That Thing You'll Surely Love: Swensen's!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

ave you ever dreamed of your perfect Sundae? Yeah! Those perfect scoops of premium ice cream, tons of nuts, marshmallows, slivers of your favorite fruit and oozing caramel, chocolate or strawberry syrup?! You thought that wouldn't happen in the Philippines huh?! There's now one thing that can actually make your dreams come true and they have finally arrived in the Philippines! It's SWENSEN'S!


Swensen's was founded in 1948. It began as a small Ice Cream Store at the corner of Union & Hyde Street in San Francisco. Earle Swensen began as a small entrepreneur making ice cream from small churners in the goal to discover the best recipes using the finest ingredients available in the market. Right from the get go he made sure his success emanates from three key principles: quality, quantity and value for their money. He made a couple of flavors and cooked them all via trial and error methods; today almost 150 are available on full Swensen's Stores. Although there will be more!

Now in the Philippines!

Swensen's has continually grown over the years and they have put up branches in states like Arizona, California, Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, and Texas. They also have branches in other countries like China, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. The question is, why not the Philippines?!

It's time so they say but before that happened, proud owners Chito and Lizzie Guerrero of famed restaurants Grilla and The Old Spaghetti House were just touring Bangkok and saw these shops serving awesome Sundaes + food stuff and they tried it out. True enough they kept coming back for more to fulfill their fix of their own fantasy Sundaes. They wanted to bring this to the Philippines but had a lot of problems about getting the franchise then. When they got it, they were excited because they know this will be a huge hit in a tropical country such as ours. Plus they will get to experience first hand those favorite flavors they loved so much! How did it fare?! Well, let me show you something to think about... =)

First Scoop of Swensen's Philippines!

Swensen's is no ordinary ice cream shop. Unlike Philippine ice cream brands who put in tempting photos in their menu but send you mediocre servings, Swensen's give you the things photos even can't justify. It's like everything that comes out of their kitchen is a work of art! Visiting their first flagship store in Mall of Asia (South Wing beside the Department Store Entrance) we went in and ordered one of their best sellers!

Coffee and Mocha Almond

Imagine thin baked slices of almond, various nuts, banana and vanilla ice cream covered in thick luscious caramel. Saw it in the menu and immediately said yes just by looking at the ingredients. True enough when it arrived in my table it was HUGE! Remember that local store that said they serve Sundaes? You would completely forget that! Swensen's is different! Because they serve the real deal Sundae you see in the menu and price wise, I say it's even a steal given that almost everything that's on your tall glass is imported! Heck even the glass itself was imported! =) (Refrigerated too!) >>>>>>>>>>

Strawberry with real strawberry fruit bits; Vanilla that's not too sweet on a huge waffle cone with whipped cream and cherry on top. The guy writing this article can probably finish this all in a few minutes but surely you can actually share it. The servings are huge I'm tellin you!

Well if you think that ain't BIG enough, take a load of this!

Chocolate ice cream drizzled with hot fudge, oreo cookie bits, huge chunks of brownie slices, whipped cream, chocolate-dipped cherry and chocolate covered wafer. If that does not bring you to the moon and back I don't know what else could give you a CHOCO high!

Got lots of friends?! How about this!

The Earthquake!

This is what 8 scoops of premium rich ice cream looks like with choco fudge, hot fudge, butterscotch, caramel, strawberry, fruit jam, marshmallow, mixed almonds, nuts, whipped cream and cherries on top! It'll give you that earth shattering feeling you can share with friends and family! But I'm sure someone out there can finish this in one sitting! :)

Quality wise, you would never even ask about it. Just look at the meticulous training they got from regional branch partners from Thailand.

It's the best thing that happened to Sundae lovers in the metro. For sure people will flock to Swensen's and get those well loved ice cream flavors... after all there are currently 27 flavors to choose from and more soon!

If Mall of Asia is too far from you, don't despair! The Eastwood and SM Southmall branch will open sooner than you think! ;) (heard from the grapevine it'll be this October!)

Congratulations Sir Chito and Ms Lizzie Guerrero! Thank you also to Ms. Tina Hernandez, JB Bolanos and Mae Navarro for the wonderful experience in Swensen's! You've got your hands full in the next couple of months! Again, congratulations! =)

Guys, go and grab your special someone and head over to their Swensen's Mall of Asia Branch. It's above and beyond your ordinary Sundae. It's your DREAM SUNDAE! That's Swensen's!


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Bino Montilijao Bautista said...

binasa ko ulit. di ko mahanap ung location hehehe. sa moa pala :D

KUMAGCOW said...

Yup kung saan ikaw ang HARI ng EB! LELZ! =)

Unknown said...

Photos look delicious!!! Ang layo both branches!

oceanne said...

allo! can i ask how much is the price range? or do you have a picture of their complete menu? thanks!

KUMAGCOW said...

The regular sundaes cost a little over 200 and the large ones cost a 580 I think (Several scoops of ice cream and they are after all Imported probably good for 5 people). You could check out their facebook page and ask there. The price is actually VERY reasonable considering the serving size, almost everything they have can be shared... but it would be indulgent to actually have it on your own and just sit there :)

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