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Tuesday, January 05, 2021


I've been craving for wings after the holidays and yes, I've found a place that does it 24/7. I work at night so if I skipped dinner and need to eat at these hours, I need them to deliver at my house without any worries. They're a pretty new brand, but I had to have my wing fix because I haven't had this for a long time because of obvious reasons, we're all under lock down because of the pandemic.



The brand sports a very happy rooster, so that's assuring. Their selling point? Variety. They don't actually just sell wings, they have other things on the menu like Chicken Tenders and Karaage. I like my wings just the way it is but if you've got family members that prefer things without bones, the Tenders and the Karaage is a mighty good alternative.


For the chicken Tenders, they got it on Salted Egg flavor. If you're more on the protein intake, you'll be glad they have tenders so you don't have to fuzz about having to remove bones on your chicken piece. It has a nice spicy kick. Prepare a bit of drink of course to loosen the lips. Chicken and beer sounds like a good idea. Size is about the length of a breast slice, comes in several pieces too. They have it in 6-12-18 and 24 for this cut, same as the wings.


My Karaage came in on a Korean Glazed flavor. It's crispy breaded chicken balls rolled in a very Asian inspired sauce. It has that soy gingery flavor, pretty legit. I would suggest you get this or the original, I think you get to appreciate it more in those flavors. But again, that's just my preference. If you would like it in other flavors, they've got Teriyaki, Honey Garlic, Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo (another favorite of mine), Buffalo Extreme (for the stronger kind LOL), Peri Peri, Alabama White and Honey Sriracha. This comes in 5-10-15 and 20 piece packages.

If you fancy wings like I do, I got the Whiskey Barbecue. It's got that sweet savory thing on it, I'd honestly have it as is. But you know what, you can actually have it with rice too. They also had it delivered hot that I couldn't touch it initially, but after a few minutes, it was good and they also got me plastic gloves so I could chow down immediately.  I finished it in a flash and yes, I actually wanted seconds. Though I think I could really have it on other days because now, I know how accessible it is. 

Apart from the chicken, they've also got dips for it like Bleu Cheese, Sriracha Mayo or Garlic Aioli. They also have Spaghetti, Carbonara, or sides of thick cut or curly fries, mashed potatoes, coleslaw and mozzarella sticks. See what I told you about variety? Well if that ain't enough, they're very affordable too. So if you're craving for wings anytime of the day, go call them at 0922 879 9264 or their Facebook page 

Now go get that wing fix now! It's pretty good.


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