Mikey Bustos On Health and Travel During the Pandemic

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Singer, Actor and creator Mikey Bustos is indeed a jack of all trades. I've been watching his YouTube videos since xx years ago and just recently, he was able to travel locally and made us wish it was easy to go to Bohol. From making funny Filipino lessons and making parodies on his channel, he treats all these as part of the learning process which I think is amazing. It ain't easy to be successful on YouTube and Mikey is no stranger to bashing he receives online. Recently, he's also discussed that on the Vlog but he knew he had to make difficult choices he made because of the sheer amount of opportunities that has been given him. For starters, he made the move to the Philippines from Canada. He remarks “In order to be successful, you would need to take calculated risks because you can’t just throw all your chips in and wish for the best.”

De-stressing is also important for Mikey. He always see to it that he makes time for his other hobbies. Seeing him run a few kilometers in Mandaluyong City was becoming a pretty regular sight in his videos and he says “I've always wanted to get more exercise in my daily routine. I also go to thy gym a few times a week and do meditate in between. It helps in making sure I am mentally in shape."

Mikey makes sure that every time he goes out, he is prepared... so he brings out his masks, face shield, disinfectants, alcohol to minimize risks of exposure to the corona virus. Aside from that, he also carries his lip balm in case he needs to vlog or be seen on camera. Although, this good guy actually suffers from  "Banyo Phobia", and tries to stay away from using public toilets because of COVID. In case he needs to go or suffer with an upset stomach, he's got Diatabs around. It's the most trusted one in the country and yes, I have some too in my medicine cabinet for emergency purposes. Mikey knows this will give him peace of mind when he goes out to visit his new house location, the vet, the vacation spots he stayed in and the future ones he plans to go to.

That's nice to know! This is one of the reasons I am part of the Mabuhay Squad, he keeps it real :)


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