Superb Beats by Dr. Dre!

Monday, September 19, 2011

If you are someone who seeks high-quality audio reproduction via the use of specialized high-end audio electronics, so close that you want it to actually sound like the real thing; then by all means you are what they call an AUDIOPHILE. I've tried a ton of head phones, ear phones and ear plugs in the past and with all these things I spent I need to satisfy my ears with cans that can take the beating even on full blast! People have been looking for the same thing over the years and in one lazy afternoon I was in luck! I got to see it! 

Beats by Dr. Dre, definitely NOT your Father's Headphone!

Stars in Hollywood, musicians, producers and artists all have the same brand in mind for the best headphones in the market. Is it just a hype? Is it just plain branding that got it to where it is right now? I had my reservations initially because in my books I HAD TO TRY IT FIRST before I tell people if it's worth it. The market is flooded with imitations of it and those fail miserably. This is the REAL DEAL so getting one connected on my gadgets was just the perfect way to do it. They've got these for show!
White, Black and Red Beats by Dr. Dre. Shiiiiiny!


Unboxing the Beats

The Beats by Dr. Dre box contains common manuals (which you always should read!), warranty information, batteries, cleaning cloth, a very large box with Dr. Dre's image on it and the headphones that were fit inside a nice hard carrying case. There are 2 cables (black one and red one wherein the black has a microphone and red doesn't tangle), a quarter inch adapter for high quality audio equipment, an airline adapter for obvious uses. One good thing to note was the case itself was built a little hard than usual to protect the headphones; and it will definitely do the job. It's actually covered with metal inside so you are sure the sudden bumps and day to day mishaps won't damage the awesome headphones. For sure it'll be protected!  
Listening with Beats by Dr. Dre 
Then this time it goes to the best part of it all, how's the sound quality? How does it fare connecting it to one of the most popular gadgets this side of the world... the IPAD2?! 
For starters, people were already looking at me when I got the beats. Design wise it's the best looking headphones in the market. I've even seen some customized for famous people and it's not a joke getting your hands on them. Took it for a spin with some of the great tracks that I have on my IPAD2. The degree of accuracy of Beats by Dr Dre. emits the original sound waves of the track is quite impressive. I've tried different genres like House, R&B, Pop and just plain BASE music. It fared pretty well on them all. I even tried pumping up the volume to maximum so I could get a feel if it degrades quality when in full blast. I used music files that are on a 128 kbit/s bit rate; it's what tracks usually are in. It didn't even disrupt on the high or base tones. The back end acoustics were also very detailed. It is quite remarkable that it lived up to its name; no wonder people trust this brand among others!


More Beats by Dr. Dre Features  

Noise Cancellation

This is one of the greatest noise-cancelling over-ear headphones made by Monster. I have seen quite a couple of them (other brands) that offer this but it really doesn't do the job. You could still hear some things most of the time but for purists like me it would be better if you get a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre, the time I tried it I couldn't hear people were already talking about me. It's that seriously effective. The sleek and modern design of it didn't sacrifice quality.
Mute Button
It's something integrated on the headphones and what it basically does is turn off the sound when you need to. You can do it conveniently without actually taking off the headphones. If it's just some quick interruptions or something you want to listen to aside from music, that's just the smart thing invented on this piece of hardware. The Beats by Dr. Dre logo actually functions as the mute button, isn't that nice?! =)

You can Fold it! It fits snugly to the case and can easily be folded. There's no question about how convenient this is for people on the go or have a very active lifestyle.  


The Verdict

Beats by Dr. Dre is the best affordable professional consumer headphones. It's design, quality and capability to mimic live music is phenomenal as attested by artists, producers and me. How else could you go wrong with that?! There is no other headphone in the market that has the style it surely has! Get those awesome Beats by Dr. Dre, there's no other brand that can compare!
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glentot said...

Bumili ka? Ikaw na!!! Hindi ko na afford yan although it wouldn't hurt to own one LOL.

John Bueno said...

tamaaaa! LOL

Btcoinminer said...

I found it strange that you evaluated this very expensive pair of headphones with just 128kbps of music.  Yes, they play out really loud and you hear some details, but I suppose you have not yet heard of really good headphones about 1/3 of the price.  I was unimpressed by the sound quality overall because it struggles to deliver really deep bass (30hz down to 20hz), and the midrange is the worst I have heard at its price point... treble is also average in quality.  You will have to audition flagship models of other brands to understand what professional quality sounds like.

kumagcow said...

I've had quite a few, so do you think this one's overrated?! Well for what it's worth I dig Sennheiser now.