GLOBE x Blackpink: Get Ready for the YG PALM STAGE - 2021 BLACKPINK: THE SHOW

Thursday, January 28, 2021


Seoul South Korea's very own BLACKPINK composed of Rosé, Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo is making our pandemic times more bearable as they just recently held the GLOBE x BLACKPINK "The Opening Act" event on KmmunityPH group on Facebook. This is just the a taste of what's about to happen in the YG PALM STAGE - 2021 BLACKPINK: THE SHOW concert which will happen on January 31, 2021 via global livestream. The ladies last went live about a year ago in Fukuoka, Japan but since COVID hit, this new experience of seeing them online is going to be just as good. Albeit pushed back a few months from its original date because of Korea's travel and COVID-19 restrictions, the ladies will be in full force for THE SHOW this month and they are bringing it.

This is their first livestream concert prepared by YG Entertainment in partnership with YouTube Music. Fans are expected to also participate in the concert online, so if you're one, you better catch this quick! About the drone show, it was extremely nice of Globe to make sure Filipinos won't be left behind in starting the festivities as they also hosted this awesome opening act for Blinks old and new in the country on their Facebook community. For those who don't know, YG has been known for mounting jaw dropping live shows and they've dedicated much time to make this particular concert even bigger, better, while you stay at the comforts of your own home.

 About the event, it was extremely nice of Globe to make sure Filipinos won't be left behind in starting the festivities as they also hosted this awesome opening act for Blinks old and new in the country on their Facebook community (we were then informed they will reschedule the drone show on a later date because of some technical difficulties). Candy Gamos hosted the show and even read some lucky BLINKS messages live. Fans also get the chance to win tickets to the first livestream show as the promo for it has been extended. All you have to do is register to the specified promos, register and get the chance to see them live online in concert. This partnership with Globe and Blackpink is just amazing! Speaking of which, they showcased the latest Globe x Blackpink commercial, they even said a piece in Filipino!


They said "We are excited to be part of the Globe family, please join us to join the reinvention revolution, choose to reinvent yourself, your goals and anything you want. Reinvent yourself with Globe. Mahal namin kayo!"

 Here's the commercial!


By the way, during the stream, they also gave random BLINKS and Globe fanatics initially 20 tickets for the show. Instead, they ramped up and got 1000 The Show tickets (seen here). Now that means a lot of Blinks and Globe fans will get membership access and see the event! That's awesome!

I even joined the contest but I wasn't picked, but that's okay... I still have a lot of years to see Jisoo hahaha. Hey again, make sure you get tickets for the YG PALM STAGE - 2021 BLACKPINK: THE SHOW concert on the 31st. Go reinvent your world!


I'm pretty sure, it'll be worth it!



PH Apps To Survive the Pandemic

You and I have been stuck at home and probably, you're not going to be able to go out soon. I wish it was easier, to find work, earn a living and still provide food on the table for your family. But for all your online transactions, here's a short list of apps you may need to make it easier living in this pandemic. 


Small business driven and in Taglish, this one caters to the MSME's. Inclusion is good, and saving a little doesn't hurt, this would be a good place to start for small business men/women.

Home Credit

If you need appliances, gadgets, things that could start your business or perhaps make your existing one grow, Home Credit is already visible in different establishments in the country. They also issue credit cards, the first of which isn't a bank. Scan QR instead of swiping for a more secure transaction, minimal requirements, you can get your loans here in a jiffy.


When you're a little non techy and can't get an app installed on your phone, don't worry because EastWest has AI Powered ESTA which you can talk and transact with all in your Facebook Messenger app. Easy to understand, even if you're not FB smart, they made it easier for you to have bank access because, why not?

GCASH and PayMaya

I've been using the two for almost all my digital transactions. Pay for shopping, groceries, medicine, food from restaurants, payment in other apps, they do quite a lot. I also use this for paying bills, services, sending money here and abroad, paying for government dues, and it's quite convenient to have especially this time when we can't go out.

You can survive this pandemic, like most of us, and if you're having trouble, these apps can help you quite well.

Try it out. Things will get better.


ROG Unleash 2021 Gaming Laptops with AMD Ryzen 5000

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

All things big and possible as ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) launch their new line of gaming notebooks with the latest AMD Ryzen™ 5th gen processors. They also carry the NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 3000 series, which means more gaming and graphics power are built into the new laptop computers. All of these will be released to the Philippine market on February 2021.

2020 was a good year too for ROG since they have released a few models like the ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 SE, the ROG Zephyrus G15, the ROG Strix SCAR series, the ROG Strix G line and the TUF Gaming series TUF Dash F15. It doesn't end there of course, because this year, they're bringing in more powerful hardware so you get more power in your machines.


The ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 SE has AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX CPU with 8 cores. It's got power enough to handle your workload and even make your flow easy because of two screens. Editing videos, more screen area for games, or multitasking would be a cinch. The new gen Ryzen 5000 Series has an on chip cache of 20 MB. It also has NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 GPU with 32G of RAM and 1TB of Raid 0 storage with 1TB of PCIE SSD. It's a monster of sorts, it can carry most of your processing power hungry games and if you're doing something else, you don't need to close other apps/programs on the laptop anymore. The ZEPHYRUS DUO 15 SE GX551QS-HB041TS costs Php 254,995.00 while the ZEPHYRUS DUO 15 SE GX551QR-HF009TS cost Php 199,995.00, which I suggest you get only if you are a serious gamer or into 3D stuff.


Now I wouldn't mind having one myself because the ROG Zephyrus G15 is aesthetically pleasing. This comes in Moonlight White and Eclipse Gray. You've also got an AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HS CPU and up to an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 which means you've got power to do stuff that you only dream of in gaming and hard computing. It's also got 32GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage, so those videos and photos have lots of places to go. If you're a daily gamer, this would be perfect to have and switch to pro looks if you want to take it to the office too. The ZEPHYRUS G15 GA503QS-HQ017TS costs Php 179,995.00 while the ZEPHYRUS G15 GA503QS-HQ018TS cost Php 179,995.00. If you prefer the ZEPHYRUS G15 GA503QR-HQ050TS, it would cost you Php 139,995.00, again only have this if you're serious as it is a hefty investment.


Those who are into ESports need a companion to make sure their skill won't be hampered by hardware limitations. This is why the new ROG Strix SCAR 15 and Strix SCAR 17 exists. This is armed with a 300Hz refresh rate and 3ms response display, AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX CPU and up to an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 graphics card. With 32GB of RAM and 2TB of super-fast Raid 0 storage, you can do a lot of things and even stream without hitches because it can do it. Things can be modified in the Strix SCAR series, so no worries for those individuals who want to look different. You can also save profiles and even set your own RGB lighting when you want to, if you want to. The STRIX SCAR 17 G733QS-HG153TS and STRIX SCAR 17 G733QR-HG021TS cost Php 199,995.00 and Php 149,995.00 respectively while the STRIX SCAR 15 G533QS-HF126TS and STRIX SCAR 15 G533QR-HF038TS variant costs Php 194,995.00 and Php 144,995.00. If you think about how powerful this is, it's all worth every cent.


They're not stopping there because the ASUS TUF Gaming A15 and A17 is equipped with AMD’s latest Ryzen 7 5800H mobile processor and up to an NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 3070. These have also been made tough and lightweight, but they never forgot to make it stylish. The gaming series utilize the latest 11th Gen Intel® Tiger Lake CPU and pretty much the top of the line hardware it could fit in one unit. The TUF Dash F15 FX516PR-HN092T cost Php 94,995.00 while TUF Dash F15 FX516PR-HN080T is priced at Php 85,995.00. All these laptop computers can fit in the new ROG Ranger Gaming Backpacks so if you're into cool gear, they've got that too. These things will all be available in ROG and ASUS Showrooms or their partner merchants around the country. Go check them out today!

It's a good thing.


REALME Reaps Awards To Start The Year

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

REALME is at it again as the mobile phone and AIOT product manufacturer gets well deserved awards on its belt this early. During the last quarter of 2020, they already got the top spot of sold mobile phones in the Philippines, but this time, they're being recognized by organizations and award giving bodies based in other countries.

For starters, they have been recognized in the Consumer Welfare category and bagged a Silver Anvil for it. This represents the Facebook Community they have started which is included in their Digital PR Program. Aside from that, they also got a bronze trophy from the prestigious Asia-Pacific version of Stevie awards. This is part of the Most Innovative Startup of the Year – Consumer Product Industries category, a cool feat for a brand that just started a few years ago. This contributes to the number of awards that REALME global has which includes 17 brand awards, 159 product awards and 5 top-tier design awards since 2020. And by the looks of it, they're just starting.

They plan to launch several products this 2021 including an expansion of their AIOT line which I am pretty excited about. Their digital weighing scale and toothbrush is phenomenal and I can't wait to see what else they have on their sleeves. I think it's going to be big!


Mikey Bustos On Health and Travel During the Pandemic

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Singer, Actor and creator Mikey Bustos is indeed a jack of all trades. I've been watching his YouTube videos since xx years ago and just recently, he was able to travel locally and made us wish it was easy to go to Bohol. From making funny Filipino lessons and making parodies on his channel, he treats all these as part of the learning process which I think is amazing. It ain't easy to be successful on YouTube and Mikey is no stranger to bashing he receives online. Recently, he's also discussed that on the Vlog but he knew he had to make difficult choices he made because of the sheer amount of opportunities that has been given him. For starters, he made the move to the Philippines from Canada. He remarks “In order to be successful, you would need to take calculated risks because you can’t just throw all your chips in and wish for the best.”

De-stressing is also important for Mikey. He always see to it that he makes time for his other hobbies. Seeing him run a few kilometers in Mandaluyong City was becoming a pretty regular sight in his videos and he says “I've always wanted to get more exercise in my daily routine. I also go to thy gym a few times a week and do meditate in between. It helps in making sure I am mentally in shape."

Mikey makes sure that every time he goes out, he is prepared... so he brings out his masks, face shield, disinfectants, alcohol to minimize risks of exposure to the corona virus. Aside from that, he also carries his lip balm in case he needs to vlog or be seen on camera. Although, this good guy actually suffers from  "Banyo Phobia", and tries to stay away from using public toilets because of COVID. In case he needs to go or suffer with an upset stomach, he's got Diatabs around. It's the most trusted one in the country and yes, I have some too in my medicine cabinet for emergency purposes. Mikey knows this will give him peace of mind when he goes out to visit his new house location, the vet, the vacation spots he stayed in and the future ones he plans to go to.

That's nice to know! This is one of the reasons I am part of the Mabuhay Squad, he keeps it real :)


4 Pinoy Video Games Worth Checking Out!

Friday, January 22, 2021

As the world of gaming continues to grow, more and more gaming studios are coming up with amazing video games with a local flavour. Video games are becoming more than something you’d purchase from a store, but have become a stage for countries to showcase their own unique identity. Leading the South East Asia region, here are some talented Filipino Gaming Studios and games worth checking out!

Brawl Quest: Alice Brigade

Image from Mobile Mode Gaming

Brawl Quest: Alice Brigade is a critically-acclaimed beat-em-up mobile game by Thinkbit Solution based in the Philippines. A nostalgic throwback to older beat-em-up games such as Streets of Fury and Final Fight, Brawl Quest follows the same 2D frame by frame graphics. The tone is a unique blend of cuteness with similar street stylings of The World Ends With you.

Players can collect unique characters with their playstyles and special moves across 50 handcrafted stages. The game was in development for over three years before its subsequent release and has won numerous awards. This includes 1st Place at Big Indie Pitch GSTAR 2018, 2nd Place at GTR Pre-Acceleration Program BKK 2019, and Finalist at the SEA Game Awards Level Up KL 2019!

The game is available now on iOS and Android.

Vita Fighters

Image from TouchArcade

If you were a fan of Virtual Fighters, you’d love Vita Fighters. The game features a block style reminiscent of Virtual Fighters. Fighters in the game draw inspiration from various anime characters and emphasize natural fighting game mechanics, intuitive controls and a clean art style. Developed by Filipino game devs AngryDevs and published by Ranida Labs, the game started as a fan project which evolved into a unique fighting game with single or double button control.

Focusing on fast-paced action and streamlined controls (no swipe controls or cooldown dependent moves), the game features 15 playable characters with different fighting style, nine stages and epic boss battles. More characters and features are expected to be released in the future.

Vita Fighters is now available on both iOs and Android.

Gnome More War

Image from Hobbi Games

An amazing Tower Defence game that has made its way to the Nintendo Switch console from the mobile platform is Gnome More War by Hobbi Games, published by Keybol Games. This game lets 2 players engage in a war against invading gnomes and shoot them down before reaching the players base.

The game is an action-shooter slash castle defence game inspired by an NES game called Pooyan. The objective is not to let the gnomes get to your base and steal items you have in your barn. To achieve this, players will have access to a host of power-ups and upgrades to fend off wave after wave of gnomes. Players will also be able to enlist goblin friends who can provide support fire in siege weaponry, ranged attacks and traps.

Gnome More War has been available on the Nintendo Switch since its release in October 26, 2020. Alternatively, you can play the mobile version by downloading it on Android.

The Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations

Image from IGN Sea

A stand out from the list of games here is created by a single developer Tiger Yan from the Philippines. This fully fleshed-out RTS war game based on the Vietnam War took almost 20 years to complete.

The game features graphics drawn using MS Paint and programmed using an old game engine all by Tiger Yan himself. Three separate trips to Vietnam later, the game was released in September 2020, receiving high praise from users on game forums as well as YouTube channels.

The game enables you to command US Marines, Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army troops, plus the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN). The Vietnam War ended in 1975 when the North Vietnamese and Vietcong unified Vietnam under communist rule. The Philippines sent over 2,000 soldiers to Vietnam as part of the Philippine Civic Action Group Vietnam (PHILCAGV), which can be seen in the game.

While it can be downloaded online for free, Tiger Yan urges gamers to donate APOPO, a nonprofit organization working to clear deadly landmines in Cambodia.


YELLOW ROSE Philippine Premiere on January 29

Thursday, January 21, 2021

I've heard of a Hollywood film about a year ago which had 2 Miss Saigons on its cast. It was like a theatre lovers dream to see our very own Kims Ms. Lea Salonga and Eva Noblezada be a part of it, let alone the stellar cast which also includes Princess Punzalan and a throng of other stars from the US. People behind the camera are of Filipino American lineage too, and the proud race doesn't stop there. Well for those who wanted a piece of it are in a bit of a treat especially if you are in the Philippines because it will finally be shown on KTX.PH this coming January 29th.

Director Diane Paragas says "This is like coming home. I've been waiting for this day for a long time and I've been excited for Filipinos to see it there, this is a great moment, it feels like coming home. It's loosely based on my time growing up in Texas, I played music too but not as close as Eva, it was my outlet, I felt like a square peg in a round hole. This is a fable, in a form of a documentary so I did research a lot about families. Yellow Rose is a Texan Rose, an old song that people know. They use that term as a derogatory one, Yellow as in Asian. The original song was about a mulatto girl, it was about her being mixed race. It means a lot of things and you find that out in the film. Lea sings Dahil Sayo, also Princess, a way to pass the culture down. It was something that was sung to me by my Mom and Dad, it was passed on to me and now I sing it for my daughter. I was referred to her (Princess), her acting style was so natural. I have auditioned a lot of girls, I've heard about Eva as she was cast in Miss Saigon, when we got financing to shoot the film, I saw her on Broadway to see the script. She blew me away, she had a magnetic presence, she had sincerity especially about the seriousness in music. She was Rose, on the spot. Eva was selected by Backstage, as among the best of the best. It's what actors read, for a Filipino to be in stellar Holllywood names, that's unbelievable. Joe Biden vowed sweeping immigration reforms on Day 1, we've had 4 years of disdain and we have been abused a lot. It's also a story of an artist, like a star is born, about her resilience and how music saves her."


Filam Director Diane Paragas

Ms. Princess Punzalan on the other hand has been sorely missed in the Philippines, but she's currently in the US and waiting out the pandemic although she's keen on doing more projects in the country soon. She says "There are a lot of people in the US and the international ones that have been able to see this. I see the struggles of Filipinos, who are undocumented, like sardines in one room. It's not an easy life. Here, I really feel the concern, the anxiety of what will happen to my daughter when I'm gone."


Lead star Eva Noblezada

We also got to talk to Eva Noblezada and she shares "The role is like your identity as Filipinos suddenly being invisible, it's nice to make the rounds, go through the finish line with a movie that is made for you. This is really a cool thing. I know a handful people who are undocumented but are very passionate. I watched my Mom and Dad break their backs, and go to North Carolina where people ask you "Who are you? Why are you here?" when you are trying to make a home for yourself. Miss Saigon was about a Vietnamese which I was not, I was lucky in those roles." 




She adds "We are chameleon in the arts, we talked about what that felt, I did that for 3 years. I was like... Seriously? you want me a young Filipina to play a young Filipina? It was about a young undocumented lass, she reached out to me, and honestly, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life. She allows the actor to breathe, she had standards, she doesn't give you hurdles, you feel like you're the character. This allows the product authentic in a way. The fact that Yellow Rose highlighted an immigration story, it creates a divide that we hope as a film, would rip off that stereotypical, dangerous, anti patriotic divide in our country. These are people, these are human beings, extreme words that this past regime has used. Country music is like poetry, it's beautiful, to tell a story that is very young and have so much to do. That's what it is to me as a millenial. Getting to do this, it was all she had, hanging by a thread, to know that you are not alone and that you are protected."

I also asked her about racism and how she deals with it. I also asked the director about choosing "Dahil Sayo" which they interpreted in different ways and times in the film. Check out our interview with her this afternoon.


 Now make sure you get your tickets via KTX.PH and see the film on the 29th. If you want to see the struggles of a young Asian girl who only wished for freedom, for love, and an overwhelming passion for country music, go see Yellow Rose.

I will too.



Some Good Filipino Comfort Food from TAKAM

I was hungry as a bear so I made the decision and ordered a couple of things from TAKAM, a 24/7 Pinoy Comfort Food center in Granada, Quezon City. It's very near my place and they've packed my lunch pretty well. They have my favorite rice bowls and local congee (lugaw/goto) so it's quite perfect for rainy days. Something that you'll just sit by a window sill and curl up while holding their nice containers.


I kinda had it waiting on the dinner table because I had to rush and finish a few meetings, but because it's packed like these, I just popped it in the microwave and had it blitz for a few minutes. It was piping hot when I took it out (although it was still fairly warm when I did hold it up earlier since they are quite nearby). I had this CHICKSILOG which felt more like crispy Chicken karaage even if reheated. It's not too salty, just right, and they kept the egg a little runny for those who love sunny side up eggs.

They also have BANGSILOG which is fried to crisp milkfish marinated in different spices. This one was quite nice as it had a tangy, savory and very crispy. I guess the marinade really made the difference. Of course, I had to have vinegar and the atchara which I had on the fridge to make several perfect bites. I would love to also have this for breakfast. Then of course, my favorite comfort food is always congee, and TAKAM has some pretty good GOTO SPECIAL.

What's even better is that when they sent this over is that they've got the toppings packaged separately with the actual congee. What that means is that your crispy pork bits remain absolutely crispy, and not soggy because it has been in the soup too long. That's really smart of them to do and honestly, I could have this alone as a meal (sans second servings). I like my GOTO SPECIAL hot so I did blitz this a few minutes in the microwave oven, but you can opt to heat this up in a small pot because again, they've had it in separate containers. You won't burn the toppings if you had it mixed up like usual food places do. As far as the taste is concerned, it's actually very nice, you get that gingery broth with the rice so it feels quite comforting on a cold rainy night.

I also like the toppings because aside from the crackling pork, you've got crunchy garlic bits, chives, tripe, and those heavenly strips of tendon. Those fatty elements just feel like a human hug. So if you're up to no good, or simply just hungry in the wee hours of the morning and think you can't order comfort food like these, think again. They also have other silogs on the menu, Sisig, Pares, Bulalugaw, Arroz Caldo and serve em in different kinds of rice.

TAKAM Pinoy Comfort Food is also available 24/7 and you can call them via 0922 879 9264 or order via GRAB Food and Food Panda too. They have branches in Timog Avenue and Sucat so for those who are in other locations, you're covered!

Writing about this just made me hungry. :( LOL


Leading Digital Adoption: Unionbank Celebrates 39th Anniversary

Wednesday, January 20, 2021



Digital banking has made the challenging days of the pandemic a little bearable. AI and block chain has also been useful to transform this all as Unionbank leads the way for the digital adoption of the Philippines. They are currently celebrating their 39th Anniversary and with this, they continue their mission to spearhead digital banking technology with you their customers in mind. They are also making good headway.

Mr. Henry Aguda the SVP and Chief Technology and Operations Officer + Chief Transformation Officer for Unionbank says "Exciting things are happening with Unionbank as we celebrate our 39th anniversary. Our celebration started with the Unionbank SME Business Banking app. We currently rank 2nd in Instapay which means we are second with regards to usage among other companies. This allows our SME's to have banking capabilities just like the big boys. We also launched BUX and it has already 50K onboard. We also launched SeekCap and Sentro so SME's can get capital and sell bulk as they scale products into the market."

They also addressed Senator Sherwin Gatchalian's case and said "We value the privacy of the good Senator and we have made warnings for our other clients. These hackers prey on emotion, use other sites or emails, use and copy Unionbank's logo to do phishing. While we cannot disclose details, we are working with authorities to run after them. It is not a security hack. We have the transaction details and logs and we are not resting til they are held accountable. We are working on it til now. We ensure the processes are logged to protect our clients. It's a shared responsibility of both us and our clients, so make sure you use different emails for online banking and the regular work. "

"Are we ready? Yes, we have the support of our regulators and a framework that requires us to report incidents like these. There are a couple of bad actors/criminals that make this difficult but we do not succumb to them. It has increased the awareness of our customer base, we are becoming vigilant, to more digital transactions with multiple validations. They will only prey on the weak, but everybody is coming together to push out these criminals out of the banking industry."

"We went through this digital transformation 4 years back. We made sure we prepared for AI. We created the organization to aggregate more information and curating them with other agencies and corporations in  compliance with the National Privacy Commission. It's a long journey but now we are here. We are going to tailor fit customer products that are most relevant to our customers. This also protects transactions going to the bank. From laundering, to fraud, this is anticipated as patterns, all of which are in the initial stages. Our advocacy is to be more sophisticated than criminals, AI is helping us with that. We are now at 170 institutions and continue to scale up, Unionbank has launched PHX. We hope to share this with the government and our corporate clients."

When asked about education campaigns for less tech inclined customers, he says "The best awareness campaign is making the app as easy to use as possible. We took a look at our GSIS customers and worried they won't be able to use the app, our program "Convert" taught them to use the digital platform. Now they can bank at the comforts of their home, but most of them still prefer to go to the branch. When we got them onboard though, they became our ambassadors."

Their mandate today is to move the Filipino into the digital space. Their platform made it possible to reach a lot of people. They are one of the most successful banks in the ASEAN and this transformation has driven them to do it til now.

Unionbank is excited to continue to advocate digital banking services. The end goal is where their customers would move to. Nobody gets left behind. They could move much faster but they have customers who prefer the personalized service is. They are still there servicing customers during the pandemic, the branches have been able to accommodate seniors. They are letting their customers grow with them, and that's a good thing.

You'll see more of that.


RAFFY TULFO Starts WANTED: Ang Serye on TV5

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Looks like they are amping up content creation over at TV5 and they're bringing in the big guns as WANTED sa Radyo now becomes a series with their new show WANTED: Ang Serye (Mga Kwento sa Likod ng Reklamo) starring the man himself Idol Raffy Tulfo. This will come out 9-10pm on Saturdays on TV5 and it's associated channels soon. The show will feature several of their actual cases, based on real life which have been shown on the hit news show.


The first few episodes include Epi Quizon, Ritz Azul, Adrian Alandy whom we also interviewed during the mediacon today. The first one talks about a transgender and a lesbian having an abusive relationship, the other one is about fidelity and all the complexities that come with it. This unfortunately will not be shown on YouTube yet but perhaps soon, as we were told, they will still be looking into it. Here's a short interview we had with them this afternoon.

Sir Raffy was asked about why he was the number one person to look for when they have issues, he says "Maybe because I am able to solve their problems, so when they need help they actually look for me first." Here's a little talk from the man himself.

Raffy also promised that in every episode that you will see in this show, you'll learn valuable lessons from the lives of ordinary Filipinos who have been on the show. Not only that, you'll also see some of the really nice solutions to domestic problems that are all around the country. You'll also get to see how they end up, some really reconciled... but you would have to see that on the show. Make sure you do this Saturday at 9PM on the Kapatid Network, TV5!


Why Millennials Choose a BRIA


It's a tough season to actually have that thought of getting properties these days. The working class, are full of young, hungry and motivated bunch of youngsters that are very driven, but undecided where to put their money in and for them, one clever option is buying their own homes and investing in properties.. As they grow older, smarter, they now have the capacity to invest and choose real estate properties in different places across the country. Question is, why a BRIA?

The houses and lots, condominium units are affordable, they also have several communities with stable internet connection and just about a multitude of digital payments which are encouraged to pay for the property. That in itself would be very convenient for those who have just started to climb the corporate ladder, or a small family, wherein you don't have to waste your time going to offices, the bank or outside in this pandemic. This makes them the home of choice for a vast number of young and ambitious property seekers.


This place is quite near major roads or highways as it was planned well. This community is also sprawling with retail establishments, grocery, churches, schools, government offices, several green spaces and hospitals. BRIA Condominiums also have very secured public and private areas, with essential spaces monitored 24/7, and security personnel to make sure you are safe in the confines of the community. Everything is also well lit as they utilize solar lamps, aside from huge ones on roads and pathways. You'll also love the flora, the trees that have grown all around the property.

They bank on affordability and quality which is why there are a lot of millennials already getting their own BRIA homes. If you want one, just head on to and check out the virtual tours they have. It's a pretty good way to check out the properties without compromising your health (pretty safe from COVID). Or if you're more into social network pages, just head on to because they've got lots of people to help you there too.

Are you ready to have a BRIA home?


Manscaping Tools From Romano Philippines: The STRIGIL SafeCut Trimmer

Monday, January 18, 2021

Sitting in your room all curled up with a cup of cocoa and Netflix? Hey man, how you doin? Have you already taken a bath? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and told yourself how horrible you look today? Well, you've got to do something about it because your wife or girlfriend can smell you from a mile away. That's just wrong, that's nasty. :(

Grooming is essential, especially for men. Your woman wouldn't want a smelly boy when you're out on a date or even at home. Your skin tells your age, and if you don't take care of it, expose it much under the sun, you'll get a lot of your friends and family tell you that you look old. If you abuse it, not take care of it, then you will suffer the consequences of not looking and feeling good than people who lived in this planet the same time that you do. Are you a hairy guy like me? Do you have hair growing in different parts of your body that you would rather not have? I do too. Some Filipinos are actually like that and yes, in some instances, it's normal. If you're like me who doesn't like the aesthetic of unmanageable and unruly hair, I'd rather have it taken out either by manually shaving it off (which I do quite regularly). 

It's a little difficult to do it on other areas because of the uneven landscape especially on the privates where nicks and bumps happen. That's just not an option for a lot of men because of the discomfort you get just because you shaved it. There exists Romano Philippines who now have essentials that you can use to get rid of those problems with their premium manscaping tools. Exhibit A, this is their STRIGIL SafeCut Trimmer. This is the same thing professionals use in salons and barbershops to buzz cut hair. I also used this to cut most of my facial hair, to shape my beard, take out things in my chest, ear, and just about everywhere on my body. 


I still dig the leg hair so I left that part out. But for most of the face, you can use this to leave a stubble then take care of the rest with a razor if you want a cleaner shave. Although, I like the look of having a stubble so this was enough for everything. This would be something good to include in your grooming kits. I can imagine using this for the bulk of the work I need to do in trimming, then use a smaller one to sculpt or a plain razor to do the rest. But really, this has done quite a remarkable job that I didn't even need to have that because it does a close shave already. Now make sure you also utilize a clear mirror so you can see the things you can do if you decide to wear a beard or mustache. It takes a little getting used to if you want to sculpt things. Like in my case, I wear a beard so it could lengthen my face and look like I've lost weight LOL.

Now aside from the STRIGIL SafeCut Trimmer, they've also got an After-Trim Body Cleanser. This does the job, leaves your skin still supple and prevents it from becoming super dry. This thing has Aloe Vera which makes your skin feel cool and hydrated. This is pretty necessary right after the trimmer work you had. It also smells nice too, like a fainter, more manlier version of a popular men's perfume. I prefer it that way rather than making it a bit too musky or with leather notes. Some women can't really stand that sometimes. This one also feels fresh and something you'll love to wear after you take a shower, it doesn't smell like strong soap or chemically induced.

This is also very affordable, the replacement blade can also be sourced from the same store. They are a local brand and they want to spark change in the way the Filipino man depicts hygiene. They want heightened standards to make sure you feel good inside and outside when you use their essentials. I've been using it for a few weeks now and I've been satisfied overall. I even feel I can use this to have a haircut or facial hair (which I did for sampling), but it's special, I'd rather use it for just grooming THAT alone. Add to that, my own obsession with moisturizers before I sleep and after washing my face in the morning, I guess that's a good thing. Watch our unboxing here!



 Now if you fancy getting these, they're available at or their IG account @romanoesntls, Remember, 72% of women actually want their man trimmed. You know what to do. This would also be a nice thing to gift your husbands, boyfriends or just that guy who wants to keep clean. Can't stop you from doing that!


ACER Opens Flagship Store at SM Megamall

Sunday, January 17, 2021

When you feel that businesses are on a slump, you sit and wonder why others are thriving. Acer Philippines just opened up their flagship store at the SM Megamall Cyberzone in Mandaluyong City. This place is sprawling with everything tech and I've heard the growth in the consumer laptop industry has bee huge for Acer, I'm not surprised - as people have been looking for things that they can use for home office and online school, and Acer presents a pretty affordable line of laptop computers too.

The Acer Philippines Flagship store also houses a section dedicated to Predator, their gaming laptop computer brand which is used by countless serious gamers here and abroad. They're also displaying the latest models so people can get an idea how it works and perform with heavy graphics. I bet they have the Predator 15 there which I was eyeing a couple months back.

They will also showcase the latest models of laptop computers from Acer Philippines, as you can see, design wise, they've done a pretty remarkable job. This also means that you will get the chance to have your laptop computers serviced because this also caters to that. If you're up to huge discounts on consumer laptop computers from Acer Philippines or the gaming laptops from Predator, you can got to this store from January 15 to 24 as they will be having huge discounts on several models just because they opened up shop in this side of the world.

Now don't let me stop you, just go and experience it yourselves at the SM Megamall Cyberzone. It's a good thing.