Bonjour from Sofitel Manila! : A Five Star Luxury Hotel in Manila!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

BONJOUR! They welcome you with warm smiles and world renowned Philippine hospitality.
This is what you'll see out front when you arrive at Sofitel Manila.

It's my first time here. I have been to this place when it was still called Westin but oh boy a LOT has changed. Their vibe now consists of a French Neapolitan chic with Filipino traditional ambiance and the luxurious combination of both worlds. It just takes your breath away looking at each corner of the hotel and when they say LUXURY they really mean every single letter of it.

Manila is a place of history; and it remains to be a great testament on how much of a melting pot the Philippines is despite being an Asian country. As the capital of the Philippines it has been witness to the 300 year Spanish rule, American (1898–1946) and Japanese (1941 - 1945 during World War II) home to a community of Malay, Meztizos and Natives it has become one of the most admired tourist destinations in the face of the Earth. Ever wonder why the world's 12th most populous country remain to be one of the happiest places in the world?! Because its more FUN in the Philippines!

Food Choices

Sofitel Manila has around 5 restaurants and bars on their belt and they actually are the premier buffet and foodie destination because of the famous Spiral Restaurant which has won acclaim locally and elsewhere in the world. It is currently being renovated and we're so excited to see it in August. Aside from that they have 4 other places in the hotel you can put your gustatory senses into work, Le Bar, SOCHILL, Snaps Sports Bar and the majestic Sunset Bar.

They've got a wide array of choices, fresh or saltwater based fish or seafood in general.

Wine and cheese connoisseurs would really love the things they have on the table.

Fresh Dory on cream, one of the things I love together with hot white rice.
Classic Filipino Favorites abound like Morcon!
Send some Beef goodness down the shaft with Beef Stroganoff.
Take your pick on freshly baked breads.
Go European with Taters and Onions
Salads and your choice of dressing, its no problem with them!

The choice is yours!


Sofitel Manila boasts of 609 rooms which includes 2 Opera Suites, 4 Luxury Suites, 7 Prestige Suites, 32 Sofitel Suites and the grand Imperial Residence.

Each bed is carefully made with Sofitel's signature goose feather fillings that conform to the body when you lie down. You can even choose your own preferred pillow among the 9 variants that they have (they were the first ones to offer this in Manila)

Their facilities are exquisitely modern with a mix of luxurious pieces and mix of some local ones. You definitely get the best of both worlds. It's great because you really feel LUXURIOUS; and you really get what you pay for since they are.a one of a kind five star luxury hotel in Manila!

The view was even spectacular from the room. This Oasis is composed of a lagoon right beside the bay was constructed and designed by Leandro Locsin.

This 5 star luxury hotel in Manila is a world renowned architectural wonder designed by Leandro Locsin, Ildefonso Santos with inspiration from Madame Imelda Romualdez Marcos.The plaza itself is right beside the Cultural Center of the Philippines where world class shows are also seen. You can't get more classy than that!

Club Millésime

Bringing luxury a step further is Club Millésime. With a gorgeous functional interior and a spectacular view of the metropolis Club Millésime brings forth comfort to extra ordinary heights.

Posh and luxurious interiors of this club are located on the 10th Floor of this hotel.
Millésime means "Vintage Year" in French and they wonderfully have that name taken cared of by offering a huge selection of wines. Checking in to Sofitel's luxury club rooms can let you have special access to this section of the hotel. Enjoy free a la carte breakfast, afternoon snacks, cocktails, wine tasting, all-day refreshments and various perks. I would really love to stay here a little bit longer!

The Imperial Residence 

Historical and Iconic personalities have once stayed at this room. Today it's even bigger than ever. This is the pièce de résistance and the envy of all hotels in the Philippines. It doesn't get better than this! This is "The Imperial Residence".

Greeted by huge doors and a fabulous hallway your entrance alone beckons something pretty spectacular at the end of this room. The measurement alone of 6,200 square feet plus a humongous 180 degree view of the city means you get LUXURY above and beyond!

The interior and its grandeur just takes your breath away even if it combines modern French - neo Filipino native design. It was both complex but amazing and the combination of colors for this Five star hotel in Manila was quite warm and inviting. I love the huge murals and the intricate details that each room has.

How can you not love luxury when your bath tub looks like this. Even the small rooms contain signature soaps and toiletries like Hermes... need I say more?

Everywhere else is so amazing!

I wept at the sight of the unbelievable dining room and stopped the urge to cook in the spick and span kitchen. Staying here also would entitle you for butler services so you are sure you get taken cared of. There are several things that I said WOW to but the loudest one was on this view!

Throwing a pebble out in the ocean would probably stop a ship or two and they would envy you from this deck. These are probably one of the spots I'd probably live to tell people about when staying in Sofitel Manila.I'm telling you, the photos don't do justice. Hmm... actually I have a better idea!

The New Sofitel Manila Microsite

One of the nicest things I've seen at Sofitel Manila is their new website! It's at

When I told you that the photos don't do justice, they have this new website showing their five star hotel in full 3D! Yes you heard that right! You can look around at the rooms they offer even before you actually check in the hotel. Isn't that neat? Just choose the room you want to have and take the VIRTUAL TOUR! It surely would be fun making this your home in Manila the next time you visit the Philippines!

The gorgeous Ms. Chanelle Garvey Director of Sales and Marketing Sofitel Luxury Hotels Philippine Plaza Manila


I was so glad to witness their launch a couple of weeks ago. Judging by the features of the site, it'll definitely change how you perceive luxury and convenience from Sofitel Manila. Congratulations on this awesome site! I'm lovin' every bit of it!

For more information please visit their website

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el toro bumingo said...

For some reason, kapag binabanggit ang Sofitel, naaalala ko ang alleged mating este meeting nila Sam Milby at Piolo Pascual sa hotel na ito. It kinda stocked :)

chyng said...

ive stayed in a Club Room before - at di ko bet. for that price, dapat mas malaki at mas grandeur ang room. oh well. inferness sa sPiral, achieve talaga ang food dun. still the best! open na ba ulit sila?

KUMAGCOW said...

 waley pa chyng, ang spiral scheduled to be open on August... can't wait!

KUMAGCOW said...

 Hahaha :) Nakita mo sila? LOL

el toro bumingo said...

 Hindi. Chikka lang sa 'kin ni Manay Lolit :)

Rhose said...

Thank you for sharing this one. I really want to go here in this place. I want to taste the in their restaurants.