Make Sure You Watch The Write Moment

Saturday, June 30, 2018

I missed to watch this during the premier night and managed to only see it yesterday. I had high hopes because talking to them a few days ago already got me hooked, as this movie is based on real life experiences of writer and director Dominic Lim.

For starters, it’s not a rom com (some parts perhaps), if I had one word to describe it, it’s a huge FRUSTRATION. I’ve never been affected by a film about relationships, a shady one, which tells me my personal story would have been a good one because other people didn’t have closure, nor the ability and capability to move on. It’s IN YOUR FACE reality budding on how they tell no person should leave a person hanging. Doing that would only lead to pain, suffering, for one or more party. Ahh I don’t want to spoil things for you, I’ll let Jerald Napoles and Valeen Montenegro do the talking.

Now showing on these theaters

Provincial cinemas

I need not convince you to actually watch this because just like me, you'll be recommending this to your friends once you come out of theaters. This surprised me in so many ways, you will be too if you watch this in these selected theaters. It's good to finally watch something worthwhile in Philippine cinema. You can't argue with that.

You'll relate to him in so many circumstances, no matter how crazy you think he may be. This is brought to you by IdeaFirst Company.


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Josiah’s Starts SARTIN at Summit Ridge Tagaytay

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Cuba in Pasig, a posh night

Attended the Cuban themed event a couple of weeks ago. I felt Havana was a stones throw away from Pasig City as Josiah's Hospitality Management celebrates the forthcoming F&B operations management in Summit Ridge Tagaytay City. They call the place SARTIN of which is prolly a connotation from period english "certain", to minic in agreement or more. We got to try different drinks, authentic Filipino street favorites which they also put in their Josiah's twist.

Josiah's Catering has established themselves as one of the industry's best and has been the go to food service company in the Philippines for several years now. Not surprised as they've gotten the nods of food critics, celebrities, ordinary people because of their exceptional dedication to prepare food that's good, presentable, even world class. It's prolly the reason why they've taken strides to up the anté with Josiah's Hospitality Management, a subsidiary that is concentrated on hotel management and f&b operations, because they can.

With fellow bloggers at the Josiah’s catering event

As their CEO Fresh Versoza puts it, “Tagaytay has and always been a good location - it's certainly a great way for us to initiate our first F & B operations. With its picturesque views and cool climate, it's the perfect backdrop for what we see as a significant culinary destination. We want people to experience an exciting and delicious haven." the Josiah’s Catering, Inc. Executive said.

Everyday should feel like a holiday, these drinks got us in the mood

Shrimp for the lovers, breaded and fried for antipasti

Burned my tongue with these dynamites, just the way I like it

Chicken Skin, Chicharon Bulaklak and everything that’s good on the street

Boneless Roast Pig, unbelievably good!

Food and beverage wise, they deliver. The service that evening was equally good. Now if you’re expecting for anything less, that would mar what Josiah’s have been working for all these years. They are one of the industry leaders because they’ve done the legwork. If you are a property owner and want to be a part of their success, you may contact them through their website contact channels, they’ll be doing a good job for you too.

Host Jun Dumlao, Ms. Jill Miranda-Tan (Brand Director-Josiah’s Hospitality Management), Drixel Ortega (Operations Manager-Summit Ridge), Fresh Versoza (COO-Josiah’s), Monica de Ocampo-Casperino (Director for Sales - Summit Ridge) and Lisette Arena (Senior Marketing Manager-Summit Ridge).

We said they’re good with good reason, it’s what the Josiah’s brand is all about.

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Feel It, See It in ADRIFT

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A five month journey from the shores Tahiti in 1983, swept away by the winds of the world trying to find a final destination she too doesn't know about. She's Tami, a wanderer, who picked up odd jobs that would take her to the next place she wanted to go to, played by the divergent girl Shailene Woodley, she shared the dream and made that love story she with a brit guy named Richard (played by Sam Claflin) who also made the boat and obviously addicted to sailing - specifically through the horizons, so you can just imagine where that would be. Of course, there would be disaster, otherwise this wouldn't be a movie. 

Of course for non swimmers like me, this might look and feel like a horror flick (totally acheived that), made me feel awful in each scene while in the ocean, especially when she had to go and dive for dear life. This movie though by all means would be good for those who want to see and feel hope, love, being ADRIFT in the middle of nowhere, feeling you would die, no shipping lights, no one knows if you're there and you still want to hope that you'll be fine.

Again it's nauseating, with waves as big as mountains in a category 4 storm, would they be still alive? 

Go watch ADRIFT on theaters, this is distributed locally by Viva Films. You'll never look at peanut butter the same way again.

Set sail! See if you survive. 3/5 Cows 🐮🐮🐮.

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The Importance of Prostate Health

Monday, June 25, 2018

GlaxoSmithKline says It’s Fun To Be Wise on BPH

Hi guys! I said that because this is for you. Have you ever checked yourself for any prostate problems? Chances are, you’ve probably passed off when you had your previous Annual Physical Exam because you’re too shy to do it. The deal is, you have to know. In the Philippines, 24% of men from ages 50-59 suffer from BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. It’s when their prostate increase in size, so they get issues and discomfort in the flow of urine.

You enjoy your usual outdoor activities but with this, you’re surely going to be limited. You’re also going to be officially TITO zoned when this happens. Dr. Jay Javier of GSK’s Medical Affairs for Urology says “GSK’s mission to provide quality medicine points to doing more, we are pioneering the BPH day as 24% Filipino men have it and changes the quality of their life. This advocacy even falls on women so you can tell the men in your lives and help them get checked.”

GSK’s Emerging Market Expert for Urology Ms. Maria Capitan adds “More men should see a doctor to get relief from symptoms, when men get to age 40, the prostate gland grows and tightens the urethra - and eventually makes it difficult for them to urinate, a big discomfort when it becomes severe. The worse case scenario, they won’t be able to urinate at all. A good percentage of them would need surgery, it’s very important to diagnose early not when it starts to give them problems. There are lots of symptoms, you need to be checked for medical history, urinalysis, ipss, dre, psa and an FVC bladder diary (we score and monitor when it gets better or worse upon treatment. Inserting our finger in the rectum and feeling a bulge in that area will give us an idea, these are the things they have to go through in first consultation, we follow up with other treatment options aside from surgery. Lifestyle changes, medical treatment can also be done can significantly improve your symptoms. It can change the course of the disease so you won’t even need surgery in the long run. They can also be combined, otherwise you would need to have non invasive surgery, I hope it gives you an idea what it’s all about.

For men ages 50 and up, you should get checked for BPH, it isn’t cancer. Frequency, urgency, nocturia, weak stream, intermittency, straining, incomplete emptying, it isn’t a small thing, so see your doctor if you know one of these symptoms.

Thanks to GlaxoSmithKline for reminding us!

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Oakley Hosts 6th Golf Cup for Junior Golfers League

Saturday, June 23, 2018

With a good cause, this should be told.

International brand OAKLEY just held their 6th Golf Cup at Pradera Verde grounds in Lubao, Pampanga. This is for the benefit of The Junior Golfers League which is the developmental league for the Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines. The event was also hosted by James Deakin but they did it with a twist as the theme they selected this time was about Rock and Roll Music + Golf so all the holes in the course were not as normal as it should. Together with the holes, they also needed to do this with tons of loud rock music, spotlights, sprinklers and obstacles too. 

They also took time after the festivities to give a donation of a whopping Php 100,000 after they announced their winners and promise to support the athletes and hone them as future representatives of the country. Among the players were kids who are not financially capable to play this sport, but were all so extremely talented. The money will go to the sports programs of TJGL as they also join international competitions in the US and elsewhere in the world. Oakley believes in them, this is just a step making these talented kids achieve their dreams 

Raymund Lacdao got the Men's Division Class A championship while James Linao and Eric Dela Rosa took B and C. In the ladies division, Vangie Omlang got the Championship for Class A, Josh Jorge for Boys Division Champion, and Mariel Tee for the Girls Division. 

Oakley is one of the leading brands of golf products and accessories in the world. With it's partnership with sports organizations like this one, they would be able to develop talent from the ground up. It's a bright future for our future golfers, it's a good thing.


#MayWard for TikTok's Talent Ng Pilipino Meet and Greet Party

Well this is it! It's time to award the most talented individuals who shared their moves, acting and singing prowess (some lipsync) in the most downloaded app in the world TikTok. This time, they'll be rewarded handsomely to the tune of Php 20,000. To make this even special, they're going to hold a meet and greet with popular loveteam Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber or simply #MayWard. This is "Talent ng Pilipino."

The results are in and the posts with most likes are:

Chierald Tan
Issey Miyake Parto
Norika Koketsu

Jan Stephen Quiroz Noval
Jiro Barrera
Seira Briones
Sophia Zionne

Dane ManaLad
John Abelard Custodio

The top 3 TikTok users with the most likes in their entries will get additional cash prizes, this is the tradition they plan to keep as they've been doing this around the world! I wonder if I could join next year?

Now for more fun, make sure you go to Robinsons Place Manila tomorrow at 4PM because everyone will be there, including #MayWard!

I'll be there too! :) 

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Winning the War with PEST OFF

This vacant lot beside our house used to have a 3 door apartment which was left abandoned for years. When it takes that long in this side of the world, it would probably also have other residents aside from people and I’ve often see them even from the street. They run around like crazy and you can’t do anything about it since it’s a private property, you can just imagine how many years they’d be left brooding, then when they decided to demolish the thing one day, all hell breaks loose!

Since we live right next door, sure enough we’ve seen significant increase of activity in our place as soon as that thing was gone. They must have run amuck since their breeding ground got disturbed. We’re talking about mice - and huge city RATS here. Not the ordinary ones, they're like the size of cats and I knew I had to do something. 

They’re not welcome in my home.

Speaking of which, Ms. Aiai Delas Alas just recently endorsed PEST OFF, a regular staple brand of pest control products in leading grocery stores and supermarkets nationwide. As a mom, she knows how important it is to rid of unwanted pests in our homes so I'm probably going to need an arsenal because I'm prolly have to go to war.

An increase in garbage, neighbors included would mean you'll have lots of flies hanging around. Fortunately we have our house screened heavily but sometimes there are a few who let themselves in. This fly paper can be hanged conveniently and by a few minutes into doing that, they'll be sticking to this contrapion in no time. The cute cow I got from Brisbane doesn't come with the product LOL!

For the war with the Rats, I had to carry me a lot of PEST OFF Glue Boards. I used to only use the paper kind of a different brand but with these big rats hanging around and trying to go to my house, I've seen them sticking to it and RUN around with it. Imagine our horror when that thing runs with the trap itself. I heard screaming, including my own and that isn't a nice sight.

The PEST OFF Glue Boards are of another planet because they made it quite sturdy with the plastic base. Aside from that, it's scented. WHAT? Scented?  Yes you might think it's crazy to do that but I think it's ingenious! These boards smell like roasted peanuts which will definitely attract those pests I'm expecting. So for now, all I have to do is wait. I'm expecting to win this war.

Oh and for the piece de resistance, here's to all those FLYING IPIS which I so hate so much that I'd be willing to finish a whole bottle of these just for one to die. Although this one would only need a spritz, nothing to it, they'll die in a few seconds which is GREAT! You may check their PestOffPhilippines Facebook page here or their instagram account @pestoffph. This is manufactured by Global Winds Corporation.

I know I'm winning this war and I think I learned a lot about ridding pests in my home. It was worth every penny to get contraptions and glue boards because it works. You wouldn't want your home to be visited by these huge rats, you all have got to win this war and PEST OFF might be your best weapon. Right off your alley.

How would you like to protect your homes? Mine is good now.


Give CRY NO FEAR a Chance

Friday, June 22, 2018

Donnalyn Bartolome, Ella Cruz and Director Richard Sommes

It’s been a week or so since Cry No Fear was shown in cinemas. I watched it together with a couple of bloggers during their premier night. Viva artists came in throngs and celebrity friends supported them dearly. Honestly I expected that I wouldn’t enjoy this film because I don’t really watch horror flicks. They did surprise me - as this runs more on the sexy, coming of age, suspense genre rather than just plain horror. It would be worthy to watch especially if you are a fan of Donnalyn Bartolome and Ella Cruz as you’ll see them unfold their sexy side. Not even joking.

Supportive love team Julian Trono

I like the chases, I like the action sequences and the little to no bloody shots, but would have wanted more than that. The ending wasn’t too impressive too as parts of it weren’t realistic. It would have been better to keep the highs still high and perhaps ended it with that rather than forcibly connecting the start of the story.

Donnalyn and Ellla

Donnalyn and Ella used to be in cute roles, this would maybe start them in more mature ones because it felt like that.
Would I recommend it, perhaps for the fans. Give it a chance though because it is still fun.

Cry No Fear is still showing in select theaters, this is produced by Viva Films.

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AQUAFINA with Pia Wurtzbach Says The Best Begins Now

Sat down at Glorietta 2's activity area for AQUAFINA's Best Begins Now event. I was in the midst of radio dj's from Magic 89.9 and Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach for a one of a kind talk because they didn't want this generation to wait in order to achieve their dreams, they want you to do it NOW.

SAM YG and Suzy from Magic 89.9 teaching the ropes about hosting.

Chefs, Queens Pia and Michelle, Francis Libiran and Jonas Gaffud

They shared their experience in food styling, pageantry, how to build confidence and fashion design. It's sharing how to be the best version of themselves.

Pia says "I always think of what's next, acting in ABSCBN, writing a book, all things that are new to me after going through a lot."

These experts spent time talking about hosting, personality development, beauty, content creation and in a general sense to be the best version of themselves. They know this generation has lots of potential and they don't want you to waste time. 

After all, everyone has the best version of themselves right? Go start working on it now!

How's that for a bottle of water!?


The SHOPEE Beauty Fair Event

I’m not about to change my blog niche but here’s a bit of good news for women who would like to shop. SHOPEE the famous shopping app just partnered with leading beauty brands Maybelline, Palmolive, and a lot of others to celebrate women empowerment, and tons of sale in the app. This will happen from June 21st and will last the whole week so make sure you do download the app before they run out of products to sell. At the launch event, they got Youtubers Martha Jante, Kristine Roces of RealAsianBeauty, and Helen Payawal of Helen on Fleek.

They also had us see KC Concepcion and 2013 Miss World Megan Young who talked about their lives being girl bosses and how they have been able to empower themselves in their respective platforms. Beauty isn’t just looking pretty, they also shared how they wanted to change beauty standards, and use it for good.

Head on to the SHOPEE app and get as much as 90% OFF on beauty products. This is their commitment to also empower Filipina women across the country. The SHOPEE app can be downloaded off Google Play and the App Store so there’s no excuse!

I just bought me a lot of stuff today LOL!

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National Digital Arts Awards 2018 Starts July 15

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The National Digital Arts Award is coming and we’re excited as ever. They have had big celebrations since 2013 and they were able to do more years after. As their 5th year comes recognizing these individuals that are driven by design and fueled by passion, the NDAA 2018 awards will find the best of the best Filipino Digital Artist. This is a venue to showcase their work while empowering today’s digital artists. With creativity and inspiration, they will be ajudged in 6 categories. Digital Art in Print, Character Design, Animation, Digital Movie, Website and Drone Movie Experience.

This is open to students 14 years old and above, professionals too. They are in separate categories battling it out for 36 awards and cash prizes up to 3 Million pesos. They will also have a whole day activity including an expo, talks, awarding and entertainment. They will open on July 15 up until October 15 (deadline).

Tobias Mercado of NDAA says “This is very close to our heart because we know winners will have this in their resumé. Hearing they would be recognized would somehow show inspiration to the kids, as professionals showcase their best work. We're glad to know that they have been able to have these artists land jobs that have regarded this award giving body as a reputable one.”

Jed Marcaida of Jump Digital and Tobias Bernardo of NDAA

Here's hoping the artists gain recognition beyond the Philippines and with this medium that is accessible to everyone, even on mobile. They don't have fees to join so there's no excuse for you not to submit one. Go to on that date (as they will be updating this soon). You may win scholarships, cash prizes and the recognition of industry leaders, which is not bad at all. As long as you are a citizen and currently reside in the Philippines, you may join this competition.

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Something Good and Healthy with FiberHealth

Are you clean? I mean really clean? What if I told you you're not? Would you be offended? You see, lots of Filipinos still have an unhealthy diet and most if probably not, they also have not cleaned the insides of their body that much and it probably would cause constipation, irregular stints in the toilet and an unclean intestine. We can take fruits and vegetables but it really does only have a certain amount of fiber, this is where we can get help from FiberHealth manufactured by people from Spectrum Naturale.

Victor Lim CEO of FiberHealth says "My wife had pancreatic cancer and she only had 6 months to live. We wanted surgery but Jehova's can't do that. Necessity is the mother of innovation and FiberHealth was one of the things that made her cancer be reversed. Although she passed two years ago via an accident, we knew how it contributed to making her healthy. Centenarians lived longer by detoxifying their colon and liver, things that are not good for health should be avoided. You may not be absorbing the nutrients of the good food you are eating too, plus some still have some level of constipation nowadays (sluggish and chronic) done by lack of water intake, and due to synthetic antibiotics, growth hormones too. We have good and bad bacteria in our digestive system, stress and old age can also be a factor, some have gall bladder stones too. This is exactly why we need to have 25-40 grams of fiber intake a day and it is hard to attain it. You need to have two servings just to get there. Lack of fiber is going to cause bad bacteria, parasites, bad flora, toughening of the walls, even halitosis. You also get sick,  with heavy metals, you might even get cancer. This is how FiberHealth comes in. Other supplements have fiber, but doesn't have the ability of removing the mucoy plaque to clean it off. All it takes is 3 capsules in the morning, 3 capsules in the evening. You will feel full, so go through detox mode if you want to do that. You can also do slimming mode taking 5 before lunch, 5 before dinner. It is FDA approved, can be taken with maintenance medicine, complementary to what you are currently doing."

FiberHealth now also has it in juice form. It's for 1.2 liters per sachet which means it can be served in 4-5 glasses. It has fiber but doesn't have detoxifying properties and is safe for kids. It's in Guava and Guyabano flavors, so good when I tasted it at home. They use stevia so it's a bit safer to consume for those who are watching their weight and sugar levels.

The capsule costs Php 15.50 per piece, and is available in Mercury Drug branches nationwide. It can be taken by people 12 years old and above. It contains a LOT of good bacteria, and not really a drug but prevent things from happening. It's got components that they import internationally and is a trade secret. People have been enjoying this for 10 years. The juice costs Php 500 for 10 pieces per box.

Wouldn't you want a clean tummy? Exactly.