Gringo Honasan Lauded on VP Debates

Saturday, April 30, 2016

I remember a Greek playwright (born in the golden age) Sophocles once said "I'd rather die with honor than to succeed with fraud." These were the words I think the good looking Senator Gregorio Honasan lived by. We had the chance to interview Senator Gringo a few days right after the Vice Presidential debate and I was a little excited for him because in my opinion, he was one of the few who fared well during that program. 

The man did stick to his principles of not engaging in personal attacks and only concentrated on giving concrete platforms he wants to push for when he gets the chance to become the Vice President of the Philippines. I don't actually find anything wrong with that because honestly, I'm so tired of the mudslinging, the finger pointing, the baseless accusations that's being done only because it's election season. I think that part is quite unhealthy to be heard by the voters today, but it is also essential so we could figure out for ourselves if the man is the right one for the job as this is the second highest post in the executive branch of the government. That takes a lot, and it's not just a spare tire role, serving people in this position should have never been limited to that in the past few years that we've had one. It's time to see a change in the role and Senator Gringo fits the bill of being the crime and security czar which he deems important as we continue build our economy and protect the lives of our loved ones, our family.

He was happy to have learned he's received a milestone in his Facebook page as they reached 100 thousand likes organically which suffice to say is part of the things he wasn't really that all too an expert about in the beginning. This just means part of the people who listened to him in that short stint must have felt his sincerity because ultimately, I felt he wanted people to know what he wanted to do once elected. If the generation in social media took their time to support him after laying out his platforms, that to him is already a win. I don't think the others would have said that, nor are they willing to die for this country as he positioned himself in that predicament several times as a soldier, a rebel, and a Senator of the republic.

I'm an undecided voter, I don't really have a VP yet, so getting a chance to talk to him was a way that I could get my personal questions answered. It's one of the things I do to affirm if a candidate would be fit for my vote, and I wanted to actually do this with the other candidates too. Although sometimes, there's just no time to do it and talk to them in this manner. This is why I'm so glad to have been able to do this with the very humble man.

To be able to share with you that experience, here's some excerpts of my interview on video. It took a lot of time and resources to upload this, I hope you get to appreciate this so please take time to listen in.

He also mentioned his family, and his Presidential candidate in this second bit.

I am no way forcing you guys to vote for him, but in my books he's really an option you can't discount. People should really research about their candidates, I'm glad I got to talk to the honorable Senator. For those who are still undecided like me, he may well be a candidate you should consider. Am I right?


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A Real Road Test In the Streets of Manila with the CHUCK II KNIT Sneakers

I'm a shoeholic and I'm currently on a shoe diet now because I probably have 136++ pairs of shoes where I keep it. I pretty much know what looks good or not for me and suffice to say, a good 30% of the shoes I own are actually Converse CHUCKS. Now that tells you how much I do love the brand, and perhaps give you a picture how it is with other people that own shoes like it.

There are a lot of technological advancements now with Converse shoes. First off, they listened to consumers and they have really changed the way we look at the CHUCK II. For me, Chucks has pretty much satisfied me in the comfort department because they made the shoe light and I can walk for hours without feeling hurt at all. Although there are some instances where if the terrain is a little bumpy, you could feel the road on your feet. This is where they employ the Lunarlon technology. You see, this is the cushioning foam that they put in CHUCK II's that basically gets you the support and comfort you need without compromising weight that Chucks are actually known for. It's 30% lighter than the usual phylon insoles you see in rubber shoes and they've made it available in future models. 

Speaking of which, we just got hold of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Knit Collection. This was planned to be released in May, but since we're good boys and girls they went ahead and did it in April (which means it's available now!). Now I know if you're new, you probably aren't going to buy a descent pair of Chucks just by the looks department (although I would on impulse) but if you saw these pairs in real life, you know it's going to last you longer than the usual pair. Why you ask? It's because of it's built, it's got tightly woven knit material which I'm sure would weather the abuse of everyday life. Bumps, scratches, other people who step on it, might only get it a bit dirty but NOT damage it at all. In a normal world, this is already unusual and getting this material in a pair of Chucks Knit II is just amazing. They also had it in different colors, Volt Green, Black, Yellow, Roadtrip Blue, Red, White and Spraypaint Blue. It's high cut but the one I got isn't and I'm glad they have variety. I didn't just take their word for it, we really did a road test in the oldest Chinatown in the world, the Binondo District in old Manila. We got the services of Ivan Man Dy who does Food Wok's (another term for Food Walk) so we could get to know Manila and the Chinoy food culture, an activity that I surely enjoyed. Here's how it went in photos!

We wore our comfy Lunarlon embedded Chuck II Knit Sneakers in the historical Binondo Church. Then we met with Ivan Man Dy who told us to meet several other people, foreigners who joined in the tour that day. I took off my Red All Weather Waterproof Chucks and wore this Roadtrip Blue low cut Chuck II Knit Sneakers!

Marian Rivera Dantes for "Yan ang Morning!"

Thursday, April 28, 2016

It looks like the battle for morning shows is on as GMA presents the primetime queen Marian Rivera as she gets her own talk show called "Yan ang Morning!" which will premier this May 2, 2016 at 10:45 am. This daily show will will display Marian's lifestyle as she now embarks to be a family woman. Now that she's taking care of Dingdong and Baby Zia, she wants to empower Filipinas and tell them motherhood isn't an excuse not to take care of themselves and look good.

They're also taking the comedic route as she's going to have Boobay as her co-host. Expect something fast, something quirky because I find Boobay quite a character, someone who can crack a joke fast while in a conversation. She's probably going to entertain the audience plus a lot of people outside the studio because that's where he's going to excel, with the people. I think that's where he's going to shine! "Marian is real and sincere, I am so happy to be her friend as I am also inspired to become closer to the Lord since she doesn't miss a single mass even when we're out of town." says Boobay.

You'll see Marian teach ordinary Moms how to cook simple time saving dishes, do the Zumba, talk to interesting ordinary people so viewers would be able to learn a thing or two about life. They also got the press people to do games as she's also doing this on the show so they could win prizes too. It's fun, and you get to spend a few minutes of your time with one of the most beautiful women in the world, Marian Rivera Dantes. 

"There will be a lot of things that I also want to learn because in this show, we'll be doing it together. We will also initiate debates in the "Wag Yan, Okay Yan" segment where we ask people about it. I love my mother in law, I'm like her real daughter and she also takes care of Baby Zia when we're not around. I don't choose guests but it just depends on the topic. Boobay is also here, the people love him. He's a talented person and people appreciate that. We only talk about what we eat and not gossip about other people. We only provide good vibes every morning. I am being challenged here and I will bring "Yan ang Morning" in every Filipino home everyday. If you give birth, it's not an excuse to not take care of yourself. When I go home, I always look forward to see my husband and daughter and that makes me doubly happy! I am very transparent, I don't host but there shouldn't be anything that any person can't do when you put your heart into it. I talk to our guests, I learn from them and I really apply that to myself. I don't watch that much talk shows, because I spend a lot of time with my husband and Zia. My husband supports me, so I get a lot of help from him." says Marian Rivera.

Again, "Yan ang Morning!" will premier on May 2, 2016 at 10:45am on the Kapuso network GMA.

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HGTV House Party with The Cousins

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I was watching HGTV a couple of months ago and heard about The Cousins' John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino coming to Manila. I joined their contest and posted on Instagram that I wanted to meet them but didn't win the chance to do so, brushed it off and said it's okay. I received an email a week before the event and learned that I was actually invited to cover it. It was like serendipity, something unexpected, but I think the heavens, the stars and planets were just aligning for me. It was time to meet these good looking guys in the flesh, so I got my camera and headed to the HGTV House Party at majestic Discovery Primea, my personal favorite home in Makati.

These two guys are the hottest ones in HGTV and they've done several shows like Cousins Undercover, where they renovate houses and surprise unexpecting owners with lovely dream homes, where they try not to cry when they see it. I wanted to ask questions but I think HGTV had prepared some so there wasn't really much time to talk to them that evening. It was nice though as beautiful Gelli Victor handled them well and even had the two play short games so we could get to know them while they were there. They also got the chance to meet some of their fans, interact with them even for a few minutes. 

They also surprised us with a NEW show called "America's Most Desperate Kitchens" which will premier this month on HGTV via Cignal or Sky Cable so you better not miss it. They'll be looking at submissions from the whole US while they build unbelievable new kitchens if they find you to be the most desperate one and might need help. Beleive me, there were a lot of them who had dated ones and turned out like really good when they showed it to us during the house party.

They also sat beside my table so I was lucky to have been able to take a few snaps while they were there. I thought they were going to be snubbish judging from their TV star stature but no, these guys were so nice and down to earth. The ladies loved them too, with the nice teeth, looks and abs, how can they not love'em no?

You may want to check your local HGTV channel for the schedules but for those who are like me who watch late, don't fret if you miss them in the afternoon or primetime because they'll run replays in the late evening or early morning. That's when I usually watch here in the Philippines as I can write a lot when everybody else is sleeping. 

Congratulations too to the guy that won himself a couple thousand pesos worth of GC's for the most desperate kitchen in the Philippines. Out of a hundred or more entries, he now has the chance to make his kitchen a dream one courtesy of our friends from HGTV. I also met the channel executives while I was there and they were glad to know I personally watch their shows. 

PS I love the part where they had to guess the kitchen tool on stage. John was taught how to use the local old school "pangkayod" (coconut grater), rode the little horse and all. 

Thank you so much to HGTV for letting me experience The Cousins in the flesh! I can't wait for MORE of your new shows in this channel. You can watch  a FREE full episode on from Tues 26 April, 9pm. I'll be watching still, and love em all over again!


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