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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Everybody runs. You run away to forget a problem, you run to your family and friends to get help, you run to face it head on. We have different reasons why we run... but here's a story of what a young girl did for her family; and for herself. Watch how she tries to overcome poverty, the hardships at home and eventually achieve her goals in life.

Jayson Abalos

Maja Salvador

Director Paul Soriano

Ms. Tetchie Agbayani and John Arcilla

The cast of THELMA

Maja Salvador, Jayson Abalos, Ms. Tetchie Agbayani, John Arcilla and others star in this film by Star Cinema and Time Horizon. It was a labor of love for Director Paul Soriano. Making this sport oriented film was not that easy since it required Maja Salvador to train a few months prior to filming. Philippine and Asian Games Champion Ms. Elma Muros - Posadas was instrumental in making Maja's running form and abilities at par with real runners making this film very realistic right from the get go. Ms. Elma Muros is currently the coach of the University of the East Red Warriors Track and Field Team that holds a grand slam title in athletics til now. It was hard for Maja and her family to just let her off with her aspirations because they tend to favor her sister in the film to succeed in life. Thinking how much she needed to fight for what she wants it was already hard for her so she ran away from home and proceeded to win several running events eventually making it to the nationals. All the things she won went back to her ailing family which in one way or another needed it too. Jayson Abalos played another runner who also fell in love with Maja in the movie. He falls in love naturally just like any other guy who still sees the good things in Thelma and supports her too.

It was a treat to have been able to interview them also a few nights ago, here's a snippet of some of the questions that were asked of them in the press conference.

We even had a few laughs when they started answering some of our questions.
They were all so nice!

It's actually pretty hard to answer some of the bloggers questions and sure enough the veteran actors and actresses went ahead and answered them all. It was indeed a pleasure to interview them that evening. Everyone was sure that this will be a hit so make sure you run to the theaters this coming September 7, 2011. Watch THELMA as she runs to achieve her hopes and dreams. Make sure you become part of that journey. The director confidently says everyone's performance in this film deserves an award. This is going to be also shown on an International Film Festival in Hawaii and will have an International Screening. I'm not surprised if this will eventually also show in Cannes or the Oscars!

Make sure you remember the date! September 7, 2011. Watch THELMA in theaters nationwide!


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