ALCATEL onetouch's Newest Guy!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I've got tons of celebrities in my site and this has probably been one of the most hardest thing to guess. Do you want some clues? Like them on Facebook and they'll be coming out with clues everyday, soon we'll know who this is! I can't wait!

Alcatel has been in the country for a lot of years and this time they've come out with new phones fit for the Android lovers out there who want an affordable, easy to use smartphone. Are you ready for their newest endorser?! Who is it?



Praybeyt Benjamin Marching on Theaters October 27!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If you haven't heard of it yet you might be the most SEVERE person there is. Praybeyt Benjamin will be shown on theaters come October 27, 2011. Premier night will be on October 11 too. Watch as Vice come out with antics on this military-mulanish movie with legendary actors of Philippine cinema like Eddie Garcia, Jimmy Santos and "Inay" Malou De Guzman. I had a ton and a half of laughs just viewing the trailer itself, so just imagine how much you'll be doing that come showing day.

Here's also something I picked up from the press conference. Watch how Eddie Garcia, DJ Durano and "The Amir" Carlos Agassi admit they also had gay experiences. That part was really somewhat shocking!

Aside from the gender issues, this movie has touched a couple or more of society problems. It has been addressed in a very wholesome way. It was a breeze making this film as Vice Ganda said to the media. Even though people might think that this would be a spin off to the popular Hollywood film, the plot of the story is actually nearer a Disney Classic (Mulan) than anything else says Director Wen De Ramas. True enough his other blockbuster film Petrang Kabayo was also patterned to Beauty and the Beast. It made sense to all of us after that.

Also in this film is Derek Ramsay who plays as Vice Ganda's love interest, Jimmy Santos who plays his Dad. Kean Cipriano will be in this film along with his band Callalily. Nikki Valdez did an amazing job... she looked very young and hip with the new hairstyle. Carlos Agassi still looks so young that afternoon. Dj Durano said some very sexy things, even admits to some shocking things as said on the video. Also in the cast are Vandolph Quizon, Dennis Padilla, Tony Cruz, Tutti Caringal, my favorite Ms. Malou De Guzman (I feel like Bubuli and she's my Nanay) , Ricky Rivero, Rubi Rubi, Abby Bautista and one and only Eddie Garcia. With the cast alone, how can you not watch this movie. Tell me, please!

Here are some photos from the press conference. Enjoy!

Starring on this Film is the SEVERE Vice Ganda!

Cool, Calm and Collected... Eddie Garcia and Kean Cipriano strutting the Red Carpet

The coolest veteran actor I know, Eddie Garcia

Kean Cipriano, still rocking on this film!

Seen him on several of Director Wen's movies, he must be the lucky charm. DJ Durano.

It was my first time to see her, I was giddy! Inay Malou De Guzman

Single and available Nikki Valdez, very fresh looking on her new do.

Kean goofing off with Nikki on this bit.

Muscle man, bursting out of his shirt, hunky Carlos Agassi

Questions from the press ensued:

Vice Ganda!

Blockbuster Director Wen De Ramas

So wag na tayong pa PUCHU PUCHU Let's watch Praybeyt Benjamin on theaters nationwide! That's October 27 remember the date! ;)

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Brain Health

Monday, September 26, 2011

When you play video games as much as I do you know if you will win a fight right from the start. You watch how your opponent fights carefully because most often than not he's got a pattern. If you don't get what his strategies early on; chances are... you'll likely lose big time! You won't even get to finish anything on story mode if your eye hand coordination is slow. It actually pays to practice but if you don't have that innate skill to cope with how fast everything is; then it is futile to even start and fight in a competition. These all show signs of something called brain plasticity. Although some say it is natural, there are remarkable achievements in neuroscience telling otherwise and say these cells can actually make new ones.

There are also some therapy systems that would be able to determine how fit our brain is. With a couple of tests designed for the individual they would make an initial assessment to see what you prefer to be your goal. Some offer it for free so there really is no harm in trying. I mean having your brain tested if it was normal is just but right isn't it?! Would you do something differently to see your brain's health?! This is already easy; if you have time try institutions that know what they are doing scientifically please do so. You are doing yourself a favor.


Juris on Her 2nd Album Forevermore

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Juris Fernandez, she's that young lady you hear everytime there's a time in your life when you feel a little down. When you feel you need something to perk you up when something not so good happens to your lovelife. Its something inspirational, something soothing to the ears. You can literally get away with anything. Her brand of music has spanned across international audiences and still stands as a force to reckon with vocally in the local scene. How can you not love Juris.

Today marks the launch of her new album called "Juris Forevermore" from Star Records. Featuring songs such as Dreaming Away, Forevermore, I Believe in You, Don't Say Goodbye, Bliss, Magkaibang Mundo, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin, Kahit Di Mo Sabihin, Not Like You and bonus tracks If You and Me, Wishes and the full length version of Kahit Di Mo Sabihin. she brings you to that special moment in your life. Her music has definitely been a go to resource of all the lovers... And the brokenhearted. It's light theraphy. Wouldn't you want a copy of it now? I know I do!

Rush to your favorite record bars and grab the FOREVERMORE album. Songs can also be downloaded over at the Star Records website Need I say more?!


She was genuinely nice and even gave a treat for all of you! Watch this! =)


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Social: Twice!

Times are hard and just like everyone else I wanted to get a loan through social security channels. I applied for it a few months ago and had so many issues regarding requirements that were supposed to be done by the government agency years ago. They basically need my birth certificate and I just didn't utter complaints anymore so I can finish this early. Even if I came from a shift I went through all that brouhaha and red tape. True enough; we got the papers submitted on the same day. I went home and only spent 2 hours of sleep before getting back to the office. It was that hectic and I had so many things to do including social networking matters. I needed to organize it because I feel it's cluttered. This is no OC symptom but somehow it's near that.

Have you ever felt too much of your personal information is out on the Internet and you can't manage them? That's how I feel these days and I hope I can make some necessary adjustments on how this could be fixed. In a nutshell we all need some help sometimes. With the money we worked for there should be someway to make things easier so we don't have to go through unnecessary logistics. Maybe we can also get that integrated to social media and make better solutions for transactions like these in the future. Wouldn't that be neat?! I know, right?!


SIZE MATTERS Flame Grilled Sausage Burgers

I attended Blogapalooza which was attended by almost 30 vendors; and a couple of them actually did catch my interest. Not that the others were not "interesting" but I guess these guys went out of their comfort zone to present their businesses to a multitude of influential bloggers in Manila. I had so much fun in that event. This is one of the reasons why.

Size Matters

Playing a naughty twist on food isn't that easy considering this is a concept store for a burger not quite seen in the normal Philippine setting where love and sex is taboo for all the wrong reasons. This isn't a sex toy shop for starters but a Sausage Burger establishment. I've been doing a lot of food reviews lately and I'd only get to probably recommend a few because I want to show you only the good ones. This one's worth it!

Imagine soft slightly toasted oat buns filled with not just ordinary burger patty but ground sausage made into a burger smothered with cheese, caramelized onions, mustard, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes. That's how special they make these burgers. Not only that, they make sure you know it is a burger by making it BIG. It's not the usual serving of burger you see in fast food restaurants but a few hundred grams of pure unadulterated meat. It just makes my mouth water each time I remember smelling it before I took a bite.

Just see this double patty sausage burger with huge onions. Just those two ingredients would make it SOLD for me. I love how they play with different key ingredients but still stick to the them and the inspiration of pseudo-German-American fusion, dishes that we absolutely adore. Who else would actually endorse Size matters but the owners wife. She did say SIZE MATTERS. =)

This guy was nice and very enthusiastic about their business. I know there are a lot of burger establishments around the block but if you have something on the selling point, it's the Sausage burger which is totally different. Glad he knows it.

I just live around the corner. I'm sure one of these days I'll get to review some of their best sellers. It's just in Tomas Morato, situated on a building a few floors up. Make sure you drop by and grab a bite with your friends and family. As naughty as it sounds, their sausage burgers have so much to be told about. Did I forget to mention they have one of the widest selection of IMPORTED BEERS this side of town? Capisce?!

I'll be reviewing some of their burgers, so watch out for that!


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Visit their store at


3/F # 186 Tomas Morato cor Sct Deguia (bldg beside Kopiroti),
Quezon City, Philippines 1103
Call 4138715 or 0920-9136934 for more details