Homey Comforting Dishes at Mamma Mia Uptown Mall BGC

Friday, November 22, 2019

Uptown Mall BGC just keeps getting better. At the iconic fountain in front of the mall stands another restaurant that would be able to whisk you off your feet and send you to Italy (as it felt like it). This is Mamma Mia, located at the Upper GF Uptown Mall 36th Street Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. 

It's got modern interiors, wood, brick and metal mostly for the bar. Seating can accommodate about 40-50 people at a time and have bunk chairs and seats for groups 8 or more arranged. 

They have new group meals on promo so if you're with a few of your officemates looking for a cozy and homey meal, this might be a good place to dine. Also, their bar has adequate booze to take early patrons before you need to party elsewhere because most of the big ones are nearby. 

It was early afternoon, so I had two drinks. One is the shake made of red grapes and the other, they concocted a Sangria which they can arrange upon special requests. Ask the friendly bartender/server for it.

The salads are undoubtedly different with the addition of Polpo Con Patate (Grilled Octopus with Potatoes, Arugula, Onions tossed in Pesto Vinaigrette). Slightly chewy and savory grilled octopi mixed in with that peppery arugula, I love it!

Quattro Formaggi Pizza, stretched thinly then thrown into the oven, made it crunchy, salty on sides and so good and cheesy. Love how this was served hot, fresh and fast! Imagine, my boss could finish this in 5 minutes. He would love this I'm sure because like me, he's so fond of cheese.

Their Spaghetti Carbonara ala Mamma Mia is quite creamy, the yolk is just underneath and the pasta is topped with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese so you get more texture than usual.

This is Mamma's Roasted Chicken which you can get in quarters, half or whole. It's a huge one, prolly can feed up to 4 even with huge appetites. Very flavorful, cooked nicely so it's soft and juicy. 

I have dined in the mall several times now but I'm glad there's a homey Italian place that would remind you of Tuscany here in Uptown Mall. I would choose to go here before meeting up with friends and have a bottle or two. They have booze, hard drinks, and pretty affordable considering this is the BGC area. 

Try it out, it's quite good!


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