I'd Love To Be NaughTEA for Bon AppeTEA

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tea has been an essential part of any meal in the Asian region. Without this ingenious beverage made from different species or blends of dried dark golden leaves life wouldn't have been pleasurable in those times. There's one more to add to this great experience right at the heart of Ortigas Center, promptly named Bon AppeTEA!

Bon AppeTea plays around with the French term for "Good Appetite" but it does make a lot of sense when you call it with that. When we went to the Strata 2000 branch a few days ago and I got to taste what they have been enjoying there all these time.

Are you ready for this?! =)

Purple Royale - it was COLD and REFRESHING but comfy, much like comfort food! :)

Imagine the full bold flavors of root crop Taro and strong brew of Assam Black Tea. Together, I took a sip and closed my eyes. It made perfect sense. It was very calming, not too sweet and VERY refreshing. You get to taste that black tea hard at the background on each small gulps. Those small tapioca pearls included in their drinks was sweet, I loved em so much I asked for second servings. This was just the first salvo; I was in for more!

Not for the faint heart, this is what they call a NaugTEA. It is naughty!

In response to the call of people who adore partying they have great versions of cocktails which I love! You won't get caught at work because after all you are sipping tea. Small slivers of alcohol infused solids sink to the bottom of your cup. It was light and sweet, the bitterness didn't really show but you know you are getting the real thing if you sip the strips of tequila jelly. You have that alcohol fix in no time! The price point ain't that high either so for those who want to make this experience A WILD PARTY OF YOUR OWN!

It's a Party in a Cup! Make sure you get a NaughTEA, it's got that kick you'll love! =)

I'm sorry, I just got to take a sip! It's Heavenly Blush!

This particular flavor was called Heavenly blush; and it was HEAVENLY! (sorry but no matter how that plays, I just got to say that! LOL) The smell of Jasmine Tea was very strong, soothing and very fragrant. The lychee flavor hints was a perfect match for this one. It would be nice to have this on a rainy afternoon while lounging around the comforts of your home. It was awesome! I told you to get extra Tapioca Pearls right?! Love it!

Peachsicle Milk Tea

With it's Jasmine Tea base you still get that fragrant undertones we experienced with the first one and the Peach gives you that sweet - not too tangy flavor as with the fruit. It was easy and obviously very good; and I even took it home. I wouldn't finish everything if it weren't that awesome!

So the next time you pass by Bon AppeTEA, make sure you grab something from the NaughTEAs line. If you haven't been partying yet, this might be a great thing to start your evening with. Milk Tea's for the ones driving though LOL! You can even ask them to adjust the sweetness of your Tea's just as long as you let them know. I am a new fan!

For those in the South, don't despair! The Better Living Paranaque branch will be opening on soon on September 27, 2011. Remember the date! Make sure you head on this bigger, grander store that makes LOVE from tea leaves.


Stores Located at

Bon AppeTEA Express Bar
Tel No: 4072788
G/F Strata 2000 Bldg. F.Ortigas Rd.(former Emerald Avenue), Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600

Bon AppeTEA
Tel No: 2191975
101 Doña Soledad Ave, Better Living Subd, Parañaque

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Unknown said...

How good is it as compared to Serenitea? :)

John Bueno said...

Serenitea is a little tame, the alcoholic ones they have can start a party :)