Hannah Precillas Vies for Dangdut Competition in Indonesia

Monday, November 25, 2019

Kath Castillo, Hannah Precillas, Kai Atienza

The last time I saw her was during a press conference with GMA Records and JU Entertainment. Hannah Precillas (photo in the middle) is currently in Indonesia competing as one of the country's representatives in the singing competition called “Dangdut Academy Asia 5.”

She’s actually doing so good and is right now part of the top 16 finalists. The comments alone in YouTube signify she deserves a top spot in the competition. Even if she’s singing in a language she’s not quite familiar with, the Indonesian viewers felt how much she’s just enjoying the competition while displaying her pipes. She’s not asking much but your support in witnessing her journey in this singing competition. She’s already done a lot, go rush to the comments section of her YouTube videos and cheer for her will you?!

Congratulations Hannah! You’re doing the country proud, now go get that championship for the Philippines!


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