, I almost backed out, but I realized I had to finish it as a last step. I didn't even need to because I had a good job, I just came prepared and the experience was embedded in my system. I continue to bear that until now. When they spoke to me after that defense, Dr. Manalili told me I was going back to my core. To be aware about the presence of my parents in my life. He was happy I defended it, but he wanted the spirit of my work to show because it was maternal love. I encourage everyone to go for it, even if I talk about showbusiness or social issues, education can broaden your perspective about everything. You start from not knowing, and that journey is education. This can give it to you at your pace, and at the end of it you will carry it til the end. Thank you for the opportunity."

Ms. Mikah Colingo the Sales and Marketing Head for AMAOED "We have a series of programs in IT, Computer Education, BA and Public Administration. Doctorate degrees for IT as well..The usual TOR, Diploma, is needed... it is affordable. It could cost around 4k per subject. It depends on the units."

No matter how young you are, wherever you are in the world, as long as you have access to the internet, you can learn at your own pace, get that AMA OEd Masters and PhD programs from AMA University. If you have inquiries about the courses and fees, just go to and chat with their representatives. They also have email and social channels, all you have to do is ask. Is it time for you to further your career? Finish that degree and get a masters/PhD? The time is now!


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