Something Good and Healthy with FiberHealth

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Are you clean? I mean really clean? What if I told you you're not? Would you be offended? You see, lots of Filipinos still have an unhealthy diet and most if probably not, they also have not cleaned the insides of their body that much and it probably would cause constipation, irregular stints in the toilet and an unclean intestine. We can take fruits and vegetables but it really does only have a certain amount of fiber, this is where we can get help from FiberHealth manufactured by people from Spectrum Naturale.

Victor Lim CEO of FiberHealth says "My wife had pancreatic cancer and she only had 6 months to live. We wanted surgery but Jehova's can't do that. Necessity is the mother of innovation and FiberHealth was one of the things that made her cancer be reversed. Although she passed two years ago via an accident, we knew how it contributed to making her healthy. Centenarians lived longer by detoxifying their colon and liver, things that are not good for health should be avoided. You may not be absorbing the nutrients of the good food you are eating too, plus some still have some level of constipation nowadays (sluggish and chronic) done by lack of water intake, and due to synthetic antibiotics, growth hormones too. We have good and bad bacteria in our digestive system, stress and old age can also be a factor, some have gall bladder stones too. This is exactly why we need to have 25-40 grams of fiber intake a day and it is hard to attain it. You need to have two servings just to get there. Lack of fiber is going to cause bad bacteria, parasites, bad flora, toughening of the walls, even halitosis. You also get sick,  with heavy metals, you might even get cancer. This is how FiberHealth comes in. Other supplements have fiber, but doesn't have the ability of removing the mucoy plaque to clean it off. All it takes is 3 capsules in the morning, 3 capsules in the evening. You will feel full, so go through detox mode if you want to do that. You can also do slimming mode taking 5 before lunch, 5 before dinner. It is FDA approved, can be taken with maintenance medicine, complementary to what you are currently doing."

FiberHealth now also has it in juice form. It's for 1.2 liters per sachet which means it can be served in 4-5 glasses. It has fiber but doesn't have detoxifying properties and is safe for kids. It's in Guava and Guyabano flavors, so good when I tasted it at home. They use stevia so it's a bit safer to consume for those who are watching their weight and sugar levels.

The capsule costs Php 15.50 per piece, and is available in Mercury Drug branches nationwide. It can be taken by people 12 years old and above. It contains a LOT of good bacteria, and not really a drug but prevent things from happening. It's got components that they import internationally and is a trade secret. People have been enjoying this for 10 years. The juice costs Php 500 for 10 pieces per box.

Wouldn't you want a clean tummy? Exactly.


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