REDDOORZ App Starts Philippine Operations

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Red is something that tied up all the nations in Asia (as mostly all flags have that color in one way or form), this is something they knew would be a good term that would tie up the properties they have in the app. They wanted to be far from the term hotel and make RedDoorz a byline if a person wants to rent off a room that is not pricey. They want it to also to cater to everyday people like you and me. Soon, they will also have backpackers properties in the mix and yes it’s available for download now on Google Play and the App Store. If you haven’t yet, get the RedDoorz app on your phone. 

CEO Mr Amit Saberwal says “We are a multinational company, we are delighted to be part of the Philippines. The most engaged market, a young population that is growing, which is our core market, together with Indonesia, Singapore and now the Philippines, we want to be part of that. As of now we have 31 employees, we use technology as our way of doing business dealing with 2-3 star properties who don’t have the resources as the bigger ones to make them connected with their audience, the milennial travellers. Our business identifies where we have demand and put there our supplies. We are big in artificial intelligence, we optimize the price, catering to business and leisure. We thrive in the domestic market and our brand play a big role in customers that go back to properties. The Philippines is the second fastest growing internet market and most people access data in wifi, soon it will all be mobile. Travel online market is big, we have 500 properties in 16 cities. We are excited to be in the Philippines.”

Their COO Rishabh Singhe adds “The Philippines is different and our team is local so we try and solve their travel issues locally too in an ecosystem that is easy, at affordable prices. They are staying in prime locations, but we do it with value for money properties in the same area. We have standards, we give them a checklist so if they do not qualify they have to upgrade. We have an app, a website, all channels, you also get earn points and use Red Cash to book the next time. You don’t need to use a credit card and get perks for members, we start engaging before your stay, while you stay and after your stay. If you are a 150 feet from the owner, they get alerted, you also get free wifi, water, and automatic when you arrive in the system. It is convenient. We would like to understand Metro Manila first then urban business centers elsewhere in other cities in the Philippines soon. The level we operate is value for money, RedDoorz, RedDoorz Plus and RedDoorz Premium. We have  24 hour local support, we keep it simple as possible.”

Former Congressman Tony Leviste of Batangas says “I want to congratulate RedDoorz and anything that help boost it is welcome. Budget hotels lack the technology and they are starting to sell it to the world, they will have that to answer as a partner of RedDoorz which is in Makati. My hotel has limited rooms, but have really huge malls around me, tourism and share holders like me will have really good properties. I’m a bit behind technology, but this is a good start.”

For what it’s worth, I like how they thought about catering to a well traveled and budget conscious market. In fact, they made everything simple, stress free and be of standard before they even get to have it in their app. That’s a good thing, when this explodes in Manila think of all the businesses it could help plus the convenience of staying if there’s monstrous traffic in Manila as they have done this in Jakarta. 

I’ll try this out soon, hope it’s going to be a nice experience.


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