CompliMENTOS with Paulo Avelino and Gabbi Garcia

Saturday, November 09, 2019

How do you personally receive complements? For me, I always keep it a point to thank people and return the favor. It's not so common in the Philippines because we all tend to be shy about it but Mentos thinks that can all change with a simple gesture.

Shopee is going to have a huge 11.11 sale this coming November 11, and what perfect way to make it even more special but by having the limited edition CompliMENTOS rolls to be sold at discounts in the Shopee app. 

How do we give complements anyway? Well, they got us to try 4 booths to break the ice with strangers. Awkward at times but it was good.

Again, this is going to be sold in the app for a limited time but it's available in 16 different packaging. All have different conversation starters on them outside the wrap. This is just fun! Oh and yes, Paulo Avelino and Gabbi Garcia also joined the event, they told us a thing or two about complementing people. 

Oh yes, everytime you get to share Mentos, they always say yes right? Anyway, it was fun with Pao and Gabbi. Enjoyed it :)


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