HGTV House Party with The Cousins

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I was watching HGTV a couple of months ago and heard about The Cousins' John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino coming to Manila. I joined their contest and posted on Instagram that I wanted to meet them but didn't win the chance to do so, brushed it off and said it's okay. I received an email a week before the event and learned that I was actually invited to cover it. It was like serendipity, something unexpected, but I think the heavens, the stars and planets were just aligning for me. It was time to meet these good looking guys in the flesh, so I got my camera and headed to the HGTV House Party at majestic Discovery Primea, my personal favorite home in Makati.

These two guys are the hottest ones in HGTV and they've done several shows like Cousins Undercover, where they renovate houses and surprise unexpecting owners with lovely dream homes, where they try not to cry when they see it. I wanted to ask questions but I think HGTV had prepared some so there wasn't really much time to talk to them that evening. It was nice though as beautiful Gelli Victor handled them well and even had the two play short games so we could get to know them while they were there. They also got the chance to meet some of their fans, interact with them even for a few minutes. 

They also surprised us with a NEW show called "America's Most Desperate Kitchens" which will premier this month on HGTV via Cignal or Sky Cable so you better not miss it. They'll be looking at submissions from the whole US while they build unbelievable new kitchens if they find you to be the most desperate one and might need help. Beleive me, there were a lot of them who had dated ones and turned out like really good when they showed it to us during the house party.

They also sat beside my table so I was lucky to have been able to take a few snaps while they were there. I thought they were going to be snubbish judging from their TV star stature but no, these guys were so nice and down to earth. The ladies loved them too, with the nice teeth, looks and abs, how can they not love'em no?

You may want to check your local HGTV channel for the schedules but for those who are like me who watch late, don't fret if you miss them in the afternoon or primetime because they'll run replays in the late evening or early morning. That's when I usually watch here in the Philippines as I can write a lot when everybody else is sleeping. 

Congratulations too to the guy that won himself a couple thousand pesos worth of GC's for the most desperate kitchen in the Philippines. Out of a hundred or more entries, he now has the chance to make his kitchen a dream one courtesy of our friends from HGTV. I also met the channel executives while I was there and they were glad to know I personally watch their shows. 

PS I love the part where they had to guess the kitchen tool on stage. John was taught how to use the local old school "pangkayod" (coconut grater), rode the little horse and all. 

Thank you so much to HGTV for letting me experience The Cousins in the flesh! I can't wait for MORE of your new shows in this channel. You can watch  a FREE full episode on from Tues 26 April, 9pm. I'll be watching still, and love em all over again!


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