Reminiscing Coca Cola's 100 Years in the Philippines!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If you had the chance to celebrate a 100 years of existence how would you do it and why?

That's exactly the task that Coca Cola had on its hands this year; and what a way to answer this question by making it a celebration like no other. They had YOU and your family in mind; no let me correct that... they had the whole PHILIPPINES in mind when they wanted to celebrate their 100th Year!

Coca Cola Concert ng Bayan! Building projection showed the evolution of Coke bottles and even got it to be like a Coke glass. Filling it up later on looked so awesome!

The Coca Cola Concert ng Bayan!

Generations upon generations of Filipinos have grown up with Coca Cola and it's already part of our culture in more ways than one. Each time we have gatherings be it lunch, merienda or dinner it has always been an integral part of every meal... and every family celebration. It brings US together and makes our gathering more happier than the usual. Caloy the President for Happiness in the Philippines thought about it for a second; and asked thousands of Filipinos through "Happiness ng Bayan Survey" who they want to see, hear and perform. That started the concept of The Coca Cola Concert ng Bayan!

Think about your favorite rock stars, your favorite idols from any genre of music. Now imagine if they got them all and put them in one big stage. Then think about Coca Cola having them all perform their hits and greatest songs too! Not to mention making this concert ALL FOR FREE! Wouldn't that be amazing? That's exactly what historically happened last March 23, 2012 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds and I was to witness this awesome event!

Craig David
The HOT afternoon was turned to quite a refreshing sight when the one and only Craig David graced the halls of Diamond Hotel for a short press conference. It was amazing seeing him in the flesh let alone see him perform a little later on in the evening. He was so excited to see the Filipinos once again and this time he'll be performing his great songs like Insomnia and not so old ones from his previous albums. He proudly brags he only has bottled Coke inside his fridge at home too!

Chino Lui Pio a.k.a. VJ Chino
 Equally good looking and excited as I am, VJ Chino was there too to start off asking questions to David. The day was clearly starting on a great note!

Comedy Team Jose and Wally together with President for Happiness Caloy (Center)
Jose and Wally brought comedic fervor to another level to start off the celebrations at the MOA Concert Grounds.They introduced the performers to that afternoon!

The Itchyworms
Jugs and the band started off the concert. I love hearing their songs all over again. Jazz Nicolas, Jugs Jugueta, Kelvin Yu, and Chino Singson made us all stomp along with the beat. It was addicting!

Ebe Dancel
Memories of Sugarfree just flashed right in front of us. His vocals was uniquely only his and who wouldn't love Ebe Dancel singing his hits all over again. We felt we were in memory lane! He even performed a song together with Callalily!

Kean Cipriano of Callalily
If you only knew how much shrieking girls suddenly went on a frenzy when he came out, Kean Cipriano was really an awesome performer. I loved every bit of his set and yes he did the best songs from his album so it was a treat for everyone there. Not minding his voice problems at that time, he made sure every one enjoyed his music. I know I did!

GLOC 9 and his protege Denise Barbacena with Caloy
I went backstage and got the chance to snap some shots of Gloc 9 and his protege Denise. I can't believe I was this close!

Raymund Marasigan of Sandwich
One of my personal rock icons was there too. Made me think of Eraserheads. It was really nostalgic to see him and his almost poetic lyrics. Artistic in every sense, Sandwich was surely one of my favorites!

Raymund Marasigan and Jay Durias of South Border
Jay Durias was there and even got to mash up his songs in a different way with Sandwich. It was a great collaboration. I wonder if they would have this on DVD!

Tutti Caringal of 6CycleMind

Eunice of Grace Note
6CycleMind, Eunice of Grace Note and Kleggy combined to make a wham bam thank you Ma'am performance that night. It was a mix but it was good!

Basti Artadi of WOLFGANG
Performance in another scale, that's how I would describe WOLFGANG that evening. It was so intense I didn't get to shoot them that much because I had to watch from below. It was really awesome to see them there. They are officially in my ROCK ICONS list especially Basti Artadi!

Basti Artadi of WOLFGANG and Gloc9
Imagine that intensity and add in the rap with the speed of 100 KM/HR by GLOC9 and that's just impossible! They make dreams come true. This is happiness!

GLOC 9's protege Denise Barbacena
Gloc 9
Gloc 9 was just astounding. I wasn't a fan of his before but after seeing him perform live... I take it all back! It was awesome. He also did a song with his protege and that made everything even better! I didn't know OPM could be like this GREAT!

Chito Miranda
Buwi Meneses
Vinci and Chito!
Parokya ni Edgar was just out of this world. Their skits in between songs was really something and you can tell how much fun the people were having. I know I was!

Gino of RX, Caloy and Robi Domingo
These guys introduced the next ones. Yes it looked like they were just starting.

Hey Daydreamer it's SomeDayDream!
Just look at the good looking Rez of SomeDayDream and you'll have that happy face up in no time at all. Everyone was swaying along with him as he sang some of his songs to the enjoyment of everyone there!

Then she came along....

Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo
I haven't seen her perform live. Not until this evening. It was a revelation because she wasn't just a good singer.... she was an awesome dancer! She is a complete entertainer! I love her!

She was awesome!
Gary Valenciano
Concert King Gary Valenciano and his son Gab was there to bring everyone to their feet. It was really a good day and evening for us. I can't believe this is happening all in one day! Even PUPIL, Craig David and a song by Gary, SomeDayDream and Sarah was on the list. That was just EPIC!

Coke celebrated 100 Years in the Philippines with one huge concert and they did this all for the Filipino. I love how they felt they had to give back. I know this isn't the last thing on their list but they started with the great artists this country has ever produced plus an International performer. They are just starting, aren't you excited about what's going to happen in the next few months as they celebrate and open up the happiness in your area?!

Congratulations to Coca Cola Philippines! No wonder you are number one in the Philippines and in the hearts of the Filipinos! ♥

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