The Avengers on 3D!

Monday, April 30, 2012

It was a nice night for heroes. Yes, I together with hundreds of people watched THE AVENGERS on 3D last and honestly it is my first time to watch it in SM.  Although it wasn't as 3D as I would like it to be (note to SM) I appreciated the gesture of these good people. I watched it for free courtesy of the good people who manage the official licensed merchandise of the Avengers in the Philippines. I would really want to have some bought but they didn't have it in my size. But they are available for kids! It is now available at SM's Character Shop and Children's Wear via their Department Stores nationwide!

Check out what I saw that evening!

I would buy the merchandise if it weren't for kids. I'm sure you would too if you have kids at home. It's time to inspire them and make them your own small heroes. =) Buy ORIGINAL!

AVENGER'S Assemble!


Medical Education and More!

The medical industry has surely benefited a lot of people. Doctors and Medical Practitioners on the other hand had to always be updated. The need for education and special courses is truly evident. The standard of education makes each and every time significantly important; so when there is something to learn more about the profession, you need to go somewhere where you can trust and learn the ropes with. After all we are saving lives. In this case, a medical teaching course would surely equip you with what you need. It is much of a necessity rather than an option these days.

Aside from the actual medical duties, management education is essential to running a business. This is an integral part in hospital operations because just like any corporation you need to manage finances in order to purchase supplies, carry logistics and pay for the back office operations. Where else can you get a proper medical management course that fits the description and simply makes it better for students here and abroad? That seems to be one question that Master Nurses and Doctors would probably benefit. If there was one thing that could also get the instructors some educational time, a teach the teacher course for doctors should also be available for those who would want to advance their studies. Maybe it's time we think about our choices in education. It may be too simple to even talk about but we need to totally understand that these are not supposed to be in the back seat. When you discover something more you would love to understand how it would help develop your current functions. I would enroll something like a consultant interview course if I were you. It'll be easier for the brand and institution you are building later on.  

For what it's worth it is still the people you want to serve who deserves utmost care and medical care. Make sure you get them attended on first before anything else then check out too.


Tea Party Anyone?


I'm a coffee drinker and I've always been one since time in memorial. These days there are lots of options to get you out of that habit and one thing in particular that I picked up from my brother in Ireland is tea drinking. I didn't know you could actually mix it with milk and it'll be a great alternative weather hot or cold!

A-Gan means sweet and refreshing aftertaste in Chinese; and that's exactly what I found out in A-Gan Tea when I checked out the branch at Greenbelt 2 Park, Ayala Center, Makati. The sweet -  smokey taste of hand picked tea leaves from the Ali Mountains of Taiwan.I guess that's why the industry is flourishing in that side of the world.A-GanTea Milk Tea surely is a good thing to try for novice or heavy tea drinkers. It'll probably be a lot different from the normal tea houses we see sprouting through Manila. Their concoctions are carefully planned and researched bringing you the best ones possible to consume on a hot summer or just about any time of the day.

For those who haven't tried it yet maybe one of these guys might interest you.

Agantea Drinks

My personal choice would be the Hawaiian Fruit Tea, I'd like to have a more tropical - tangy mid tones since they have the real thing as base. I wouldn't resist getting tapioca or maybe the ones with Coconut Jelly or Taro Agar Bits. You choose!

For those who haven't tasted this yet it'll be their pleasure to have you over on May 12, 2012 6pm at the Greenbelt 3, Garden Activity Area. With guest stars such as teen sensations JAMICH, Eric Tai, Andrew Wolf and Chris Everingham of the Philippine Volcanoes it'll surely be one A Gan Tea experience you'll never forget!

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The BENCH MasterCard Launch!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

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It was like the A list of Metro Manila. I tried to sink along the hallways of Manila Peninsula and the gorgeous Salon De Ning. It was a night of stars and famous personalities; but best of all it's the night they launched the BENCH MasterCard in celebration of their 25th Anniversary!

Hosting the event was Ginger Conijero
Current apple of the eye of thousands who watched Bb. Pilipinas and the night circuit superstar DJ David Callum provided music that time. Yes I saw some checking him out even behind the booth.
The BENCH MasterCard can now be used in over 32.7 million locations, 210 countries worldwide wherever MasterCard is accepted. It's but a dream to combine the assets and reach of a retail giant such as BENCH who has amassed a huge consumer base and a facility like BDO that provides some of the greatest banking solutions here and elsewhere in the world. Both BDO and Bench has strongly worked together to make this card with some huge preferential treatment to customers holding it. Combining perks and privileges that would get you to fabulous sales, invites to events and shows... it was a match made in heaven! 

One of the greatest announcements that evening, the face of the new BENCH MasterCard will be Dingdong Dantes and equally gorgeous Isabelle Daza.
We were all so happy to see who's representing this brand's card, both who are also endorsers of BENCH. The good looking Dingdong Dantes and the one and only Isabelle Daza. Dingdong always had that presence and Isabelle was uber gorgeous. I was too shy to take photos of them in fact because I was a little star struck!

They unveiled the new BENCH MasterCard and ooh it was gorgeous as its endorsers!
They were so nice too!
BENCH has continued to surpass it's goals in the past few years and today it has been a total LIFESTYLE brand catering to any age, any demographic for that matter. From cosmetics, hair services, to fragrances, undergarments and clothes they've got it all covered! Purchasing now in their stores with the new BENCH MasterCard will be more stylish as ever!

Gracing that evening was THE one and only Ben Chan, Congresswoman Lucy Torres and the first ever celebrity endorser of BENCH Richard Gomez who was dapper that night!
Lucy Torres was so gorgeous in person. I love her!

Janine Guttierez was there as well with her sister. She's also one of Bench's endorsers. I saw her last Philippine Fashion Week and she's looking the part on this dress. Very pretty!

 Somerad Twins Anthony and David were there too. They were quite nice and easily posed when I asked for shots. :)

Poch L. Villa-Real, MasterCard Country Manager Worldwide, Rolly Tanchanco, Executive Vice President of BDO, Isabelle Daza, Dingdong Dantes and Ben Chan founder of the Philippines' largest clothing chain BENCH

First ones to own the card! =)

 Look how happy they were being the firsts ones to have this card! I can't wait to have one of my own! =)

A milestone on its own, Bench has definitely celebrated their 25th year with a huge present to all its loyal shoppers. There will be exclusive discounts and perks together with this card. Mr. Ben Chan says that the partnership with BDO has created a winning formula that caters to exactly what their market is! Congratulations on the new BENCH MasterCard! Congratulations also to your 25th Anniversary! It's about time!

Here are more photos from the event!

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