Leilani Kate Yalung Debuts with 18 Piece Collection

Saturday, November 16, 2019

What were you doing when you were 18?

I for most must have been just looking for trouble, but I haven't reflected on that quite enough til I saw this today. Leilani Kate Yalung is a budding young designer. She's a gorgeous young lady educated in Style Studio, SoFA, SLIMS and currently finishing her course in ICEFDS. After doing several fashion shows and private clients, she's raring to release her very own 18 piece collection inspired by Filipino culture on her debut fashion show held at Buddha Bar Manila, Picar Place in Makati. 

Her mom warmly welcomed guests and the press.

In attendance was Kate's family and friends, several distinguished politicians, artists, influencers and TV people. This is sort of a prelude to what she desires to be the collection she'll be releasing in 2020. We took the trip down south to witness how she wants to celebrate her birthday, this is special and she did pull out her guns.

I like her use of sheer fabric, organza, and the likeness of it with native blouses we also see in Filipiniana wear. Probably to simulate the "baro" part.

She also did a couple of them in blush pink/old rose. It looks very feminine, especially the ones that have folds, ruffled, and tapered.

My personal favorite was this red number. You're gonna be absolutely fun in parties wearing this!

Some of her dresses have intricate beadwork and sewn in flowers, crystals. That must have taken a lot of time to finish.

Then for the finale, she came out with a textured and beaded gown that's got a trail for days!

Congratulations and happy birthday Leilani Kate Yalung! You're a very promising designer, very passionate. I hope you do get to showcase more of your work in the coming years. Take it one step at a time, I won't be surprised if you get what you want earlier. I've seen your structured pieces in shows before and the workmanship is evident. 

See you on the runway! 


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