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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Red Fox has been known nationwide as the premier affordable brand for desktops, laptops, computing machines and accessories. We took an afternoon to take a look at some of the best items they have in store and check out what they have been doing these past few months. A few products have also been released in the Philippine market. It's one of the things I was excited about whilst visiting their Innovative Technologies Center in Quezon City.

Specialized Laptop units with Medical/Nursing software; the possibilities are endless with Red Fox Technologies

Since the 80's Red Fox has continually made efforts to put out its brand and technologies in very affordable rates. With their corporation concentrating in the early years in manufacturing and research for boards - computer peripherals they made necessary production systems that have high standards but made each of the quite cost effective. Just take a look at the AMD Main Board lines they have and you'll know why they've been number one since early 2000. Do you remember the Red Fox Vengeance? It was one of the noted gaming PC's in the past that was successfully launched by the same company. Computer shops were obsessed with these and the AMD processors that it came with. Graphics wise, it performed quite well with others in the mainstream market. They won numerous awards and garnered high acclaim here and abroad.

Multiuser PC's using one station. Saves power and money.

The Optima Line from Red Fox, Laptop units at a fraction of the cost

Today, they are steadily penetrating the market with new releases like the Red Fox Wizbook, Optima, Vengeance EVO (second generation Vengeance) and the Wizpad (which uses Windows7). Anyone who wants to also save a lot from purchasing units for educational purposes should try and get the WIZStation which can accommodate 10 users. They've got you covered!


The WizPad looks very promising. Imagine running several software applications 0n this tablet since you can easily do it on Windows7. It also can boot up on Android as an option too. I'll get you in on the details when I do my review for this ingenious competitor for the tablet market. Watch out for that!

AMD Processors

They gave us a short peek at the new products from AMD. The best retail gaming and entertainment processor impressed us with better memory switching technologies and its utilization of discreet GPU. It's something never even thought of being used in the past but now they will be releasing more models that can make this work through AMD Dual Graphics technology. GPU is utilized so that the processing speed would be pumped up to almost 120%. Just think about overclocking... ooh that and your gaming addiction, this is bliss!

If you are ready for a high-definition gaming experience, do it with AMD Radeon HD 6870 graphics processors.

By the first week of October they will launch 6 and 8 core processors. That's something to look forward to in their AMD Client PC platforms. AMD FX is the only 8 core CPU processor available in the Philippines. It is the only one that can support the directx11 enabled graphics card. AMD btw is also being used by its competitors but they just don't disclose it on manufactured laptops and desktops. If the GPU is significantly good for them to even use it, you should get the obvious. So the next time you think about boards and processors to use, make sure it's AMD.

Gigabyte Motherboards, 8 phase power VRM design with Dual Power Switching Technology. Tech geeks just drooled on this one. I'd like to test this out soon.

Watch out on this site reviews about the WIZPad and other Red Fox Devices. This is going to be good. We're gonna pit this together with the performance of the IPAD2 and tell you how it fares.

*/ Asiantechnologies is the distributor of AMD products in the Philippines and they have launched AMD Radeon dual graphics and AMD client PC platforms.


For more information please visit their website


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